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Next Time On Survivor – Episode 7

Tillie Reilly makes her predictions for the next episode of Survivor: HHH.

I tried to do something fun for this week by asking all previously eliminated contestants their favorite non-aired moment to celebrate the merge, but nobody replied to me. 🙃 We’ll try this again going into finale week.

Before I jump into looking at the previews for Episode 7, I wanted to check out the outcome of the predictions I made for the previous episode.

Previously on Survivor…

Last week’s preview had me believing that Yawa was finally going to tribal council because they took center stage when it came to the preview. It literally only showed them. So it was exciting to finally see a preview that didn’t make it obvious who was going to tribal. Unfortunately, we lost a player who became a fan favorite to a lot of people. I started watching this season thinking Ali had zero chance to win because I expected her to be one of those girls who does nothing around camp. But after watching her, I really enjoyed her this season, and I hope she comes back for a future Second Chance season.

As predicted, Cole passed out due to him not preparing physically for the game. He tweeted that he averaged an intake of roughly 8,000 calories a day before the game. During the game, you probably only get 400 calories. (1 serving of rice = 200 calories). So his body just shut down on him. He also tweeted that he didn’t even remember stuttering after he fell down.

Officially Dateable

It’s finally the merge! In the 20-second preview, we see Levu at camp before the merge announcement, and they are completely out of food. Imagine if Cole was a part of their tribe?

With the tribes finally merging it’s always exciting to see who will get the numbers to take charge in the game. Looking at the remaining players, the original Healers alone still have five members. But the remaining Heroes and Hustlers have bonded a good bit since the swap, and if they decide to all work together, they would have the numbers advantage at seven members. Looking at the preview though, we see a scene where Ben is hammering the idea down to Mike that Cole is the biggest threat in the game. Then the preview skips to Joe talking to Cole saying that “he is going to flip on ya’ll.” He probably means that Mike is considering flipping. So coming into the merge, Mike has two ways he could move forward: with Ben and Lauren and their alliance or with the original Healers.

Joe and Mike both have idols. If Joe really feels threatened and can read Mike’s face at tribal, he would probably play that idol for Cole. When it comes to Mike, I don’t know whether he would play that idol for anyone else. Nobody knows that Joe has an idol either. I don’t think both Joe and Mike will play an idol at this merge tribal because the preview would’ve probably ended with something along the lines of “…and it all comes down to a crazy tribal council that you don’t want to miss!”

I think Joe will play his idol for Cole if it boils down to it, (and if Cole doesn’t open his mouth to anyone), but I don’t think Mike will play his idol for anyone this week.

"Get to Gettin'" - The newly merged tribe on the seventh episode of SURVIVOR 35, themed Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, airing Wednesday, November 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: CBS

Get to Gettin’

Looking more into the Next Time preview shown after the episode, Mike confronts Lauren to tell her “She’s a huge threat.” Who could he be talking about? Challenge-wise, Ashley could be a huge threat, but I don’t think that is who Mike is talking about. Socially wise, there’s Chrissy and Jessica who could be considered the huge threat. Considering that Cole is a target going into this episode, I think Mike is referring to Jessica since Cole and Jessica are a couple, and he may want to break them up.

Directly after this scene, Mike has a confessional saying “I expect a war.” I really think Mike is going to flip to make a big move not realizing Joe has an idol.

“I analyzed JP” – Ben

If Cole is one target, who is the other? Why was JP’s name randomly brought up while they were talking about Cole being the biggest target? JP is considered a pretty big target as well because he is great in challenges, but people like Ben and Chrissy have stressed that nobody ever knows where JP’s head is at because he isn’t social at all. That can become a liability. Going into tribal this week, I think it comes down to a bullfight, JP vs. Cole, the two most physical and worst players (socially) this season.

Do I think if Mike were to vote alongside JP, he would use the idol on him? No way.

I would be kinda surprised if JP were to become the second target. (In my opinion), social players can do a lot more damage then physical players can.

"Get to Gettin'" - John "JP" Hilsabeck and Ben Driebergen on the seventh episode of SURVIVOR 35, themed Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, airing Wednesday, November 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: CBS


Last week my predictions weren’t too terrible, but I have room for improvement. Did I think Ryan would flip on Ali and send her home? Definitely not. I think it was a bad move for his game. I wonder how Devon and Lauren are going to react to seeing Ali gone?

Who will win immunity?

Looking at the challenge preview on YouTube, I think the biggest contenders to win will be Ashley, JP, Cole, Devon, Ben, and Joe. Considering Cole is the center of attention as the target in the preview, I think he loses. I’m gravitating over to thinking Devon may win this one. He’s a surfer like Jay and does yoga like Joe. I think he has this challenge won.

Who’s on the chopping block?

JP and Cole. Mike mentions a “she” to Lauren, so there’s a possibility for a woman to be in trouble too, but the attention is set on Cole and JP.

Will an idol be played?

I really think Joe will play his idol to save Cole. He is extremely aware and can read peoples faces, and if he believes for one second that Mike voted Cole, he will probably play it for him.

Will an idol be found?

