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Episode 4 Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at the latest stats from Survivor: Game Changers.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


  • Malcolm was voted out 5-0.
    • Sierra had six votes against her, but she played Tai’s idol, nullifying all those votes.
  • This is the first time Malcolm has been voted out pre-merge.
    • Any time he’s received pre-merge votes, he’s been on a blue tribe.
      • All of his pre-merge votes have come from returning players.
  • Debbie was the only person to spell Malcolm’s name correctly when voting him out.
  • Sierra also got votes against her at the fourth tribal council in Worlds Apart.
    • She received six votes in tonight’s episode, the same total number of votes she received in Worlds Apart.
  • Malcolm is the first person to be voted out pre-merge and have nobody from his own tribe vote him out.

Tribal Council

  • This is the first time two tribes went to tribal council together to vote someone out.
    • Previously in Samoa and One World, two tribes attended tribal council together, but nobody was voted out due to a medical evacuation.
      • In Samoa, Russell Swan was medically evacuated.
      • In One World, they were notified that Colton Cumbie had been medically evacuated. The tribes also merged at this tribal council.
  • Hali has gone to every tribal council so far this season.
    • She’s voted with the majority at every tribal she’s been to.
  • This was JT’s first time at tribal council this season.
    • Andrea, Cirie, Ozzy, Sarah, and Zeke still haven’t gone to tribal council yet.
  • With Jeff surviving this tribal council, he beat his previous placement in Cambodia.
  • The Mana tribe has gone to every tribal council so far this season.
  • Sandra still doesn’t have any votes against her this season, despite attending three tribals.

Hidden Immunity Idol

  • This is the second time Tai has found a hidden immunity idol.
    • Unlike Kaoh Rong, where he kept it until the end and didn’t use it, this season he used it at the first tribal council he could.
    • Tai also becomes the sixth person to find an idol in two separate seasons. Troyzan was the fifth last week. The others are Malcolm, Ozzy, Parvati, and Russell Hantz.
  • With six votes, Sierra’s idol play canceled out the most votes of any idol not played by the person who originally found it. (The idol was found by Tai and given to Sierra at tribal council).
    • Jerri held the previous record in Heroes vs. Villains which canceled five votes. (The idol was found by Parvati and Danielle, and was given to Jerri by Parvati at tribal council).
  • Sierra is the fourth person from Worlds Apart to play an idol that negated a majority of votes against them.
    • Carolyn, Jenn, and Mike all successfully played their hidden immunity idols in Worlds Apart.
  • Last season, an idol was played on Jessica (by David) at the fourth tribal council, saving her from being eliminated.
    • Just like Sierra, she also had the legacy advantage at the time.


  • Debbie/Hali/J.T./Sandra/Tai had the most confessionals this episode with two each.
    • This is the lowest “most confessionals” count this season so far.
  • Michaela, Sarah, Troyzan, and Zeke didn’t get any confessionals this episode.
    • Michaela is the only Nuku member not to get a confessional this episode.
    • Everyone on the Mana tribe got at least one confessional.
  • Sandra has the most confessionals in total this season so far with 13.


  • Just like Cambodia, the first four people voted out have been from the same original starting tribe.
  • Nobody from original Nuku has been voted out yet.
    • Also, nobody from Nuku has any votes against them that have counted.

Reward Challenge – “Ram Ball-On”

  • This is the only challenge the Mana tribe has won this season.
    • This is the only challenge Tavua has lost this season.
  • This is the first stand-alone reward challenge this season.
  • This challenge was previously seen in Blood vs. Water.
    • Although Brad was in that season, he was voted out before this challenge took place.
    • Ciera participated in this challenge in Blood vs. Water but was voted out before it happened in Game Changers.

Immunity Challenge – “Ow Pairs”

  • Andrea, Cirie, Ozzy, Sarah, and Zeke have won this challenge multiple times.
    • Cirie has been the caller every time she’s competed in this challenge.
  • Jeff has played this challenge three times, but the only time he has won this challenge was in The Australian Outback.
  • Every time this challenge was held in Fiji, a green tribe has won.
    • Moto in Fiji.
    • Ikabula in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Tavua in Game Changers.

Overall Records

  • Ozzy has now surpassed Parvati for Most Days Played in All Appearances with 115 days to her 114.
  • Cirie has also moved up the Most Days list, pushing ahead of Coach, with 97 days.
  • Andrea has also shot up in Most Days, now at 81 days in total, she surpasses players such as Stephenie LaGrossa (75), Spencer Bledsoe (76), and Jonathan Penner (78).
  • Sandra has also moved up, moving past Russell Hantz and Jerri with 90 days.
  • Sandra has also surpassed Russell in most tribal councils attended consecutively without being voted out, with 27 to his 26.


  • The fourth episode received 8.10 million viewers and 1.7/7 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share. While the rating share remained consistent with last week, this is the highest viewer count so far this season.

Episode Title

  • “The Tables Have Turned” was said by Hali in a confessional when she noted that she was now a swing vote as opposed to the next Mana target.

Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

6 responses to “Episode 4 Stats”

  1. Ozzy is definitely passing Rob at this point. It’s kinda odd, I never think of challenge beasts as being the “best” players, but Ozzy is pretty much the most consistent player of all time. He wouldn’t last long post-merge but I would be surprised if he didn’t become the only four time player to never get voted out pre-merge

    The “most consecutive tribals” thing, does amanda hold that record? What is it, again?

  2. With the Sandra one couldn’t that be said for Jeff too? And some others from original Mana. Why just Sandra?

  3. “Sandra still doesn’t have any votes against her this season, despite attending three tribals.”

    That might be notable since she’s a high priority target, but if we’re being objective then Varner hasn’t had any votes thrown at him either.

  4. >Jerri held the previous record in Heroes vs. Villains which canceled five votes. (The idol was found by Parvati and Danielle, and was given to Jerri by Parvati at tribal council).

    It might be worth clarifying why this was not J.T.’s idol, because so many fans believe it to be that way. Technically we don’t know which idol was which because Parvati didn’t distinguish them (unlike Malcolm at his Caramoan double idol play), but had J.T. not given his own idol away, Parvati would have protected Jerri, so J.T.’s idol is assumed to have gone to Sandra.

  5. Sierra is the 14th contestant in series history to be saved from elimination by the playing of a Hidden Immunity Idol. In order: Yau-Man (Fiji), Amanda (Micronesia), Hantz (Samoa), Penner (Phillippines), Keith, Jon, Jaclyn (San Juan del Sur), Jenn, Mike, Carolyn (Worlds Apart), Kelley, Fishbach (Cambodia), Jessica (M vs. Gen X), Sierra. Keith and Jon did it at the same TC in San Juan del Sur. Mike is only one of the 14 to do it and go on to eventually win the game.

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