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Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!


Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based on the latest episode of Survivor 46.


  • This is the 14th consecutive season to film in Fiji.
    • It’s the 15th season to film in Fiji (including Survivor: Fiji)
  • This is the 6th consecutive season to start with three tribes.
    • Seasons 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46 all started with three tribes.
      • The most recent season to only have two pre-merge tribes was Island of the Idols.


  • The average age of the cast is 30.94.
  • Venus is the 8th Canadian to be on US Survivor.
    • Island of the Idols – Tom
    • Survivor 41 – Erika & Shan
    • Survivor 42 – Maryanne & Omar
    • Survivor 44 – Kane
    • Survivor 45 – Kaleb
      • Survivor 43 is the only new era season to not have someone from Canada on the cast.
  • Bhanu is the first Survivor player to be born in India.
  • Jem is the first Survivor player to be born in Guyana.
  • Q is the first Survivor player to have a name that starts with “Q.”
  • Maria (47) is the oldest player this season, while David (21) is the youngest.
  • Maria is the 10th player to be in her 40s and the oldest player in her season. The others are as follows:
    • Sekou Bunch (45) in Cook Islands
    • Steve “Chicken” Morris (47) in China
    • Trish Hegarty (48) in Cagayan
    • Katrina Radke (46) in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
    • Angela Perkins (42) in Ghost Island
    • Reem Daly (46) in Edge of Extinction
    • Denise Stapley (48) in Winners at War
    • Bruce Perrault (46) in Survivor 44
    • Julie Alley (49) in Survivor 45
      • Five out of 10 of these players were the first person eliminated from their season (Sekou, Chicken, Katrina, Reem, & Bruce).
  • Survivor 46 is the third three-starting tribe season to have orange, green, and purple starting tribes. Cagayan and Survivor 44 are the others.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X, Ghost Island, and David vs. Goliath also had orange, green, and purple pre-merge tribes, but the green tribe on those three seasons was an expansion tribe.
  • Every even-numbered new era season has an orange, green, and purple tribe.
    • Survivor 42: Taku, Vati, Kulakula
    • Survivor 44: Ratu, Soka, Tika
    • Survivor 46: Nami, Siga, Yanu
  • This is the 4th consecutive season where the starting tribes had four letter names.
    • Survivor 43: Baka, Coco, Vesi
    • Survivor 44: Ratu, Soka, Tika
    • Survivor 45: Belo, Lulu, Reba
    • Survivor 46: Nami, Siga, Yanu
  • There have been 32 tribes since David vs. Goliath with two-syllable names.
    • David vs. Goliath: Vuku & Tiva
    • Edge of Extinction: Manu, Kama, & Lesu
    • Island of the Idols: Vokai & Lairo
    • Winners at War: Dakal, Sele, & Yara
    • Survivor 41: Luvu, Ua, & Yase
    • Survivor 42: Vuku, Ika, & Vati
    • Survivor 43: Baka, Coco, & Vesi
    • Survivor 44: Ratu, Soka, & Tika
    • Survivor 45: Belo, Lulu, & Reba
    • Survivor 46: Nami, Siga, & Yanu
      • Not including merged tribes, the most recent tribe name with more than two syllables was “Jabeni” in David vs. Goliath.
  • Nami
    • Average age: 29.5
    • Oldest member: Randen Montalvo (40)
    • Youngest member: Venus Vafa (24)
    • Nami is based on the Japanese word for “wave.”
      • This is the second tribe (not counting merged tribes) in a season set in Fiji to not be based on a Fijian word or location in Fiji.
        • The first was Tika in Survivor 44, whose name was based on a Maori word for “righteousness.”
      • The starting tribes in David vs. Goliath were originally named to match the theme but were given Fijian word names after the swap.
    • Nami is the 3rd tribe to be named for a wave, after Galu in Samoa and Ua in Survivor 41.
    • Nami is the 22nd orange tribe.
    • Nami is the first orange tribe to start with “N”
    • Naviti in Ghost Island is the most recent tribe to start with “N”
    • Randen and Liz are both from Orlando, FL.
  • Siga
    • Average age: 32
    • Oldest member: Maria Shrime Gonzalez (47)
    • Youngest member: Charlie Davis (25)
    • Siga is based on the Fijian word for “day.”
    • Siga is the 24th green tribe.
      • The most recent green tribe also started with an “S.”
        • They’re also the only two green “S” tribes.
    • This is the 4th consecutive four letter “S” starting tribe after Soko, Sele, and Soka.
    • Survivor 45 is the only new era season without a green tribe.
  • Yanu
    • Average age: 31.33
    • Oldest member: Bhanu Gopal (41)
    • Youngest member: David Jelinsky (21)
    • Yanu is based on the Fijian word “yanuyanu” which means “island.”
    • Yanu is the 18th purple tribe.
    • Yanu is the first purple tribe to start with the letter “Y.”

Hidden Immunity Idol

  • Tiffany is the 9th player to find a hidden immunity idol in the first episode.
    • The others are Brandon in Survivor 44, Dan in Survivor David vs. Goliath, Domenick in Ghost Island, Kelley in Cambodia, Carolyn in Worlds Apart, Garrett & Tony in Cagayan, and Kristina in Redemption Island.
  • Other limited-use idols found/received in the premiere are as follows:
    • Sabrina found the Manono idol in the premiere episode of One World but had to give it to someone on that tribe.
    • Ryan found an idol during the marooning in the premiere of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, but it needed to be given to someone on a different tribe.
    • Natalie found one on Edge of Extinction in Winners at War but had to sell it to someone still in the game.
    • Gabler got an idol during the summit trip by risking his vote in the Survivor 43 premiere.