Looking at the merge feast, there’s a random typewriter prop in the background behind JP, Cole, and Devon. Does anyone else think that a typewriter is a weird prop to have at an Outback Steakhouse feast? I expect a clue to be there, no doubt, and I think it may be written on that typewriter.


Winner Prediction After Episode 6

All aboard the Ben train, it’s going to be a long ride! I’m kind of surprised that I’m still riding it. I like how the edit is being pretty open with a good number of remaining people who could potentially win.

Capping this off – I haven’t forgotten about Lauren. I don’t understand why everyone loves her. Someone (jokingly) told me to delete my Twitter account because I said I don’t get her game. Do I think she’s going to win? Not a chance. But I don’t think she is going home this week. For once, I will say she is safe this week.


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Written by

Tillie Reilly

Tillie is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and attended LSU-mainly because of football. She's currently earning a degree to become a Surgical Assistant while working at a casino. Tillie is an avid Survivor fan who has played ORGs as well as flown to Los Angeles to attend live finales. Her personal claim to fame is hanging out at a bar talking strategy with Kim Spradlin.

15 responses to “Next Time On Survivor – Episode 7”

  1. They have two idols in the game. No way are they hiding a third – they don’t want another “AdvantageGeddon” like last season. If that typewriter has a clue to anything, it’s to another “secret advantage” that is only usable at the next Tribal Council.

    Joe’s not going to tell Cole anything. If Joe plays his idol for Cole, it’s going to blindside even Cole – and I’m certain Joe knows by now that Cole gets diarrhea of the mouth. Dr. Mike will only play the idol on himself or Jessica – if he knows she’s in trouble but doesn’t use it on her (and it’s not a split vote), she’ll hold him accountable. That said, 90% chance he saves himself with it.

    I think JP wins immunity. The Healers might target Ashley because of her relationships, hence the “She.”

    Ryan had to vote out Ali. She was of no use to him in the merge since she openly told Chrissy that she didn’t trust Ryan. The bad move was burning Ali in the first place to cause that distrust, which forced him to vote her out (see my blog this week for details, should be live around the same time as this comment).

    • Yeah no, I don’t think
      Joe is going to tell anyone about his idol. I think he would just play it and surprise everyone. Ashley was my 2nd guess for ‘She’ but mike was talking to Lauren about her. Lauren more than likely is still with Devon and Ryan. Probably Ben too. She knew Cole/jessica were huge threats and wanted mike to get them out too, i don’t see her staying with them to go after someone like Ashley.

      • Turns out we were both quite wrong! xD

        That’s what I love about Survivor: You can analyze and predict to your heart’s content, but you’re probably going to be wrong. Even though the boot ended up being obvious in the episode itself, it was still fun to watch.

  2. Joe and Cole are both original healers and joe already used his last idol to save Desi, I don’t think he would be scared to use it again on someone else.

      • Joe used the first idol on Desi to save her from being voted out by Ashley and Allen- Allen got sent home instead

        • Still thought Joe used the idol on himself which is what saved him ?
          Do not have the luxury to rewatch and it is a moot point now
          Could have sworn he promised to use it on Desi but did not
          I am not trying to tupe with you, just like to be able to it rely on
          My recollections, do you believe in inter dimensional quantum shifts in stable spiral space ? ( here )
          Liking the competitions
          Saw social media pics of Roark, Desi and Ali from Cali partying, possibly with Cole ???? Does this mean that Cole is up on the block ???
          Also, you can’t win them all, your team needs to watch their penalties, you are only hurting yourself, although
          Sometimes it seems like one team has to try everything three times before it sticks, while the other team gets three chances !
          Thank you for replying TR

  3. If lauren got more airtime, I could probably get to like her more. But the little airtime she has had, its nothing but BS about other people. She did make me laugh though last episode with a comment she made. If she manages to make it to the end, I hope she has more airtime to give me time to like her more. She just hasnt grown on me yet

    • I just think she’s kind of a fun character and a surprise one too, since so many expected her to be either first boot or pre-merge in some way. That being said, after this past episode, for the first time, she might be in danger soon. Her hesitance last episode and inability to realize she’d be more expendable with the Healers then with a more even Hero/Hustler mixture might lead to a couple different scenarios. I think Ben will feel the ire of the betrayed Yawa Healers and Levu Healers, but if Chrissy thinks Lauren is wavering, she could be dumped before, say, Mike. (Mike gives me Last Healer Standing vibes.) I do hope we lose some more guys though before anymore girls go. But with Chrissy and Ben as my top 2 favorites/winner picks from pre-season based purely on their “meet the castaways” alone, whatever gets them to the end is fine with me! Also, I think Chrissy and Ben may both want to drag JP to the end as their goat.

  4. whoopsie. Lol, I didnt go back to check. I just knew he was going to use it to either save himself or desi. There was only 2 found at once I think. Joe played his first, then mike found his 1st (unplayed), then Joe found his 2nd (played). And this upcoming week, theres an advantage under the tribe flag (either an idol or just an advantage). technically Chrissy also had an ‘idol’ but that doesnt count anymore. So far theres been a total of 4 idols and 1 advantage found and then another advantage or idol this upcoming episode.

    I think that’s all. These idols and advantages are getting a bit crazy in numbers as every season goes along

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