Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Casual Corner Episode 13

Shawn Swaney takes his weekly dive into Casual Corner to check out the weird and wonderful comments of the Survivor Facebook page.

The time is almost here. This season, which has been a roller coaster of casual emotions, is coming to a close, which doesn’t mean that casuals have slowed down at all. Their comments have been at full speed, barreling towards a winner that they will, of course, find disappointing, as long as it’s anyone but Ken. I, for one, cannot wait to chronicle those comments and then bottle the salty tears, but, for now, we boast in the majestic comments of this week.

Enough beating around the bush, let’s get to the fun stuff.


Says the grey-haired woman commenting on Facebook.


These are my favorite comments. When things get so overwhelming and casuals take to the number of likes to try and validate their point, like a teenager or Donald Trump.


Oh, guys, come on, I thought we were done making Taylor jokes… Wait, what’s that you say?


I’ll take “Things Not Said at the Figueroa-Stocker Household for $400 please, Alex.”


The weight of expectation from middle-aged women everywhere, of course!


Ah the essentials: Rice, water, and Crest Whitestrips.


Even after all these weeks, they still can’t even get close to spelling her name correctly. M-I-C-H-A-E-L-A. At least we know that Sue Hawk would’ve had a nice Facebook following in Borneo (Derk and Souna).


How about Wednesday?




Rules for writing Casual Corner:

Rule #1 – Always go for the Mary joke.
Rule #2 – There is no Rule #2.


Of all the redeeming qualities, you go for eyes?

Well, just kidding, this person was complimenting Sunday actually. The scariest part is that they actually wanted Sunday to win. And yes, I say that full well remembering this image…



They posted that kissy-face thing 27 times. TWENTY SEVEN TIMES.




*grabs popcorn*

Well, gang, that’s all I got…wait, what’s this?


A poem, you say?!?!


Why, for the love of all that is good, would you torture me like this.

Until next time, enjoy the finale!

Written by

Shawn Swaney

Marine biologist by trade who stumbled into the world of tech start-ups. Nerd who was born into an athlete’s body. Los Angeles resident. Once dreamed of being the first Inside Survivor contributor to actually play Survivor... hopefully settling for second. Follow @ShawnSwaney for hot takes and a tendency to overthink every tweet.

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