Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Rumored Buffs

Below are the rumored buff designs for Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty as originally discovered by Reddit user Kacie125.

As can be seen, the Brawn tribe buff is a red and orange design that contains images of a tiger. The Beauty tribe buff is a yellow and purple design that includes images of a snake. The Brains Tribe buff has yet to be discovered but is a blue and green design that features images of a crocodile.

Totang (Brawn Tribe)


Gondol (Beauty Tribe)


Inside Survivor is currently seeking further confirmation on the legitimacy of these photos.

UPDATE: As a few of our commenters have pointed out, there are a couple of minor mistakes on these buff designs when compared to the ones seen in the season preview. These are just very well made fakes, although probably very close to the actual designs.

buffmistakesPicture courtesy of @Idol_Thoughts on Twitter.

For more information on the new season, you can check out the entire cast and their bios here. Inside Survivor also revealed the tribe names and divisions back in June and recently posted about the new idol twist.

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4 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Rumored Buffs”

  1. As incredibly close as it looks, I personally don’t think they are real. The border around “TOTANG” indents between the first T and the O, but the neither of the two Totang flags (one at the 0:35 mark of the preview and another at the 1:18 mark) indent so extremely. Also, on the Totang buff the side pattern behind the BUFF logo is cut away just around the tiger. At the 1:29 mark in the preview we can see Kyle’s buff which seems to be the region showing the lowest third of the buff (Kyle’s buff matches the lowest section of the buff posted on this page). On Kyle’s buff the corner of the patter (look next to the top of the last F of the BUFF logo) is pointing to the tip of the tiger’s paw, but in the buff posted above the corner of the pattern is pointing to where the tiger’s paw meets his other arm. Does anyone else agree that these along with other tiny details do not match? Regardless it is a remarkably close buff design.

    • There is definitely a chance that these are just very well made fakes. That’s why I made sure to say “rumored designs”. Good spots! 🙂

      • If they are fake, then they are the most incredible fakes ever! The creator would have to have an incredible eye for detail, there are so many possible ways to miss some of the tiny details but they nailed them! The font the producers modified is called a Croteau, but the creator of these buffs was able to notice some of the subtle edits the Survivor producers made to the font. Croteau doesn’t extend GONDOL’s D over the top of the N, but the producers modified font does as seen in the Kaôh Rông preview and the designer of these buffs noticed and made the same modification. If these buffs turn out to be fake, the creator really deserves a medal. But even if these are the official designs the producers have outdone themselves. I think these are the most beautiful buffs ever!

  2. If thats what they look like or somewhat look like i might just buy my first survivor buff, probably some of the best buffs i’ve seen
    still dying to see anything on the Brain’s Buff, defenently will get Brawn’s though

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