Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Ninth Elimination

Taylor Stocker has become the ninth castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

The 24-year-old snowboard instructor from Post Falls, ID was eliminated in an explosive tribal council. After ending up in the minority after last week’s tribal council, Taylor continued to hoard a secret stash of food away from his tribemates, with only Adam knowing about it. The majority alliance planned to split the votes between Jay and Taylor in case of an idol play, but Taylor concocted a plan to throw Adam under the bus by revealing Adam’s reward steal advantage at tribal council and also claiming that Adam helped him stash food. It was a tense tribal council with accusations being fired back and forth, but in the end, Taylor was voted out 7-4-1.

Taylor received seven votes from Adam, Chris, David, Jay, Ken, Sunday, and Zeke. Jay received four votes from Bret, Hannah, Jessica, and Will. Adam received one vote from Taylor.


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Martin Holmes

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  1. […] Recap In Brief After Michelle was voted out 9-4, Jay, Taylor, and Will returned to Vinaka knowing they were on the outs. Despite the Misfits and Gen X teaming up for the last vote, cracks were apparent within the group. Noting the original hierarchy at Gen X, Sunday wanted to target Jessica instead of Jay, her friend from Ikabula. Similarly, Adam’s position in the majority was still questioned by the rest of the Misfits, Zeke in particular. Sunday, Bret, Chris, David, Taylor, and Ken won reward, consisting of a pool party, a feast, and beer/cocktails. In an immunity challenge that gave castaways the chance to sit out and feast instead of competing, Ken narrowly outlasted Taylor, who would be voted out 7-4-1 after a wild tribal. […]

  2. May as well, considering how with those circumstances, the focus should be on surviving at least one more cycle.

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