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Episode 6 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats from the sixth episode!

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Tribal Council

  • James was voted out 4-1.
    • He’s the first male to be unanimously voted out this season.
    • Everyone unanimously voted out was originally on Malolo.
      • Morgan is the only female voted out in a non-unanimous vote.
  • None of the vote counts so far this season have repeated.
    • Episode 1 (8-1)
    • Episode 2 (5-2-1)
    • Episode 3 (4-3-1)
    • Episode 4 (5-4)
    • Episode 5 (7-1)
    • Episode 6 (4-1)
  • James is the first person voted out this season who had received votes at a previous tribal council.
    • Michael is the first person to vote for someone twice this season.
    • The three successful votes that Michael has participated in were all unanimous (Gonzalez, Stephanie, James).
      • He’s only successfully voted out original Malolo members so far this season.
  • Michael has attended the most tribal councils this season with 5 out of 6.
  • Chris still hasn’t gone to a tribal council this season.
    • The only time his tribe went to tribal council, he was on Ghost Island.
  • Everyone named James who has played Survivor was voted out pre-merge at least once, with the exception of James “Chad” Crittenden in Vanuatu (8th place) and Jim Rice from South Pacific (12th place).
    • James Miller – Palau – 12th place.
    • Jim Lynch – Guatemala – 18th place.
    • James “Rocky” Reid – Fiji – 12th Place
    • James Clement – Heroes vs. Villains – 14th place.
      • James did however make the merge in China and Micronesia.
    • Jimmy Johnson – Nicaragua – 18th place.
    • Jimmy Tarantino – Nicaragua – 17th place.
    • James “JT” Thomas – Game Changers – 16th Place.
      • JT did however make the merge in Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains.
    • James “Patrick” Bolton – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – 16th Place.
    • James Lim – Ghost Island – 15th place.
  • In every season filmed in Fiji with someone named James, that person was voted out pre-merge.
    • James “Rocky” Reid – Fiji.
    • James “JT” Thomas – Game Changers.
    • James “Patrick” Bolton – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
    • James Lim – Ghost Island.
          • Millennials vs. Gen X is the only season filmed in Fiji without a contestant named James.
  • Despite there now being a second swap, everyone eliminated so far has been voted out from the tribe they started on.
  • Every pre-merge vote out so far has alternated between a man and woman.
    • The last time this happened was in Marquesas.
      • It also happened in The Australian Outback.

Ghost Island

  • This is the first episode this season where nobody was sent to Ghost Island.


  • This is the first time where the second swap of a season featured two tribes swapping to three tribes.
  • Each new tribe after the swap had three original Naviti members and two original Malolo members.
  • Nobody on Yanuya has any votes against them yet.
  • This is the sixth season with two tribe swaps.
    • All-Starsone tribe dissolve (Saboga dissolved), one tribe swap.
    • Cook Islands – one tribe disband (Manahiki & Puka Puka disbanded), one mutiny.
    • Gabon – two tribe swaps.
    • Cambodiaone tribe expansion (Angkor added), one tribe swap/disband (Angkor disbanded).
    • Game Changers – one tribe expansion (Tavua added), one tribe disband (Tavua disbanded).
    • Ghost Island – one tribe swap, one tribe expansion (Yanuya added).
  • The Malolo tribe now has only half of their original members remaining in the game.
  • Laurel and Sebastian are the 6th and 7th people in Survivor history to be on all three pre-merge tribes. The others are as follows:
    • Jenna Lewis, Jerri, and Rupert in All-Stars.
    • Andrew in Cambodia.
    • Cirie in Game Changers.
      • All six of them were swapped to a green starting tribe at some point in the above mentioned seasons (none of them started on a green tribe).
        • Jenna, Jerri, and Rupert – Mogo Mogo.
        • Andrew – Ta Keo.
        • Cirie – Tavua.
        • Laurel & Sebastian – Yanuya.
  • This is the fourth season where an additional tribe was introduced pre-merge.
    • Angkor in Cambodia.
    • Ikabula in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Tavua in Game Changers.
    • Yanuya in Ghost Island.
      • Angkor is the only “expansion” tribe that wasn’t green.
  • Ghost Island has the same pre-merge color scheme (orange, green, and purple) as Cagayan and Millennials vs. Gen X.
  • Michael is the only person to remain on Malolo for both swaps, while Domenick is the only person to remain on Naviti for both swaps.
    • They are the 12th and 13th people in Survivor history to have this happen.
      • Amber stayed on Chapera in All-Stars.
      • Adam and Parvati stayed on Rarotonga in Cook Islands.
      • Ozzy stayed on Aitu in Cook Islands.
      • Bob and Marcus stayed on Kota in Gabon.
      • Matty stayed on Fang in Gabon.
      • Jeremy, Kimmi, and Stephen stayed on Bayon in Cambodia.
      • Hali stayed on Mana in Game Changers
  • San Juan Del Sur was the most recent season in which there were only two tribes pre-merge.


  • Michael and Desiree had the most confessionals this episode with 4 each.
  • Michael has now passed Jacob and has the second most confessionals (15) this season.
    • The two people left in the game with the most confessionals are coincidentally also the only two people to stay on their original tribe after both tribe swaps, as Domenick has always been on Naviti and Michael has always been on Malolo.
  • Libby and Donathan had 0 confessionals in this episode.
    • Libby has only had confessionals in Episode 3. Every other episode she’s been in she didn’t have a confessional.
  • Chelsea has the least amount of confessionals of anyone left in the season with only two.

Immunity Challenge “Sir Duke”

  • This challenge was named after a song by Stevie Wonder.
    • Stevie Wonder is blind, and the castaways were blindfolded during this challenge.
  • Variations of this challenge (Blind Leading the Blind) have previously been seen in The Australian Outback, Marquesas, Thailand, The Amazon, All-Stars, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Fiji, Micronesia, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, Nicaragua, Redemption Island, South Pacific, One World, Cagayan, Worlds Apart, Cambodia, Millennials vs. Gen X, and Game Changers.
    • In the last four seasons this was used, a green tribe always won.
      • Ta Keo in Cambodia.
      • Ikabula in Millennials vs. Gen X.
      • Tavua in Game Changers.
      • Yanuya in Ghost Island.
    • Every time this challenge was used in Fiji, a green tribe has won.
      • Moto in Fiji.
      • Ikabula in Millennials vs. Gen X.
      • Tavua in Game Changers.
      • Yanuya in Ghost Island.
        • Ogakor in The Australian Outback and Luzon in Cagayan are the only green tribes to ever lose this challenge.
    • Every tribe color has participated in this challenge with the exception of brown, as the challenge wasn’t played in Palau.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Fate is the Homie” was said by Desiree in regards to the tribe swap.
    • Despite being a word often used in Survivor, this is the first episode title ever to contain the word “fate.”

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  1. Ozzy stayed on Aitu for all three pre-merge tribe iterations in Cook Islands too, so that would make Michael and Dom the 12th and 13th to have that happen.

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