Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Jury Jeopardy

A battle of the blogs…

Over the past fourteen weeks, the Survivor community has found plenty of material to argue and debate over when it comes to Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. Whether it was the treatment of Alecia on Brawn beach, the real occupation of Debbie Wanner, or the pros and cons of camp sabotage. Of course, this was also the year everyone became an editing expert, as the battle between the “Michele Truthers” and the rest of the Survivor world grew week after week. It’s now time for the Survivor community to do battle one last time.

Inside Survivor will be taking on other popular and well respected Survivor blogs in a competition called Jury Jeopardy, where we will attempt to predict this season’s jury votes. Our opponents will be Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred, Jeff Pitman at True Dork Times, and Sarah Freeman and the team from Rob Has A Website. You can read their predictions on their respective sites.

There is still lots to speculate. Who else will end up on the jury? Will it be a Final 2 or 3? Will everyone even get the chance to vote? Because of all those questions, here’s how Inside Survivor is arranging this post. For each juror and potential juror, we will rank who they’ll vote for. Here’s an example to make it clear:

Neal – Aubry, Tai, Cydney

This would mean that we think Neal votes for Aubry no matter who she sits next to. If Aubry isn’t in the finals, then he’d vote Tai next. If neither Aubry nor Tai are in the finals, he votes Cydney over Michele. In other words, we don’t think Neal votes for Michele under any circumstance.

So with that, let’s get to the predictions.

Jury Votes


Neal votes for: Aubry, Tai, Cydney

Aubry was Neal’s closest ally, and he respects her, so regardless of who she is against she would get his vote. He’s never shown respect towards Michele so in no scenario would he vote her. Between Cydney and Tai, he gives the benefit of the doubt to Tai for having found an idol and for taking Scot and Jason, his enemies, out of the game, even though Tai was only used as a tool.



LittleNickNick votes for: Aubry, Tai, Michele

“I like Aubry. I’d hang out with Aubry more than any of the other girls here.” The fact that line was included in the episode where he was targeting her as a threat makes me believe Nick votes Aubry no matter what. If Aubry isn’t in finals, he will vote Tai next, as he’s probably more willing to say he lost to Tai than Cydney and Michele. I don’t get the impression Nick respects Cyd or Michele’s games, but he’d probably vote his old beauty pal Michele over Cyd if it were down to those two.



Debbie votes for: Cydney, Michele, Aubry

Hopefully, Debbie’s repeated “I want a woman to win” refrain wasn’t meant ironically. She spoke positively of Cydney throughout the season, and I think she respects her enough to vote Cyd no matter who she is against. If Cyd isn’t in finals, then Michele is her next best option. I feel there might be bitterness towards Aubry, so she’d only vote for her if against Tai.




Scot votes for: Aubry, Tai, Michele

Scot was shown to respect Aubry’s game clearly: “She’s been giving great effort in every facet of the game thus far.” He votes her no matter who she is against. Even though Tai betrayed him, Scot had a bond with Tai and he respected how much he provided. Tai gets his vote over Cyd and Michele. He apparently didn’t appreciate Cyd, so Michele would be his next option should it be between those two.



LittleJuliaJulia votes for: Cydney, Michele, Tai

Cydney’s game probably mirrors Julia’s the most, in that she can play the middle, albeit much more successfully. Julia will respect that. If Cyd isn’t in finals, Michele gets her vote due to friendship even if she did feel betrayed. I don’t think Julia and Aubry had much of a bond, so she likely votes Tai if it’s between them due to Beauty loyalty.




Jason votes for: Aubry, Cydney, Michele

“She’s been kicking butt the entire time she’s been here.” Again, like Scot, Jason respects Aubry and her game. He votes her in any combination. There might be some bitterness with Cydney, but he has complimented her moves throughout the season. If Aubry or Cyd aren’t in the finals, he votes Michele, because he doesn’t respect Tai’s flip-flopping.




Joe votes for: Aubry, Tai, Cydney

No need to beat around the bush. Aubry owns Joe’s vote to matter the scenario. If Aubry isn’t in finals, then he votes Tai, his fellow elder statesman and someone he respects as a camp provider. If those two aren’t an option, he will vote Cydney, someone he was closely aligned with since the merge. We haven’t been shown much of a bond between him or Michele to suggest he’d vote for her over any of the other three.


Who the Final 4 Would Vote For


Aubry votes for: Cydney, Tai

If Aubry ends up on the jury, I think her vote most certainly goes to Cydney above anyone else. She has worked closely alongside Cyd throughout the merge and knows just how well she has played. If Cyd isn’t in finals, she will vote Tai over Michele due to their deeper bond and a respect of Tai’s moves.





Cydney votes for: Aubry, Michele

Again, Aubry and Cydney have worked closely together since the merge; so Aubry is most likely getting her vote. I’m not entirely sure how much of a bond Cyd has with Tai, her relationship with Michele seems tighter, and I think she’d vote for her over Tai.





