Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Round 13

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng is underway and so are the Inside Survivor Power Rankings. Each week, I (Martin “Redmond” Holmes) will test my mettle against Survivor veteran Kelley Wentworth.

In Round 12, Kelley scored 9 points (4 for placing Jason in 4th and a bonus 5 points for Michele receiving votes at tribal) and Martin received 6 points ranking Jason in 6th place. Martin still leads overall with 117 points, and Kelley now follows closely behind with 115 points. With only two points in it, it is all to play for in these last two episodes.

The Rules

Each week the power rankers will create separate rankings based on least likely to most likely to be eliminated. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three rankers will earn. For example, if Cydney was voted out in Episode 13, Martin would receive 3 points and Kelley would receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Champion.


If the player ranked in 1st place finds an idol you gain 10 points.
If the player ranked in last place isn’t eliminated but receives a vote(s) against them you gain 5 points.
If the player ranked in 1st place wins individual immunity you gain 10 points (post-merge).

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Round 13

KelleyPic MartinPic
Score: 115
Score: 117
AubryPic TaiPic
1. She sits alone by a tree post
Tryin’ to find the thought that’s escaped her mind
She says “Joe’s the one I love the most.
But Tai’s not far behind.”
And just let her cry if the tears fall down like rain.
1. He isn’t going home with an idol in his pocket, damn it!
TaiPic AubryPic
2. Channeling his inner “mean girl.” You can’t sit with us, Michele. 2. If she’s crying now, just imagine the tears when she wins!
JoePic CydneyPic
3. Plyaing Scrabel at his huose muts be raelly funn. 3. Like LeBron James leaving Miami, Cydney don’t need no more Heat, baby. (Yes! I made an American sport reference!)
CydneyPic MichelePic
4. The only fire she wants to keep going is her own, baby. 4. Ain’t putting up with any malarkey.
MichelePic JoePic
5. Talk to the hand, Tai. 5. Taking the Ron Swanson approach, no point fighting City Hall.

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Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

4 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Round 13”

  1. 1. Mark the Chicken
    2. Tai
    3. Joe
    4. Aubry
    5. Michele
    6. Cydney
    I have realized that in order to actually win these the best you should try to put who you think will be eliminated second to last and whomever will get the minority votes last.

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