Survivor 45 Tribe Divisions

Check out the new tribes.

The 45th edition of Survivor will land on our screens this September and with it comes 18 new castaways who will battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize.

As previously reported by Inside Survivor, the upcoming season will follow a similar format to the other “new era” seasons, with a shortened 26 days and castaways divided into three tribes of six. The trailer for the new season aired during the Survivor 44 reunion.

Check out the tribe divisions below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The blue tribe is made up of software developer Brando Meyer, Navy veteran and Survivor 44 player Bruce Perreault, law school grad Jake O’Kane, civil rights lawyer Katurah Topps, nurse Kellie Nalbandian, and bartender Kendra McQuarrie.

The red tribe is made up of business student Austin Li Coon, grad student Drew Basile, martial arts instructor Niko Alsup, sales development rep Dianelys ‘Dee’ Valladares, singer/songwriter J. Maya, and associate attorney Julie Alley.

The yellow tribe is made up of financial analyst Emily Flippen, counselor Hannah Rose, USMC veteran and truck driver Sabiyah Broderick, content producer Brandon Donlon, sales and marketing coach Kaleb Gebrewold, and school principal Sean Edwards.

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19 responses to “Survivor 45 Tribe Divisions”

  1. This 3 tribes of 6 with no swaps is such a f****** drag now. It better have a massive payoff in an allstar season.

  2. None of the participants appear to have any real life experience that would give them an edge over the others.

  3. Someone from the Blue tribe will win. They will work with the stragglers of the Yellow, post-merge. Red will appear dominant, at first. Rinse. Cycle. Repeat.

  4. Can’t wait for this next SURVIVOR my husband and I have never missed one episode. As neighbors we write the names of the Survivor 45 group and we draw names from our yellow buff to see who we will be playing as, this makes it twice as exciting for all of us. LOVE SURVIVOR.

    • LMAO. Totally lost me at casts, the one thing that *has* been consistent is casting. What do you want, a bunch of clueless wannabe model/actors from the 20s era who had never seen the show?

  5. I really wish Probst would go elsewhere. Let the game go back to what it once was. Jeff has had about 1 good idea out of 20. I wish Survivor could be my favorite show again but I just think that ship has sailed, unfortunately. Get a new host.

  6. Really wish things would go back to what made Survivor the great show it was.
    In the beginning the great show survivor was about Surviving off the land as well as the social game. Seems like everyone’s at a Country Club Now having fun going through different challenges,puzzles and given food,clean clothing shaved the only real challenge is how good you can BS and deceive. Everyone should work together to find food. Sure some things seem to be discussing by our standards because everyone is spoiled. Everywhere you look there is enable plants and berries. One show they ate bugs,rats,unborn chicken and many foods are a staple of the land. Some of which were part of a change.
    Everyone I know are true survivor fans. But we’re like eagles fans no matter how bad it gets we keep watching hopeful it’s gonna get better.

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