Survivor Inside Big Brother 25 (Week 6)

How are Cirie and the other Survivor-related players doing?

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To anyone wondering how Survivor legend Cirie Fields is doing on Big Brother season 25, as well as her son Jared Fields and Cory Wurtenberger (Survivor 42 Zach Wurtenberger’s brother), this is the place for you! 

This will be a time-pending cover of how Cirie, Jared, and Cory are doing in the show as long as they remain in it. These articles will also be significantly helped by Taran Armstrong’s entire season’s coverings, which can be viewed or listened to on the Rob Has a Podcast website and YouTube channel.

COVERING DATES: Late September 5th – Early September 13th, 2023


  • On day 35, Cirie comes up with an elaborate plan to vote out Red instead of Jag, as Red wants to reconcile with Cameron after their alliance was disbanded. It’s also funny how they plan Red’s demise on his birthday. 
  • Cirie wants to avoid a 5-5 vote, as Jared would be forced to show his hand early about playing in the middle. Two plans emerge, one being a 6-4, where they all lie to Cameron about being blindsided. The second plan is an 8-2 vote against Red, with Bowie Jane and Cameron as the two rogue votes to target them later. (Cirie and her allies think Bowie Jane is closer to Red/Cameron than them, which is false.)
  • At the last minute, Felicia and Mecole consider keeping Red over Jag. The flip upsets Cirie and Izzy (as they didn’t spearhead it this time), and they consider severing their alliance with Felicia/Mecole.
  • Red is later evicted after an 8-2 vote, with Cameron and Bowie Jane getting left out. Unfortunately for Cirie and her allies, Cameron wins again the HOH competition. 
  • Initially, Cameron tells the house he plans to nominate Jag and Blue again, with America as a replacement nominee if the veto is won. However, Cameron ends up nominating Felicia and Izzy. Cameron assures Cirie he will not backdoor her. (This is a lie, as Cirie is Cameron’s target.) 
  • After Cameron nominates Felicia and Izzy for eviction, Izzy tells Cirie that even if she wins the veto, she won’t use it as she knows Cameron will nominate Cirie instead. Cirie tells Izzy she profoundly appreciates the gesture and that they will be family forever. 
  • The prize swap competition is played for the veto. Felicia chooses Cirie as her partner to use a tandem kayak costume for 48 hours. 
  • Cirie has been planting seeds since last week to place the blame for Red’s blindside on Felicia so she would be Cameron’s target in case he won HOH. When her punishment with Felicia ends, Cirie returns to the game in full force to ensure Felicia is the target. Cirie also cleans up the mess Jared made over the last two days when he threw their allies under the bus to Cameron. 
  • Cirie wants to protect Izzy over Felicia even though she’s still allied with them. She also thinks there won’t be any flip, especially on Cory’s behalf, as Cirie believes she made Cory feel secure with her again after she told him her targets are Cameron and Jag. 
  • Cirie’s alliances so far:
  1. The Fields trio: Cirie, Jared, Izzy (named by the fans)
  2. Brown Sugar Babes: Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Mecole.
  3. Bye-Bye Bitches: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy, Bowie. 
  4. Felirie/The Bookends: Cirie and Felicia
  5. The Professors: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Izzy, Bowie, Hisam, Red. (extinct alliance)
  6. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins (formerly the Savage Seven): (fake alliance) Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt, Izzy, Felicia, and Jared.
  8. Legend 25: (fake alliance) Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Red, Cameron, Mecole, Matt, and Bowie.
  9. For Real For Real alliance: Cirie, Jared, Cory, Mecole, America, Felicia, and Izzy.


