Survivor Fantasy: Missed Opportunities (Results)

Who made the final cut?

Two weeks ago we opened voting polls for our fantasy season, Survivor: Indonesia – Missed Opportunities. 32 former pre-merge, one-time only players, that missed their opportunity to cement their Survivor legacies the first time around.

Inside Survivor selected 32 past pre-mergers that have only played the game once. You the readers then voted for ten men and ten women to decide your final cast of 20. The votes have been counted and verified and here is the cast that you picked! We have separated them into two tribes.


The Matahari tribe (which means “sun” in Indonesian) is made up of Anna Khait, Christine Shields-Markosi, So Kim, Alecia Holden, and Nadiya Anderson for the women. And Ace Gordon, Brice Johnston, Hunter Ellis, Spencer Duhm and Aaron Reisberger for the men.


The Bulan tribe (which means “moon” in Indonesian) is made up of Alexis Maxwell, Tracy Hughes-Wolf, J’Tia Tayler, Amy O’Hara and Stephanie Valencia for the women. And Silas Gaither, Darnell Hamilton, John Cody, Cao Boi Bui and Marcus Lehman for the men.

Full Results for the Women:

Anna Khait 1445 8 %
Tracy Hughes-Wolf 1397 7.8 %
So Kim 1387 7.7 %
Stephanie Valencia 1279 7.1 %
Christine Shields-Markosi 1263 7 %
J’Tia Taylor 1210 6.7 %
Amy O’Hara 1142 6.3 %
Alexis Maxwell 1141 6.3 %
Nadiya Anderson 1114 6.2 %
Alecia Holden 1073 6 %
Liz Markham 1026 5.7 %
Gina Crews 1021 5.7 %
Marisa Calihan 981 5.5 %
Lindsey Richter 971 5.4 %
Laura Alexander 864 4.8 %
Lindsey Cascaddan 682 3.8 %

Full Results for the Men:

Silas Gaither 1441 8.2 %
John Cody 1396 8 %
Brice Johnston 1340 7.6 %
Cao Boi Bui 1303 7.4 %
Aaron Reisberger 1299 7.4 %
Ace Gordon 1258 7.2 %
Marcus Lehman 1223 7 %
Spencer Duhm 1156 6.6 %
Hunter Ellis 1090 6.2 %
Darnell Hamilton 1059 6 %
Max Dawson 947 5.4 %
Drew Christy 913 5.2 %
Peter Baggenstos 882 5 %
Zane Knight 863 4.9 %
Bobby Mason 795 4.5 %
Cliff Robinson 576 3.3 %

How would this season pan out if it became a reality? Who would capitalize on their second opportunity and elevate themselves to Survivor glory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone that took part.


Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

16 responses to “Survivor Fantasy: Missed Opportunities (Results)”

  1. Bummed Gina didn’t make the cut! Cao Boi easy first boot, and love this cast overall with lots of diversity and SO much personality (not a So Kim pun.)

  2. Between Marcus, John, Aaron and Hunter, there are a A LOT of dull alpha male players on this cast. Spencer is pretty dull too.

    All six of the guys who missed out are more interesting than those five (ZANE? You guys didn’t vote for ZANE?!).

  3. I thought Zane would’ve been a lock. I honestly feel like he was the Shane Powers of this cast…

    Anyway, I feel like there’s something of a split for me. Half the cast I find very entertaining(for example Cao Boi, Ace and Christine) while the other half very boring or annoying(John and Alecia as respective examples).

  4. Bummed that Liz and Gina didn’t get in over Alecia and J’Tia. Also bummed Drew and Zane didn’t make the cut.

    • I agree, J’Tia was so intolerable to watch, I was appalled that she wasn’t a first boot in her season and she received so many votes. Zane, Gina, Drew, and especially Liz would have made this cast much more entertaining.

  5. Max Dawson, robbed of a second chance again
    and what happened with Cliff and Zane, last and second to last really? Zane VERY interesting

  6. I still believe that Brian should have been considered for this poll instead of dumb old Marcus. Marcus made the jury in Gabon, so that should disqualify him and Max should move up a spot. Also, how did Spencer receive so many votes. He was practically invisible until the episode in which he got voted out.

    Personally, I don’t understand why Tracy, Christine, and J’Tia received a majority of the votes; I was never a fan of theirs in each of their respective seasons, especially J’Tia. People probably wanted someone crazy to make the game interesting. I can understand Nadiya and Alecia, BUT NOT THE OTHER THREE!!!!! Lindsey and Gina didn’t receive as many votes probably because of how early their seasons were; however, I believe that Marisa, Liz, Gina and both Lindseys were more deserving than some others.

    Overall I am thoroughly excited about the cast list and would love to see how this season would unfold if that is at all possible!!!!

    Contestant that I am excited for:
    Silas Anna
    Hunter So
    Darnell Alexis
    Cao Boi Stephanie
    Ace Amy
    Brice Alecia

  7. I’m disappointed Gina and the two Lindsey’s didn’t make it. But if this cast became a reality, I’d be happy! I think Nadiyah would be an early boot, simply because of the Natalie connection. Alexis and Tracy would probably go deep, Alexis learning from her previous season, and Tracy being underestimated (since she didn’t really get to show any sort of game play her first time). J’Tia would either be another early boot or make it to the final 3.

  8. Yeah, seems really unfair that Marcus was on here, he made the Jury. I agree Brain would have been a much better choice

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