Marooning – “Tiers of Heaven”

  • Nami won both challenges in this episode. They’re the 4th new era tribe in a row to win both premiere challenges.
    • Reba in Survivor 45, Soka in Survivor 44, and Vesi in Survivor 43.
      • Ika (Survivor 42) and Ua (Survivor 41) are the only new-era tribes to win the marooning challenge but not win the first immunity challenge.
  • This is the first time an orange tribe won this challenge.
  • Both times this challenge was used with a purple tribe, they lost.
  • This is only the second time a variation of this challenge was used on a season where none of the tribes competing were primary colors.
    • Survivor 44 was the first time.
      • Both seasons had orange, green, and purple tribes competing.

Sweat vs Savvy

  • This is the second season in a row where both tribes lost the sweat vs. savvy challenge.

The Summit

  • Jelinsky is the first player to go to the summit and get eliminated in the premiere episode.

Immunity Challenge – “Lizard King”

  • Variations of this challenge were used in Thailand and Nicaragua.
    • Both times it was used as a pre-merge challenge, an orange and purple tribe competed.
  • Nakhum in Guatemala is the only “N” tribe to lose the first immunity challenge.
    • Nagarote in Worlds Apart, Nuku in Game Changers, Naviti in Ghost Island, and Nami in Survivor 46 all won the first immunity challenge of the season.
  • Takali in Millennials vs Gen X is the most recent purple tribe to lose the first immunity challenge of the season.
    • 8/13 purple tribes have won the first immunity challenge.
      • Casaya (Panama), Malakal (Micronesia), Bikal (Caramoan), Takali (Millennials vs Gen X), and Yanu (Survivor 46) are the only purple tribes to lose.
  • Ua is the only new-era green tribe not to win the first immunity challenge of the season.
    • Vati (Survivor 42), Soka (Survivor 44), and Siga (Survivor 46) all won.


  • Bhanu and Tiffany had the most confessionals in this episode, with 9.
  • Hunter, Liz, and Randen had the lowest number of confessionals ,with 2.
    • Everyone had at least two confessionals in this episode.
  • Jelinsky had several (7) confessionals in this episode.

Tribal Council

  • Jelinsky was voted out 5-0.
    • He’s the second player voted out 5-0 unanimously since Zach in Survivor 42.
  • He is the first man to be voted out of a purple tribe since Johnny Fairplay in Micronesia.
  • The purple tribe lost a member in both new era seasons.
    • Bruce was medevaced from Tika in Survivor 44.
    • David was voted out from Yanu in Survivor 46.
  • He is the second new era player to be the only person eliminated in the first episode.
    • The first was Morriah in Survivor 43.
  • The most recent person named David to play Survivor was David Voce in Survivor 41, who also went by his last name on the show.
  • Jelinsky is the 8th David/Dave to play Survivor.
    • Dave Johnson – The Amazon
    • Dave Cruser – China
    • Dave Ball – Samoa
    • David Murphy – Redemption Island
    • David Sampson – Cagayan
    • David Wright – Millennials vs. Gen X & Edge of Extinction
    • David Voce – Survivor 41
    • David Jelinsky- Survivor 46
      • Coincidentally, everyone before Heroes vs. Villains was Dave, while everyone after Heroes vs. Villains was David.
      • Every Dave/David to play Survivor has been from California except for David Sampson, David Voce, and David Jelinsky.
        • David Sampson is from Florida, David Voce is from Illinois, and David Jelinsky is from Nevada.
  • Both David Jelinsky and David Sampson (Cagayan) were voted out in 18th place.
  • Jelinsky is the first person to be the youngest player in the season to finish in last place.
    • He’s the third person to be the youngest player in a season and be voted out at the first tribal council after Marissa in Blood vs. Water and Jessica in David vs. Goliath.
  • Jelinsky is the 10th player to attend tribal council but never cast an elimination vote. The others are as follows:
    • Chris – Ghost Island
    • Sydney – Survivor 41
    • Zach & Marya – Survivor 42
    • Claire & Matthew – Survivor 44
    • Hannah, Sabiyah, & Brandon – Survivor 45
  • He’s the first player to lose his vote (not voluntarily give it up to gain an advantage) and get voted out at the first tribal council of the season.
  • Jelinsky is the 18th player to never cast a vote in the game. The others are as follows:
    • Jonathan & Wanda in Palau – They were both not chosen for a tribe in the premiere
    • Gary in Fiji – Quit
    • Kourtney in One World – Medevaced
    • Dana in Philippines – Quit
    • Chris in Ghost Island – He lost his vote to get an idol, then was voted out at the first tribal he attended.
    • Pat in David vs. Goliath – Medevaced
    • Sydney in Survivor 41 – Played Shot in the Dark
    • Jackson in Survivor 42 – Medevaced
    • Zach in Survivor 42 – Played Shot in the Dark
    • Marya in Survivor 42 – Played Shot in the Dark
    • Bruce in Survivor 44 – Medevaced
    • Claire in Survivor 44 – Played Shot in the Dark
    • Matthew in Survivor 44 – Played Shot in the Dark at his first tribal, then was medevaced/quit before attending tribal again.
    • Hannah in Survivor 45 – Quit
    • Brandon in Survivor 45 – Didn’t vote at the first tribal due to Hannah’s quit, then lost his vote at the summit in the second episode.
    • Sabiyah in Survivor 45 – Didn’t vote at the first tribal due to Hannah’s quit, then lost her vote due to the beware advantage, and lost another vote to extend her idol timeline.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “This is Where the Legends Are Made” was said by Jelinsky.

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