  • Jared and Cirie grow worried when Red and Cameron become friendly again, so the vote flips to vote out Red. 
  • Izzy feels insecure in her gameplay as she feels she’s playing more for Jared/Cirie than herself. Jared tells her she’s part of their family and should feel safe instead. 
  • Jared let slip in front of America and Cory that he was on national television at eighteen. (Jared was Cirie’s family visit in Survivor: Game Changers.)
  • After Cameron wins HOH, Jared pretends he wasn’t aware of the flip vote to ensure he and Cirie aren’t put on the block together. 
  • Jared is chosen to play for the veto alongside Cameron, Felicia, Izzy, Matt, and Jag. Jared is later revealed as the veto winner after Matt decides not to take the veto from him. (Matt thought the prize he was picking was hanging out with Josh Duhamel. Instead, he has to hang out with a cardboard cutout of the actor) 
  • Jared and Matt have been getting closer with Cameron, the latter who thinks they’re in a “bro alliance.” Cameron is oblivious that Jared and Matt are genuinely loyal to Cirie instead of him. 
  • Cameron reveals to Jared he wants Jared to use the veto on Felicia, so Cirie and Izzy are on the block together. As Cirie is attached to Felicia as a punishment, Jared is in charge of the pre-veto talks with Cameron to protect his mom. 
  • Though Jared is successful in convincing Cameron they “don’t have the votes to vote out Cirie instead of Izzy,” Jared has a fit of verbal diarrhea and starts throwing several of his allies under the bus (Cory, America, Matt, Izzy, Blue, Mecole) under the guise of working with Cameron. 
  • Jared also (wrongly) assumes Cory has been leaking information about him through America, which makes Jared so upset he now plans to nominate Cory and America together if he wins the next HOH. Cirie later tells him they need to get Cameron out first.
  • Jared doesn’t use the power of veto, leaving Felicia and Izzy as the final nominees for the week. Jared considers voting out Izzy, but Cirie deters this idea as Izzy is better for their games. 
  • Jared and Blue have a fight where he tells her she isn’t his girlfriend. Blue tells him he’s being petty. (Jared also has or had a seven-year relationship outside of the house, which Blue is aware of.)
  • Jared’s alliances so far:
  1. The Fields trio: Cirie, Jared, Izzy. (named by the fans) 
  2. Brown Sugar Babes: Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Mecole.
  3. The Professors: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Izzy, Bowie, Hisam, Red. (extinct alliance)
  4. Family Style: Jared, Matt, Reilly, Blue, Cameron, America, Cory, Jag. (extinct alliance) 
  5. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  6. Final two with Cory: Cory doesn’t plan to uphold it. 
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins (formerly the Savage Seven): Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt, Izzy, Felicia, and Jared. (fake alliance)
  8. For Real for Real alliance: Cirie, Jared, Cory, Mecole, America, Felicia, and Izzy.
  9. Showmance with Blue


  • America gets upset at Cory as she thinks he’s not telling her all the information he gets. They later reconcile, and their showmance grows as they share their first kiss. Americory is official as other houseguests become aware of the couple throughout the following days. 
  • Cory jokes about him being on national television at age twenty-one. Jared, to one-up-him, says he was doing the same thing at eighteen. (This slip-up is potentially game-changing for Cory if he connects the dots between Jared and Cirie.)
  • Cory is upset with himself due to his lack of agency in the game, as even though he wanted Jag to stay, it wasn’t because of anything that Cory did. 
  • Cory and America are ecstatic about the nominations, as they’re not on Cameron’s radar. Still, Cory is unaware, at that point, that Jared has been throwing out his name to Cameron, as he’s pissed off Cory has been hanging out more with America than with him. 
  • Matt tells America he won the Power of Invincibility and that Cirie played in the competition. As America tells this information to Cory, he realises Cirie trusts Matt more over him. Cory later talks to Matt about Jared being aware of this and how dangerous it was, as it meant Cirie and Jared were sharing information. 
  • Cory finds out America made a final three deal with Jag and Blue (which Blue ratted out to Jared and Izzy). Cory isn’t worried about this information, but it’s only the beginning of him and America continuing to work separately from each other even though they are considered as a unit in the house due to their showmance.
  • America wanted to make a big move by blindsiding Cirie in getting rid of Izzy. Cory is aware this move would be better for his curriculum; however, Cory is fearful of the repercussions of making this move. He later changes his mind. 
  • After Jared acts entitled and Izzy badmouths America to Cory, in retaliation, Cory tries organising flipping the vote to blindside Izzy (as well as Cirie/Jared). Mecole, Jag, Bowie Jane, Cory, America, and Matt are aware of the flip, and as long as none spill the beans, the flip will happen. 
  • Cory tells his Survivor secret to more houseguests, including Jag and Bowie Jane. Hilariously, neither of them cared when told. Also, Cory has lost over 17 pounds so far due to him being on slop for the last three weeks. 
  • Cory tells America he wants to target Jared next week for spooking him into thinking he would be on the block this week.
  • Cory’s alliances so far:
  1. Family Style: Jared, Matt, Reilly, Blue, Cameron, America, Cory, Jag. (extinct alliance) Still “working” with this side but knows he was on the outs alongside Jared.
  2. Mecory: has a deal with Mecole to look out for one another. 
  3. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  4. Final two with Jared: Cory doesn’t plan to uphold it. 
  5. Final two/Showmance with America: real deal for Cory 
  6. For real for real alliance: Cirie, Jared, Cory, Mecole, America, Felicia, and Izzy.
  7. 3-Way/The Reliable Rats: Cory, America, and Matt.

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