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Episode 10 & 11 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the double-episode stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Tribal Council #1

  • Alec was voted out 9-1.
    • Two Goliath men were voted out 9-1, the other being Jeremy Crawford in episode 3.
      • Alison, Angelina, Kara and Mike voted for them both.
  • This is the first time since episode 5 where Angelina didn’t receive any votes.
  • Both people named Alec to play Survivor made it to the merge.
    • Alec Christy from San Juan Del Sur was the other one.
  • With Alec being voted out, Mike is the last remaining male Goliath.

Tribal Council #2

  • Carl was voted out 5-4.
  • Every post swap tribal council has had both David and Goliath members receiving votes against them.
    • Only the two pre-swap tribal councils had either Davids or Goliaths getting votes.
      • This was due to only Davids OR Goliaths being present at tribal.
  • Both episodes this season where two people were eliminated, the eliminated players were of the same gender.
    • Episode 4 – Bi and Natalia were eliminated.
    • Episode 10 – Alec and Carl were eliminated.
  • Carl is the first person named Carl to make it to the merge.
    • Carl Bilancione was voted out third in Africa.
      • Coincidentally, both of them were over 40 when they played, and had a last name that started with “B”.
  • Both Davids that have been voted out post-merge (Elizabeth and Carl) were both on Vuku post-swap.
    • However, Carl wasn’t swapped to Vuku, he was exiled and ended up on Vuku once the tribe voted off Natalia.
  • Gabby is the only Tiva member to not receive any votes yet.
  • Since Bi’s quit, four women in a row were voted out, followed by four men.
  • Four men and four women remain, also four Davids and four Goliaths remain.
  • Davie is the only player left who voted for Lyrsa in episode 2.
    • Bi quit and Jessica and Carl were voted out.
  • Christian is now the only player with a perfect voting record.
  • Kara is the only Goliath woman to not receive any votes yet.
  • Davie and Kara are the only post-swap Vuku members left.
    • Kara voted for Davie at the one pre-merge tribal council they attended together.
  • Alison, Angelina, and Natalie are the only Goliaths to survive being voted for in at least one tribal council.
    • Every other Goliath that was voted out was eliminated in the first tribal council where they got votes.
  • No Jabeni members have been voted out post-merge.
  • All four men who were voted out post-merge won the reward challenge in the episode where they were eliminated.
  • The three remaining Tiva members (Alison, Christian, & Gabby) all voted together at this tribal.
    • Kara was the only Vuku to vote for Carl, while Mike was the only Jabeni to vote for Carl.
      • The remaining Vuku (Carl, Davie) and Jabeni (Angelina, Nick) voted for Alison.
  • The only players to receive votes in both tribal councils have names that start with “A” and “C”.
    • Tribal Council #1 – Alec & Carl.
    • Tribal Council #2 – Alison & Carl.
  • The four people whose first names are alphabetically first (Alison, Angelina, Christian, & Davie) all have votes against them, while the four people whose first names are alphabetically last (Gabby, Kara, Mike, & Nick) have 0 votes against them.
  • The first six people in the cast alphabetically by last name have been eliminated.
    • Natalia Azoqa
    • Carl Boudreaux
    • Natalie Cole
    • Jeremy Crawford
    • Pat Cusack
    • John Hennigan

Hidden Immunity Idol/Advantage

  • Pat is the only male David member to not find an advantage or an idol.
    • Carl found the idol nullifier.
    • Christian found a hidden immunity idol.
    • Davie found a hidden immunity idol.
    • Nick found a hidden immunity idol and the vote steal.
      • Pat and Carl are the only male David members to not find an idol.
  • Nick is the third person to find a hidden immunity idol clue that told him to “sneak out of camp at night” to find it.
    • Jeremy Collins found one in Cambodia.
    • Chris Noble found one in Ghost Island.
  • Since Kelley Wentworth in Cambodia, the only woman to find a hidden immunity idol has been Lauren Rimmer in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.
    • Wentworth in Cambodia is the most recent woman to play a hidden immunity idol, as Lauren never used hers.


  • Nick had the most confessionals in episode 10 with 6.
  • Mike had the most confessionals in episode 11 with 5.
  • Christian and Nick had the most confessionals in both parts of the episode combined with 7.
    • Alison had the least with 3.
  • Mike and Alison had 0 confessionals in episode 10.
  • Everyone got a confessional in the second part of the episode.

Reward Challenge #1 – “Back in Slack”

  • Alec won every reward challenge he competed in post-merge.
  • This was a new challenge that hasn’t been used on Survivor before.
    • This challenge was set up in the background at the tribe swap when Bi quit earlier this season.
  • The challenge name is a reference to the song “Back in Black” by AC/DC.

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Uncomfortably Numb”

  • This was the first individual immunity challenge this season where a David won.
  • The challenge name is a reference to the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd.
  • This challenge was previously seen in San Juan Del Sur and Kaoh Rong.
  • This challenge has only been won by men.
    • Alec is the first time a male has been runner-up in the challenge.
      • Natalie Anderson was runner-up in San Juan Del Sur.
      • Cydney Gillon was runner-up in Kaoh Rong.
  • All three times this challenge has been used, a man was voted out at tribal council.
    • Wes Nale in San Juan Del Sur.
    • Nick Maiorano in Kaoh Rong.
    • Alec Merlino in David vs. Goliath.
  • Christian is the only non-LGBT player to win this challenge.
    • Reed Kelly won it in San Juan Del Sur.
    • Tai Trang won it in Kaoh Rong.
  • Alison and Christian are the only players to win individual immunity and vote correctly at the tribal where they were immune.
    • Alison won immunity and correctly voted out Elizabeth in episode 7.
    • Dan won immunity and incorrectly voted out Christian in episode 8.
    • Alec won immunity and incorrectly voted out Angelina in episode 9.
    • Christian won immunity and correctly voted out Alec in episode 10.A
    • Davie won immunity and incorrectly voted out Alison in episode 11.

Reward Challenge #2 – “Beastie Buoys”

  • Angelina is the only remaining player to not win a post-merge reward challenge this season.
  • The challenge was named in reference to the band Beastie Boys.
  • Similar versions of this challenge have been used in Vanuatu, Micronesia, Philippines, Cagayan, Millennials vs. Gen X, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, and Ghost Island.
    • This was the first time it was used as a post-merge reward challenge.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “Word Forward”

  • Angelina sat out of both immunity challenges for reasons to do with food.
    • She sat out of the first immunity challenge and ate nachos.
    • She sat out of the second immunity challenge due to a deal with Jeff to get more rice for the tribe.
  • The challenge was named in reference to the song “Word Forward” by Foo Fighters.
  • Every person to win individual immunity so far this season has a name that starts with either “A”, “C” or “D”.
    • Alison, Alec, Christian, Dan, and Davie.
  • Three people have been voted off this season after almost winning the individual immunity challenge.
    • Elizabeth came in second place in episode 7, then was voted out.
    • Alec came in second place in episode 10, then was voted out.
    • Carl came almost won in episode 11, then was voted out.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Tribal Lines are Blurred” was said by multiple people this episode including Alison, Christian, Mike and Jeff Probst.

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