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Episode 14 Stats

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

Winner – Adam Klein

  • Adam is the youngest winner by date of birth.
  • He’s the fifth unanimous winner after Earl Cole, JT Thomas, John Cochran, and Jeremy Collins.
    • Both seasons in Fiji had unanimous male winners, with a female and male runner-up.
    • Adam is tied with Jeremy for most votes to win with 10.
      • Both times there was a ten-person jury, the vote was unanimous.
    • Of all the unanimous winners, Adam has the most votes against him throughout the game.
  • All three winners of an “old vs. young” season have been men from the younger tribe.
  • Adam is the first winner to be shown first in the season intro titles.
    • Boston Rob was shown first in the Survivor: Redemption Island intro, but it was not in the first episode of the season. It was only from the second episode on, as Rob and Russell weren’t revealed as the twist until the first episode.
  • Adam successfully voted out every other Millennial male (Jay, Taylor, Will, and Zeke)
  • This is the first season since Survivor: Caramoan with an all-caucasian F2/F3.

Runner-Up – Hannah Shapiro

  • As she noted in her final tribal council answers, Hannah was only on the wrong side of one vote the entire season (other than the rock draw tribal council).
    • She voted for Bret during the Episode 7 tribal council, but Michaela was voted out.
  • With Sunday and Will being eliminated in the previous episode, Hannah became the only woman remaining, and also the youngest person remaining.
    • When Bret was voted out, she also became the only member of Ikabula remaining.
  • Hannah successfully voted out every Ikabula member that made the merge (Bret, Jay Sunday, and Will), and every post swap Vanua member that made the merge (Chris, David, Michelle, and Zeke)
    • Every post merge member of Ikabula (other than Hannah) was eliminated in a row, starting with Will, and ending with Bret.
  • Ken and Hannah are the fourth pair of zero vote-getters at FTC.
    • The others are Dreamz and Cassandra in Survivor: Fiji, Dawn and Sherri in Caramoan, and Spencer and Tasha in Survivor: Cambodia.

Runner-Up – Ken McNickle

  • Ken was the only Gen X member to make it to final tribal council.
    • Ken is the first person from an older tribe on an “old vs. young” season to make it to final tribal council.
  • In addition to Hannah, Ken also was only on the wrong side of one vote the entire season (other than the rock draw tribal council).
    • He voted for Jessica during the Episode 4 tribal council, but David used a hidden immunity idol to save her.
  • He successfully voted out every other Gen X male (Bret, Chris, Paul, and David)
  • Ken attended a total of 15 tribal councils, tied with Denise Stapley, Russell Hantz, Natalie White, Mick Trimming, and Spencer Bledsoe for most tribals attended within a single season.
  • He was the first person to use the legacy advantage.
    • It was passed to him by Jessica when she was voted out.
  • Ken won the most individual immunity challenges this season with four.
  • Ken is tied with David for most successful vote-outs this season with twelve.
    • The only time David was on the wrong side of the vote (other than the rock draw tribal council) was the tribal council in which he was voted out.


  • Adam and David tied for most confessionals in the finale with 8 each.
  • David had the most confessionals overall this season with a total of 56. Adam was second with 53.

Hidden Immunity Idols

  • This season is tied with Survivor: Cagayan for the most unsuccessful idol plays with four.
    • Coincidentally, this is the first season since Cagayan to have unsuccessful idol plays.
      • Also, the last winner to unsuccessfully play an idol on themselves was Tony in Cagayan.
  • Adam and Jay were the only people this season to play a hidden immunity idol on themselves.
    • Both were unsuccessful idol plays.
  • Jay is the fourth person to play a fake hidden immunity idol on himself (David Wright made the fake idol).
    • The others were:
      • Eliza Orlins in Survivor: Micronesia (made by Ozzy Lusth).
      • Randy Bailey in Survivor: Gabon (made by Bob Crowley).
      • Mike Holloway for Will Sims in Survivor: Worlds Apart (made by Joe Anglim).
        • Jaime Dugan mistakenly played what she thought was a hidden immunity idol in Survivor: China, but it was the wrong plaque from the archway at their camp.

Reward/ Immunity Challenge – “Tower of Power.”

  • This type of challenge has been a recurring challenge in Survivor since Borneo.
    • David is one of only three people to win this challenge but not make it to Final Tribal Council.
      • The other two were Colleen Haskell in Borneo and Kelley Wentworth in Cambodia.
  • This is the first Survivor challenge in which the reward steal was used.

Immunity Challenge – “Operation Balance Build.”

  • This challenge has previously been seen in Survivor: One World and Survivor: Blood vs. Water
    • In One World and Millennials vs. Gen X it was the final immunity challenge, and in Blood vs. Water, it was the first Redemption Island duel.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “I’m Going for a Million Bucks” was said by Jay after he found the fake hidden immunity idol.
    • Jay had the most episode titles this season with four.

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