Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Player of the Week Episode 13

Each week here on Inside Survivor we will be running a fan poll to determine the Player of the Week. Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance. The poll will close on the following Wednesday.

Last week, readers voted Adam Klein the Player of the Week with 745 votes (58.25%). Will Wahl finished in second place with 267 votes (20.88%). The streak is broken! Adam is the first and only player to win two Player of the Week polls this season.


Week 1: Jessica Lewis
Week 2: Michelle Schubert
Week 3: Ken McNickle
Week 4: David Wright
Week 5: Michaela Bradshaw
Week 6: Adam Klein
Week 7: Jay Starrett
Week 8: Zeke Smith
Week 9: Sunday Burquest
Week 10: Hannah Shapiro
Week 11: Adam Klein

Who is your Player of the Week?

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  • Lucas Miranda

    Hannah should win! Adam did nothing but follow her ideas!

    • Hannah followed Adam’s lead in the Will boot. So if anything they’re on the same level this episode.

      • Joseph Padilla

        Somehow, the reaction towards Will’s boot was STARKLY different from Taking Back Sunday’s boot.

    • Tomáš Zelenka

      Adam got Jay to waste his idol, which was huge and could be the main reason, why Jay loses …

    • Jamesy

      I was going to yell at you for forgetting that there were 2 tribals this episode and Adam led the first one. Plus Adam also had better personal content with his conversation with Jay. <3

  • Christina Bruce

    How is Adam in front of Hannah? Hannah was responsible for Sunday’s blindside.

    • Spencer

      But Adam was in charge of the Will blindside. in that sense they are equal. put in Adam’s relationship with Jay and i think he deserves it more.

    • Lucas Miranda

      I agree with you.

    • Tomáš Zelenka

      I don’t think that should matter, if people believe, that it was a bad move for her. I personally liked it for many reasons and thought, that it was a good strategic move, if things would go well for her in the finale, but they probably won’t.

      • Joseph Padilla

        All things considered, it got her more wiggle room to Day 39. Not bad.

    • Jamesy

      See below. Adam was responsible for Will’s ousting. And the Adam and Jay conversation was the best part of this episode. <3

  • Jimbo Belden

    I see the argument for Adam. I think my brain naturally gave Hannah more credit because of the edit – Will’s boot seemed obvious, while Sunday’s was crazy.
    Anyone can win out of this final 6 in my opinion. I do think Hannah and Ken won’t do as well with a jury though.
    Also it wasn’t mentioned in the episode but once Ken won immunity we know he gets his legacy advantage – I wonder what it is

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