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Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!


Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based on the latest episode of Survivor 46.


  • This is the 24th red tribe and the 6th red merged tribe.
    • Jacare (The Amazon), Xhakum (Guatemala), Libertad (Nicaragua), Vata (Edge of Extinction), and Viakana (Survivor 41) are the other red merged tribes.
  • This is the first time that green, purple, and orange pre-merge tribes had a merge tribe color that wasn’t black.
    • Cagayan, Millennials vs. Gen X, Ghost Island, and Survivor 44 all had black merged tribes.
  • Nine out of 10 Canadian new era players made it to the merge in their season.
    • Erika & Shan in Survivor 41
    • Drea, Omar, & Maryanne in Survivor 42
    • Kane in Survivor 44
    • Kaleb in Survivor 45
    • Venus in Survivor 46
      • Jess from Survivor 46 is the only Canadian player to not make it to the merge in the new era of Survivor.
      • Tom from Island of the Idols also didn’t make it to the merge, but his season was before the new era.
  • This season holds the record for most African-American players on a merged tribe (Soda, Tevin, Tim, Tiffany, and Q)
    • The previous record was four players in the following seasons:
      • Survivor 41: Shan, Danny, Deshawn, & Liana
      • Survivor 43: Sami, Dwight, James, & Ryan
      • Survivor 45: Bruce, Katurah, Kaleb, & Sifu
  • Every season since the return to Fiji has seen the merged tribe beach alternate between seasons. This season is the first time a merged beach is reused from the previous season.
    • Maku Maku (Game Changers), Lavita (Ghost Island), Vata (Edge of Extinction), Koru (Winners at War), Kula Kula (Survivor 42), and Va Va (Survivor 44) were on the same beach.
    • Vinaka (Millennials vs. Gen X), Solewa (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers), Kalo Kalo (David vs. Goliath), Lumuwaku (Island of the Idols), Viakana (Survivor 41), Gaia (Survivor 43), Dakuwaqa (Survivor 45), and this season’s merged tribe were on the same beach.
      • This is the first even-numbered season to have the merged tribe at this beach.
  • This is the first time a merged tribe color has been reused in the new era.
    • Viakana in Survivor 41 was also red.
  • Every new era season’s mergatory vote had at least one player who didn’t vote.
    • Sydney (Survivor 41), Omar (Survivor 42), Jeanine & Jesse (Survivor 43), Matt (Survivor 44), Kaleb and Austin (Survivor 45), Hunter, and Moriah (Survivor 46).
  • Nami is the only tribe in Survivor history to compete in more than three challenges and never lose.
    • The Outcasts (Pearl Islands), Viveros (Panama), Puka Puka (Cook Islands), and Yanuya (Ghost Island) never lost a challenge but competed in fewer than three challenges.
    • Nami also has the highest percentage of 1st place finishes in a season with three tribes. Their 1st place percentage is 86% (they came in first for 6 out of 7 challenges).
  • Nami is the third starting tribe that never went to tribal council, after Tandang in Philippines and Kama in Edge of Extinction.
    • Nami is the first orange tribe with this distinction as both Tandang and Kama were yellow tribes.
    • Nami and Kama, however, didn’t have all their members make it to the merge as Aubry was voted out pre-merge (while on Manu) in Edge of Extinction, and Randen was evacuated from Nami this season.

Immunity Challenge – “Super Ramp”

  • The purple team won the “earn the merge” challenge both times an orange and purple team competed. The other time this happened was in Survivor 44.
  • Gabler and Maryanne are the only winners to win the “earn the merge” challenge so far.
    • Erika sat out while Yam Yam and Dee lost.
  • Naseer and Rocksroy are the only men to sit out during the “earn the merge” challenge.
    • Erika, Lindsay, Noelle, Katurah, and Tiffany all chose the odd rock and had to sit out.
  • All three times that the player who sat out had to choose the team they thought would win, that team ended up winning.
    • Noelle, Katurah, and Tiffany all chose the correct team.
  • Survivor 44 is the only season where nobody had to sit out during the “earn the merge” challenge.


  • Q and Moriah had the most confessionals in this episode with 9.
  • Liz had 0 confessionals this episode.
    • She also has the lowest number of confessionals so far with 10.
  • Kenzie has the highest confessional count with 36.

Tribal Council

  • Moriah was voted out 10-1.
    • She’s the first player to be voted out in an initial 10-1 vote.
      • J Maya was voted out 10-1 in Survivor 45, but it was after an initial 11-0 vote that was nullified by Kaleb’s shot in the dark.
  • 10/13 players voted out on day 13 were women.
    • Moriah (Survivor 46)
    • J Maya (Survivor 45)
    • Elie (Survivor 43)
    • Aubry (Edge of Extinction)
    • Anna (Kaoh Rong)
    • Monica (Cambodia)
    • Kelley W. (San Juan del Sur)
    • Laura M (Blood vs. Water)
    • Sarah (Philippines)
    • Krista (Redemption Island)
      • Josh (Survivor 44), JT (Game Changers), and Brandon (Caramoan) are the only men to be voted out on day 13.
        • Terry was also eliminated on day 13 in Cambodia, but he was evacuated due to his son’s health problems.
  • Marya (Survivor 42), Morriah (Survivor 43), and Moriah (Survivor 46) were all voted out before the tribes officially merged.
  • Hunter hasn’t cast a vote yet this season.
  • Charlie is the only player in the game currently without a perfect voting record.
  • Venus is the first player from Nami to receive a vote.
  • Maria is the highest-ranking woman from the Siga tribe.
  • Episode 2 is the only episode where nobody lost their vote at tribal council.
    • Episode 1: Jelinksy lost his vote at the summit.
    • Episode 3: No tribal council.
    • Episode 4: Bhanu lost his vote at the summit.
    • Episode 5: Ben lost his vote at the summit.
    • Episode 6: Hunter lost his vote at the summit and Moriah played her shot in the dark.
  • Josh in Survivor 44 is the only man who was voted out at the “mergatory” vote.
    • Survivor 41: Sydney
    • Survivor 42: Lydia
    • Survivor 43: Elie
    • Survivor 45: J Maya
    • Survivor 46: Moriah
  • Despite going to tribal the most during the pre-merge, Yanu is the only tribe where nobody currently has any votes against them.
    • Venus from Nami has one vote against her, and Ben from Siga has two votes against him.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Cancel Christmas” was said by Q in a confessional about Moriah.
    • This is the second episode title for Q, and both were talking about another player (the first was “Whackadoodles Win” about Bhanu)

Survivor Birthdays

  • This week’s episode aired on the following player’s birthdays:
    • Lil Morris (Pearl Islands)
    • Nina Acosta (One World)
      • Both of them were the oldest woman on their season.

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