Michele votes for: Cydney, Aubry

Michele will surely vote for a woman, which rules out Tai getting her vote in any scenario – not to mention they’ve butted heads a couple of times pre-massage. It’s a tough call between Aubry and Cydney, but she has the closer relationship with Cyd, so it tips it in her favor.





Tai votes for: Aubry, Cydney

It could all depend on how he ends up on the jury. If he’s betrayed by Aubry again, he may hold that against her at Final Tribal. But based on the info we currently have, he likes and respects Aubry the most. It could go either way between Cydney and Michele, but I feel that he probably respects Cyd’s game more.



Don’t forget to check out the predictions of Reality Blurred, True Dork Times, and Rob Has A Website, and of course leave us your own predictions in the comments.


Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

19 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Jury Jeopardy”

  1. Funny you refer to the pther website as “opponents” while you all predict that Aubry will receive the most jury votes. I am on the Michele train since E01 personnally, and I still think she has a chance…

    Well anyways, at this point I think every players has built a consequent résumé. Perhaps Tai is a bit below the girls in my eyes.

  2. I think you are wrong!!! A lot of people would vote for Michelle, because she made NO enemies. In a lot of seasons a NON-player won. When Michelle is in the final tribal, she would beat Cydney, Aubry and Tai.
    My guess:
    Neal: Aubry, Tai
    Nick: Michelle, Aubry
    Joe: Aubry, Cydney, Tai
    Jula: Michelle, Cydney,
    Scot: Michelle, Aubry
    Jason: Michelle, Aubry
    Debbie: Michelle, Tai
    Aubry: Tai, Cydney
    Tai: Aubry, Michelle
    Michelle: Cydney, Aubry

  3. I agree with everything except Debbie and Julia. To create drama the editors would not show her saying she would not vote for Aubry unless she votes for Aubry.
    Based on Julia ‘ s exit interviews she will vote for Aubry. She might give Michele a second place vote in a final 3.

  4. I love this article! Lots of great scenarios and insight!

    I disagree with your prediction on Debbie’s vote. I think she votes for Aubry over Cydney. She and Aubry were together from the beginning. She mother’d Aubry when she was having an anxiety attack.

    Plus, wasn’t it Cydney who was the first to want Debbie out of the game over the Julia vote?

    I think Debbie votes – Aubry, Cydney, Michele.

  5. This article is pure speculation. As much as we want editing to tell us what’s going on, we can’t. In addition this is an utterly biased view very much in support of Aubry.

    I agree Neal and Joe are locks on Aubry, and Nick is more likely to vote for someone with stellar gameplay, but let us not forget that even the most strategic players will often vote for the most likable at the end.

    Julia will vote for Michele no matter what. She may feel betrayed, but that betrayal is short term in comparison to the bond they have. Scot is the type to hold a grudge, and therefore I see no willingness for him to ever vote for Tai or Cydney. I’m not so convinced Cydney votes for Aubry, as Cydney getting voted out at this point in the game would almost scream a betrayal by Audry. In addition, Cydney and Michele’s friendship has been highlighted in recent episodes.

    Again, this is all speculation, but it’s funny to see an article so clearly attempt to diminish Michele’s game by provoking the idea that even Julia won’t vote for her given the chance. The problem with speculation on a show like this is that it’s never unbiased, and the author’s clear preference for Aubry and her game, as well as his attempt to combat the increasing Michele support, is shown all over this article.

    • I actually think Michele would be a worthy winner. And overall I’m rooting for Cydney to win. But realistically, game wise and edit wise, I think Aubry wins.

      • Could you please explain why is Michelle worthy winning? I would love to see it – and I dont – and I think she accually won. I would love someone write an article about Michelle or the others deserving winning. Now for me only Aubry and Cydney had strategy.

  6. No offense, but judging your assessment, its clear you have not watched this season. Michele has been a huge social threat the entire time, everyone likes her, and we’ve seen no indication that the jury doesnt respect her game.

    You thinl she’ll get no votes? . She has a good chance of winning. Even over Aubry.

    Look at Fabio vs Chase. Sophie vs Coach. Mike vs Carolyn

    Aubry has played well, but the jury may be more impressed that michele never backstabbed anyone. Social game wins Survivor more than big moves do.

    • Seeing I’ve spent 14 weeks writing Edgic and deeply analysing the edit, I think it’s safe to say I’ve watched this season. It’s okay, we all have different opinions and interpretations. I do think Michele will gets votes depending on what the final combination is. But not as much as Aubry.

  7. Neal: Aubry, Cyd, Tai
    Nick: Michelle, Cyd, Tai
    Joe: Aubry, Tai, Cydney
    Jula: Michelle, Cydney, Tai
    Scot: Cyd, Aubry, Michelle
    Jason: Cyd, Aubry, Michelle
    Debbie: Aubry, Cyd, Michelle
    Aubry: Cydney, Tai,
    Tai: Aubry, Cyd
    Michelle: Cydney, Aubry
    Cyd: Aubry, Michelle

  8. Looks like Tai cant win. GOOD. 3 amazing women and we really need a woman to win. Hopefully Aubry, but im cool with Cydney or Michele

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