Survivor Season 32 Title and Theme Revealed

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Sources have revealed that the title and theme for Survivor Season 32 will be Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty 2. It was only last year when CBS first tried this format for the hugely popular Survivor: Cagayan and it appears that they are hoping to recreate some of that magic by repeating the theme only four seasons later.

Like Survivor: Cagayan, the contestants, will be divided into three separate tribes determined by strength, intelligence and aesthetics. Survivor: Cagayan winner Tony Vlachos, a New Jersey cop, was a member of the Brawn tribe and beat fellow Brawn tribe member Woo Hwang (who will be competing again on Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance) at the Final Tribal Council. The hook here will be whether the Brawn people can succeed again or whether Brains or Beauty can triumph this time around.

Season 32 was filmed between March-May 2015 but will air after Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance – which begins shooting next week – due to the latter season’s inclusion of returnees and the live fan-vote. Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty is scheduled to air February 2016.

Stay tuned for the first round of cast spoilers tomorrow.

What do you think about Survivor re-using the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty format again? Too soon? Or a smart decision? Leave your comments below.

Header Photo Credit: Ant‫‬ via Compfight cc

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46 responses to “Survivor Season 32 Title and Theme Revealed”

    • I think it’s not too soon. The cast was only chosen because of the theme, I guarunteed that Jefra, Trish, Cliff, and, David never would have made it if it wasn’t for the theme. 32 could produce some ALLSTARS!!! I’m pumped!

      • Wrong! FIrst they cast, then they figure out theme and name. Jeff made a point that they will avoid casting specifically for a theme after SJDS unless neccessary.

    • I agree it’s too soon. I actually really like the theme, but didn’t they learn from their mistakes of making a second Blood vs Water which was no where near as good as the first one? It’s as if they find a good theme, so they try and repeat it straight away. We will probably get another White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar season again…… Oh well I’m still excited.

    • I think that it will be a great season although they did do a fans vs favorites twice it was still a great theme because they brought back your favorite players. I think there are many better themes like have all the winners come back and battle it out for the last time or even have every player that was booted off first and come back to redeem although it is like second chance. Just i do think it is to soon, i still think it will be a great success and it will see if the beauty and brain can beat up the brawn for the first time. I love the game and i am happy with any theme as long as it is a good season fun and entertaining and a memorable season

  1. Love the new site! Beautifully designed.

    I’m a little disappointed that they’re repeating a theme, but I guess they need some sort of draw/theme. I’d have thought Blood vs Water was liked way more than BBB.

    Hey, at least we’re in a new location!

  2. Too soon. FvF 2 and BvW 2 both failed relative to their original seasons. This will probably be no different. They are too worried about the cast fitting the theme rather than if they will make for good television.

    • At this point we really don’t know if they cast for a BBB season or if they people they cast happened to fit into that category.

    • hell no, FvF 2 is was good, and blood vs water 2 was just perfect with natalie winning all the game, is was just perfection,

    • I personally dont think fvf2 failed that much. BvW2 was bad though, but it wasn’t the same as what they did the first time. The first time they had returning competitors.

  3. When will they stop reusing themes? I hope this is a good cast because Probst said they were done doing specific casting for a theme after BvW 2.

  4. Honestly, the theme has little to do with how the season plays out anyways considering they’re just arbitrary groups the already determined cast is spilt into. Sure it’s lame they went back so quickly, but it’s not a big deal.

  5. “”Stay tuned for the first round of cast spoilers tomorrow.””

    For which season? 31 or 32?

  6. So if I read this right then the S31 winner won’t be announced for a year from now? That seems a harsh thing to do to the final three.

    • They did it with Caramoan because of Probsts crappy talk show, maybe he’s getting a second season -__-

  7. With the election next year I would have liked to see:

    Republicans v Democrats v Independents

    Also would like to see:

    East Coast v West Coast v No Coast

    • I like tribes by political affiliation too. I think it would be quite entertaining! But should be season 33 which would air fall of 2016.

  8. Cool new website, Redmond!

    But ye, blegh at reusing the old themes :/

    I mean, at least it wasn’t only two seasons after, like BvW

  9. I’m still waiting on a theme where it’s USAvUKvCANvAUS – 4 tribes of 5 it could be pretty cool but I doubt it’d ever happen :/

  10. its too soon i think. plus Cagayan was good because of the cast, not necesarily the theme. if you look at SJDS it wasnt a very successful return of B v W. i think they shouldve waited a few more seasons, maybe about 10 seasons after, like Caramoan which was a great season.

  11. I thought worlds apart was basically BvBvB2 now were doing it again….

    the themes are overrated, that something interesting in the early game, but after the merge its pointless, be creativie

    • I know! I love having 3 tribes since All-Stars but I think it is too soon and I didn’t think that that way of dividing tribes is much creative.

  12. I think it’s okay, but to consider that blood vs. water on season 27, and again on season 29, makes me feel I want to see a new concept. Why try new ones? They must consider the bracket of seasons, that they want to reuse again the concept. Brawns vs. Brains vs. Beauty?

  13. Anybody know where I can find the set on Koh Rong? I’m going tomorrow for a few nights and would love to talk to someone in casting to see what I can do to get on the show

  14. S33 finally should do that old twist idea of Hawaii : “Home VS Visitors” where born and raised americans compete against immigrants who were motivated to leave their native countries for a variety of reasons, including a desire for economic prosperity, political issues, family re-unification etc etc.

  15. I always like three-tribe seasons cos it leaves every member exposed and thus strategy starts right away. For a future season, it would be interesting to do a schoolyard pick. Where one man and one woman would start to choose within the pool of eighteen people. However, in a twist, after the two tribes have six members each, the schoolyard pick would be over. Thus, the remaining six people not chosen, will form the third tribe, much like misfits or underdogs. That would be interesting, I think.

  16. Themes, themes, themes! Why all the themes? There’s no need for BBB. BBB is too forced and didn’t even work the first time. Tony was smart, not a challenge beast. The “brains” had the worst strategies imaginable. And beauty has nothing to do with anything. It’s not good or bad, it’s just a nothing thing. Use the location as the theme. China was a great theme. Guatemala was a great theme. Pearl Islands was a great theme. Just play it like Philippines and have a great season.

  17. I would like to see a survivor show with contestants from all English speaking countries which would include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, asked any others producers can think of. Sick of only Americans. Foreign language countries worked be hard because language bf barrier and not knowing what is being said behind camera.
    Does anyone else agree?

  18. I. Hope the. Season. 33. Sourivior. Will be. Three chance players. For. Joe. And. Spencer and woo. And that. The. They have the season. 34. Will. Be Winners. Vs. winners with. Jt. Thomas. Sandra. Tyson. And. The third. Chance. Players. Include. Choach. And. The. Season 35. Will be. The. Fans vs Favorites. 3. With. Returnees bringing back. People like joe. Eddie. Coach. Woo. Spencer. Maclom.

  19. I couldn’t really care less about the themes but I’ll take 3 initial tribes over 2 any day – the players are on alert that merges and switches can happen at any time so aren’t as complacent as they sometimes appear when on the stronger of two tribes and aren’t fearing a visit to Tribal. I’m not a fan or Redemption Island but I wouldn’t say no to Exile Island if they wanted to bring it back.

  20. I LOVE Survivor, but..I wish they would get players that actually NEED the homeless people that know what surviving is all about. Talk about competition..I’d say they would fight tooth and nail for immunity..Love the show..not crazy about bringing players back that have played before ..they have had their shot..

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