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Player of the Season

Vote now to determine your player of the season for Survivor: HHH.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers came to an end this past Wednesday night when Ben Driebergen, the 34-year-old ex-Marine from Boise, Idaho, was crowned Sole Survivor and winner of the $1 million prize. Throughout the season we have been running a Player of the Week poll after each episode (you can see the weekly results below). However, now it is time to vote for your Player of the Season. Who impressed you the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance during the season?

As you can see from the results below, Chrissy and Lauren dominated the poll for majority of the season, with only four other players claiming the top spot (Ryan, Ali, Joe and Ben). Last week, readers voted Chrissy the Player of the Week with 749 Votes (51.69%), giving her a total of four wins overall, tied with Lauren.


Week 1: Ryan
Week 2: Ali
Week 3: Lauren
Week 4: Joe
Week 5: Chrissy
Week 6: Chrissy
Week 7: Chrissy
Week 8: Lauren
Week 9: Lauren
Week 10: Lauren
Week 11: Ben
Week 12: Chrissy

Who is your player of the season?

Thanks for taking part in the poll each week. Stay tuned to Inside Survivor during the off-season for all the latest Survivor news and features.

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Martin Holmes

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14 responses to “Player of the Season”

  1. Don’t get all the Chrissy love, I can understand the anti Ben votes, but I believe if not for the fire making twist, Devon would have won. Devon did everything right, except, making fire. Chrissy was a puzzle solving genius with an incredible memory. But I just couldn’t get over the phony personality vibe that she gave off.

  2. As usual Martin, love the article. Went back all the way to first article of this season, and you said Ben could very easily be a winner. Predicted it from the beginning. SUPER impressive. I have two questions.
    1) Will you do Power Rankings again next season? If so, I’d be SUPER hyped to do it with you.
    and 2) Are you looking for weekly article writers next season? If so, please DM me @JadenJBartlett on Twitter, and I’d be happy to talk to you. It has been a dream of mine to write for this website for quite a while. Just let me know!
    Thank you! Great job once again for a great season!

  3. How in the hell does Katrina have more than…0 votes? Lmaooooo this has to be a concerted Reddit effort on behalf of the bitter taste this season left on the palate of many.

  4. Can someone explain to me why katrina has is in second place and simone is at the top as well people and their stupid robbed queens they lost get over it

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