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Episode 8 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the Episode 8 stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Tribal Council

  • John was voted out 3-0-0.
    • Davie used a hidden immunity idol on Christian, negating 7 votes.
    • Dan used a hidden immunity idol on Angelina, negating 2 votes.
  • This was the second episode where three people got votes at tribal council.
    • Both times, a Goliath member went home with three votes against them.
      • Natalia in Episode 4.
        • Three votes for Natalia, one for Davie, one for Elizabeth.
      • John in Episode 8.
        • Three votes for John, 7 negated votes for Christian, 2 negated votes for Angelina.
  • John is the first male to be voted out since Jeremy in Episode 3.
    • The only men to be voted out so far this season have been Goliath members whose name starts with “J”.
  • John is the first Goliath member to be voted out by only David members.
    • Jeremy was voted out by all 9 of his Goliath tribemates.
    • Natalia was voted out by Alec.
    • Natalie was voted out by Mike.
  • John is the first Tiva member to be voted out this season.
    • This was the first tribal council this season where any Tiva members received votes.
  • Angelina and Natalie are the only Goliath members to survive being voted for at a tribal council.
    • Angelina is the only one to still remain in the game, she’s the only Goliath member with votes against her.
  • Kara is the only player to vote for two different people that are still left in the game.
    • She voted for Davie in Episode 4 and Christian in Eepisode 8.
  • Carl has the lowest successful vote percentage out of everyone left with 1 out of 3 successful votes (33%).
    • The only person he voted for who went home was Elizabeth in Episode 7.
      • He voted for Lyrsa in Episode 2 and Angelina in Episode 8.
  • Everyone who has been voted out so far had a perfect voting record up until they were eliminated (with the exception of Jessica and Jeremy, as they each only went to one tribal council).
    • John successfully voted out Elizabeth and Jeremy.
    • Elizabeth successfully voted out Natalia and Jessica.
    • Lyrsa successfully voted out Natalie and Jessica.
    • Natalie successfully voted out Jeremy.
    • Natalia successfully voted out Jeremy.
      • Bi quit so she wouldn’t be included in this category, but she voted for Lyrsa when Jessica was voted out.
  • Four of the seven people voted out this season have been voted out with three votes against them.
    • Natalia, Natalie, Lyrsa, and John.
  • Angelina has received votes at the last three tribal councils she attended.
    • This was the first time where the person/people that voted for her didn’t go home.
      • Lyrsa was voted out in Episode 6.
      • Elizabeth was voted out in Episode 7.
        • Carl and Gabby voted for Angelina but neither of them were voted out in Episode 8.
  • John is the first professional wrestler to play Survivor and make it to the jury.
    • Ashley Massaro was voted out pre-merge in China.
  • The first two members of the jury haven’t been the same gender since San Juan Del Sur (Josh Canfield and Jeremy Collins).
    • Worlds Apart – Hali Ford & Joe Anglim.
    • Cambodia Kass McQuillen & Andrew Savage.
    • Kaoh Rong – Nick Maiorano & Debbie Wanner.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X – Michelle Schubert & Taylor Stocker.
    • Game Changers – Hali Ford & Ozzy Lusth.
    • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – Desi Williams & Cole Medders.
    • Ghost Island – Chris Noble & Libby Vincek.
    • David vs. Goliath – Elizabeth Olson & John Hennigan.
      • Before, and including, San Juan Del Sur there was a four season streak of same gender pairs as the first jury members.
        • San Juan Del Sur – Josh Canfield & Jeremy Collins.
        • CagayanSarah Lacina & Morgan McLeod.
        • Blood vs. Water – Aras and Vytas Baskauskas.
        • Caramoan – Michael Snow & Phillip Sheppard.
  • Christian and Nick are now the only two players with perfect voting records this season.
    • Nick has the most correct vote outs with 5.
  • The last three vote outs have been from different post swap tribes.
    • Lyrsa was on Jabeni.
    • Elizabeth was on Vuku.
    • John was on Tiva.

Hidden Immunity Idol

  • This is the ninth time multiple idols have been played at one tribal council. The others are as follows:
    • Parvati gave an idol to both Jerri and Sandra in Episode 10 of Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Sash and Chase played idols for themselves in Episode 14 of Nicaragua.
    • Malcolm played one idol for himself and one for Eddie in Episode 10 of Caramoan.
    • LJ and Tony played idols for each other in Episode 6 of Cagayan.
    • Keith and Jon played idols for themselves in Episode 10 of San Juan Del Sur.
    • Jeremy and Wentworth played idols for themselves in Episode 14 of Cambodia.
    • Tai played an idol for himself and one for Aubry, and Troyzan played one for himself in Episode 14 of Game Changers.
    • Wendell played an idol for Laurel and Domenick played an idol for himself in Episode 14 of Ghost Island.
  • John is the first person to be idoled out since Libby in Episode 8 of Ghost Island.
    • He’s the first male to be idoled out since Mike Zahalsky in Episode 14 of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
      • He’s the first male to be truly idoled out since Malcolm Freberg in Episode 4 of Game Changers, where Sierra had 6 votes against her and would have went home if Tai didn’t play the idol on her.
        • Mike went home on a revote after Ben played an idol, forcing a tie between Mike and Devon in Episode 14 of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
        • Alan Ball went home after Joe Mena played an idol on himself in Episode 4 of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, preventing a 2-2 tie between Alan and Joe.
  • Davie cancelled 7 votes with his idol, which ties him with Russell Hantz in Samoa, Jenn Brown in Worlds Apart, and Michael Yerger in Ghost Island for second most amount of votes cancelled with a hidden immunity idol.
    • Davie is the only one of these four to play his idol on someone else (Christian). Russell, Jenn, and Michael all cancelled votes against themselves.
      • Therefore, Davie holds the record for most votes cancelled by a player who played their hidden immunity idol for another player.
    • The record is held by Kelley Wentworth who cancelled 9 votes against her in Cambodia.
      • The total number of votes cancelled in this episode, 9, is the same number that Kelley Wentworth cancelled with one idol played on herself in Episode 8 of Cambodia.
        • Both times, the three remaining players voted out a male from the majority (Andrew Savage, John Hennigan).
          • However in Cambodia, it was three women (Abi-Maria, Ciera, & Kelley) that voted out Andrew, while in David vs. Goliath, it was three men (Christian, Davie, & Nick) that voted out John.
            • Both times this happened, it was in the second merge tribal council.


  • Nick and Angelina had the most confessionals this episode with 6 each.
    • This is Nick’s second episode with the most confessionals.
    • He currently has the most confessionals this season with 27.
  • Carl, Gabby, and Kara had the least amount of confessionals with 0 each.

Reward Challenge – “Raise the Roof”

  • This reward challenge was previously used in Australian Survivor 2017 and Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders.
    • The winning team consisted of an equal amount of David members and Goliath members.
      • Alec, Alison, & John – Goliath.
      • Christian, Gabby, & Nick – David.
        • Nick was the only Jabeni member to win the reward this episode.

Immunity Challenge – “Can’t Buoy Me Love”

  • This challenge is named after a Beatles song.
  • This challenge was previously used in Game Changers.
    • Both times it’s been used, a man won (Brad Culpepper in Game Changers, and Dan Rengering in David vs. Goliath).
      • Both of these men are from the starting tribe that entered the merge with a majority, live in Florida, and have children.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “You Get What You Give” was said by John at Tribal Council.
    • He’s the first person this season be voted out in the episode where he gave the episode title.

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