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Episode 13 Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at the latest stats from Survivor: Game Changers.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

Vote-out #1

  • Andrea was voted out 6-2.
  • She’s the first female in Survivor history to be voted out four times.
  • Every time Andrea received votes against her this season, Brad and Troyzan voted for her.
  • In Caramoan, Andrea was also voted out in a double boot episode.
    • She’s never been officially voted out in a single boot episode.
  • Andrea was voted out on Day 33 in both Caramoan and Game Changers.
    • She survived seven tribal councils in both seasons and was eliminated at her eighth tribal council.
  • This will be Andrea’s third time on the jury.
    • She’s been on the jury in every season she’s competed in.
    • Ozzy and Rupert are the only other people that have been on the jury three times.
      • She’s the only three-time player to be on the jury every time she’s played.
  • Every one of Andrea’s votes this season alternated between a male and a female.
  • Andrea is the fifth three-time player to place worse in each subsequent attempt.
    • Andrea: Redemption Island – 5th, Caramoan – 7th, Game Changers – 8th.
    • Ciera: Blood vs. Water – 5th, Cambodia -10th, Game Changers – 20th.
    • JT: Tocantins – Winner, Heroes vs. Villains – 10th, Game Changers -16th.
    • Malcolm: Philippines – 4th, Caramoan – 9th, Game Changers – 17th.
    • Russell Hantz: Samoa – 2nd, Heroes vs. Villains – 3rd, Redemption Island – 17th.
      • Four of these players played in Game Changers.

Vote-out #2

  • Michaela was voted out 4-2-1.
  • She’s the first original Mana member to be voted out since Hali.
  • Both times she went home, she was voted out with four votes.
  • This will be Michaela’s first time on the jury.
  • Michaela’s placement this season (7th) is half of her placement in Millennials vs. Gen X. (14th)

Tribal Council

  • Aubry is the only person to vote incorrectly during both tribal councils this episode.
  • Troyzan has officially improved on his former 8th place finish by surviving the first tribal council in this episode.
  • This was the first time the Vote Steal was used to vote out the correct person.
    • Tai is the second person to have his vote stolen.
      • Joe Anglim in Cambodia was the first.
  • Both extra vote advantages this season have been used to vote out the correct person.
  • With Andrea and Michaela being voted out this episode, the male/female ratio is equal for the first time since the premiere episode.
  • Cirie, Sarah, and Troyzan are now the only people without any votes against them this season.


  • Cirie had the most confessionals this episode with eight.
  • Brad and Troyzan had the least confessionals this episode with one each.
  • This is the first episode this season where everyone got a confessional.


    • Aubry and Troyzan are the only remaining original Mana members, while four original Nuku members are remaining.
      • In Cambodia, the finale episode had four original Bayon members and two original Ta Keo members.
      • Both seasons also had an even 3-3 gender split in the finale episode.
    • Every season with all returning players has had an even 3-3 gender split in the Final Six.
    • Aubry is the only remaining member of the first post-swap Nuku.
    • There is one remaining former Brain tribe member, Beauty tribe member, and Brawn tribe member.
      • Aubry – Chan Loh (Brain) in Kaoh Rong.
      • Tai – Gondol (Beauty) in Kaoh Rong.
      • Sarah – Aparri (Brawn) in Cagayan.
    • Troyzan is the only person left that wasn’t in a season with a “vs.” in the name or subtitle.
      • Cirie – Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites) and Heroes vs. Villains.
      • Brad – Blood vs. Water.
      • Sarah – Cagayan (Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty)
      • Aubry and Tai – Kaoh Rong (Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty)
      • The Final Six in Cambodia had the same thing happen, where Kimmi was the only person not from a “vs.” season.

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Teeter Tower.”

  • This was the first time Aubry won individual immunity.
    • At least one person from each original starting tribe in Kaoh Rong has now won individual immunity.
  • Aubry has set a record for the time in which it took to complete the challenge (six minutes), beating out Cochran’s previous winning time when he competed in this challenge in Caramoan.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “Vertigo.”

  • This challenge has previously been seen in Gabon, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island, South Pacific, Caramoan, and Blood vs. Water.
    • South Pacific was the first time the balancing table/handle contraption was used as a part of it.
  • Brad is the second person to win two individual immunity challenges this season.
  • Brad’s wife Monica also won the individual immunity challenge when there were seven people left in the game during Blood vs. Water.
  • Cirie is the only person to have competed in this challenge more than once.
    • She’s done this challenge three times and lost every time.

Overall Records

  • Andrea has broken Ozzy’s record of most total votes cast against someone with 36, to his 34.
  • Cirie is the only person to make it to the finale episode in three separate seasons.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow” was said by Brad when Probst took back the immunity necklace during the first challenge.

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  1. Troyzan now joins Brad, Sarah, and Michaela as returning contestants guaranteed to improve upon a previous season’s finish.

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