Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Seventh Elimination

Ikabula tribe member Michaela Bradshaw has become the seventh castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

The 25-year-old vacation salesperson from Fort Worth, TX was eliminated in the biggest blindside of the season so far. Michaela has been instrumental in the challenge wins of her tribes, both on the former Millennials tribe and the new Ikabula tribe – even in this episode, Michaela was able to snatch a reward win when it looked like the Ikabula tribe was out of it. However, her intensity and intelligence were seen as a threat to Jay, who despite trusting her at the moment, knew she’d be trouble at the merge, and when Ikabula lost their first immunity challenge, he took his chance to take her out.

Despite former Gen Xers Bret and Sunday seeming like the obvious boots, Jay hatched a plan with Will to vote out Michaela, using the votes of the old Gen Xers. At tribal council, Michaela was blindsided 4-2.

Michaela received four votes from Bret, Jay, Sunday, and Will. Bret received two votes from Hannah and Michaela.


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  • Red

    I am so happy about this boot. But I am also worried that this might not work out for Jay. Cause there are 6 gen x and 7 millennials If Adam/Zeke/Hannah flip to the Gen X then that could be very bad for the millenials I Like such as Jay/Taylor/Michelle/Will.

    • Ishay

      That was my first worry as well but it’s not that simple if you remember that everything is not sunshine and rainbow with the gen Xers, that all voted for Jessica in their last tribal. Think about that, and add the divisions in the other camp pre swap and throw three idols into the mix in hands of three players that have already shown that they are here to play BIG, and I think you are about to get a crazy merge episode.
      I have big expectations for this episode.

      • Red

        Yeah I realized that to after I posted that. Plus Zeke isn’t exactly happy with Hannah either

        • Jamesy

          Ancient history by now. Hannah’s “I want them to use me. USE ME!” scene was probable foreshadowing for her being an instrument in Zeke (plus Adam) making a potential move in seizing control.

    • Jamesy

      That’s your fault for liking awful castaways such as Taylor and Will. 🙂

      • Red

        I think I picked pretty well so far. The only one I like that has been voted out is Figgy

        • Jamesy

          Oh boy, it keeps getting worse….

          • Red

            And now Michelle. Either way it was going be someone I like cause I like Adam as well.

    • Marcos Gouvêa

      and thats what gonna happen, he lost 2 votes with Michaela and Hannah, would be easier in merge if Bret was voted out

  • Ishay

    Just finished watching the episode, and I’m speechless

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  • Bleu Saan

    After aaaa long time I really got surprised by this blindside. I dont get why Jay did this as now just from the looking GenX got the upper hand. And I also think that here after chris, jay is the main physical threat. Good Luck Jay.

  • smartsenior

    Michaela laid out four shells to the finals which meant she was eliminating all Jay’s buddies. She thought she was the captain but she never really had any numbers behind her on either team. She needed Jay more than he needed her, her fatal flaw.

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