Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X – Zeke Assessment

The Inside Survivor team recently came together to give our initial thoughts on each Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X cast member and our predictions on how they will do in the game. These opinions are formed mainly from the CBS cast bios and videos, as well as pre-season press interviews conducted by Gordon Holmes and Josh Wigler. Over the next several days, we will post our thoughts on each Millennials vs. Gen X castaway.

Last time we looked at Gen X tribe member Rachel Ako, today we assess…

28, Brooklyn, NY, Asset Manager, (Vanua aka Millennials tribe)



First Impression: Super likable, super intelligent and good at talking to people. People are going to dig him as long as his nonsense isn’t too abrasive, which I don’t think it will be. He seems more self-deprecating than irritating, though I’m sure some of his facial hair-less tribemates might hate on his look.

Deeper Thoughts: He’s never going to be under-the-radar so we’ll see how that plays out. I think he’s going to have to avoid near elimination repeatedly throughout the season. This is the guy who’s going to mess with idols and play every side possible for as long as he can.

Potential Allies: Zeke has the potential to be in good with everyone and no one. Every time I think about him in the game, the image changes. Sometimes he’s buttering up Taylor and Figgy; sometimes he’s nerding out with Hannah and David, other times he’s been completely ostracized.

Prediction: I feel like Zeke is going to end up in the Final 5 when his antics finally catch up to him.


First Impression: Seems very self-aware and has the makings to do well – or fall early.

Deeper Thoughts: I’ve always been conflicted with the massive superfan turned player archetype. On one hand, he knows how not to play the game, but people don’t tend to like the obnoxious fans. My faith in Zeke lies with how quickly he can find the line between knowledgeable and omnipotent. I think he’s smart and perceptive enough to play well.

Potential Allies: Hannah, Will.

Prediction: If he can slow play the game, he stands a good shot of going farther. I see him landing mid-merge.



First Impression: Moustache. Smart Job. Quirky.

Deeper Thoughts: Zeke says “You’re going to love me, even if you hated me at first” and I believe him. He’s got a decent resume to back it up – recruited to Harvard for debating, an improv performer and a super fan of Survivor. Both debating and improv use a set of skills to take in new information, assess, evaluate and spit something back out quickly. I think that could be handy in Survivor. He does seem quirky; he’s talking intelligently but making mud angels in his video. Listing pretty good luxury items then turning them around to be hair products. His ability to manipulate people remains to be seen, but I think he can do it. He’s already manipulated me into liking him although at first I was put off by his antics. I think saying he has a passion for Survivor to rival Tony’s is a good way to explain his enthusiasm. I think Zeke will be a joy to watch.

Potential Allies: Any and everyone. He says he once considered being a priest so he could get in with the Christian crowd. I think he’d get along well if he could squirm into a girls alliance.

Prediction: I think he could go far – mostly likely cut just before the final Tribal Council due to being a threat.


First Impression: Best b-roll ever?

Deeper Thoughts: Zeke’s game is going to be as colorful as the shirt on his back. He seems super likable and funny and clearly, has a devilish side. He wants to play like Tony, lying and manipulating his way through the game. He told Josh Wigler that he has plans for fake idols and planting idols. It could all blow up in Zeke’s face but either way, it’ll be fun to watch.

Potential Allies: He says he doesn’t consider himself a millennial (but then goes on to talk about a plaque he received for debating), so maybe he won’t get along with the ones that are really jumping on board with this theme (the Taylors of the world). He’ll probably gravitate towards Adam, maybe Hannah due to their shared love of improv. Ultimately, I think Zeke will work with anyone he needs to to get ahead.

Prediction: Given all of Jeff Probst’s hype, I wouldn’t be shocked if Zeke actually won the whole thing. But, I’m not going to name him as my winner pick. I think he’ll go deep, maybe even to FTC, but he won’t be crowned the winner.


The Inside Survivor team have positive feelings when it comes to Zeke, with all of us seeing him at the merge, and even as far as Final 5 or FTC. How do you think Zeke will do? Let us know in the comments below.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X premieres Wednesday 21 September at 8:00 pm on CBS.

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Martin Holmes

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