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Episode 9 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!


Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based on the latest episode of Survivor 45.

The Summit

  • This is Austin’s second time at the summit.
    • He’s the first person to visit the summit twice in a season.

Immunity Challenge: “This Much”

  • This challenge was previously used in Kaoh Rong and Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.
    • Despite what Jeff said (that only women have won this challenge), this challenge was won by Kyle Jason in Kaoh Rong.
    • This challenge has been won by men 2/3 times.
      • Coincidentally, the previous winners, Kyle and Ashley, both finished the season in sixth place.
  • The immunity challenge came down to Bruce and Julie again, and Bruce won again.
  • All three times this challenge was used, the final two were a man and a woman.
    • Kaoh Rong: Kyle & Aubry.
    • Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers: Ashley & Devon.
    • Survivor 45: Bruce & Julie.
  • Bruce is the 55th player to win back-to-back individual immunity challenges. The others are as follows:
    • Kelly in Borneo
    • Colby in The Australian Outback
    • Lex & Kim J. in Africa
    • Tammy in Marquesas
    • Brian in Thailand
    • Jenna in The Amazon
    • Darrah in Pearl Islands
    • Rob M. in All-Stars, Chris in Vanuatu
    • Tom & Ian in Palau
    • Rafe in Guatemala
    • Terry in Panama
    • Ozzy in Cook Islands
    • Boo in Fiji
    • Amanda in China
    • Erik & Amanda in Micronesia
    • Bob in Gabon
    • Tyson & JT in Tocantins
    • Laura, Jaison, & Brett in Samoa
    • Parvati in Heroes vs. Villains
    • Fabio in Nicaragua
    • Rob & Ashley in Redemption Island
    • Sophie in South Pacific
    • Kim in One World
    • Malcolm in Philippines
    • Monica & Tyson in Blood vs. Water
    • Tasha & Spencer in Cagayan
    • Joe, Carolyn & Mike in Worlds Apart
    • Joe & Spencer in Cambodia
    • Ken in Millennials vs. Gen X
    • Brad in Game Changers
    • Chrissy in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
    • Chelsea, Wendell, & Domenick in Ghost Island
    • Nick in David vs. Goliath
    • Rick in Edge of Extinction
    • Aaron & Dean in Island of the Idols
    • Tony & Michele in Winners at War
    • Tori in Survivor 42
  • Caramoan, San Juan del Sur, Kaoh Rong, Survivor 41, Survivor 43, and Survivor 44 are the only seasons where nobody won back-to-back individual immunity challenges.
    • Survivor 42 is the only other new era season where someone won back-to-back individual immunity challenges.

Tribal Council

  • Kendra was voted out 6-1.
    • The most recent player to be voted out 6-1 was Alexis in Cagayan.
  • This is the fifth time that three players with the same first initial were eliminated back to back to back.
    • Guatemala: Brianna, Brooke, & Blake
    • Tocantins: Sandy, Spencer, & Sydney
    • San Juan del Sur: Julie, Josh, & Jeremy
    • Cambodia: Kimmi, Keith, & Kelley
    • Survivor 45: Kaleb, Kellie, & Kendra
  • Both players who received votes in this episode are from Massachusetts.
    • Kendra lives in Colorado but is originally from Salem, MA.
    • Jake is from Boston, MA.
  • Bruce has been immune in every episode so far except episode 7.
    • He got a vote at the only tribal he was eligible for.
    • Katurah has never been able to cast a vote against Bruce.
  • Sean is the only Lulu member who cast a vote at every tribal council where voting occurred.
    • Episode 1: nobody voted because Hannah quit.
    • Episode 2: Brandon & Sabiyah didn’t vote.
    • Episode 3: Sabiyah didn’t vote.
    • Episode 6: Kaleb didn’t vote.
    • Episode 9: Emily didn’t vote.
  • Brando is the only player so far who hasn’t been voted out back-to-back with someone who was on the same starting tribe or post-swap tribe.
    • Hannah, Brandon, Sabiyah, and Sean were all on Lulu.
    • J. Maya & Sifu were on Reba.
    • Kaleb & Kellie were on post-swap Lulu.
    • Kellie & Kendra were on original Belo.


  • Austin had the most confessionals this episode with 11.
  • Jake had the lowest number of confessionals with 4.
  • Emily has the most total confessionals with 47.
  • Julie has the lowest number of total confessionals with 22.


Episode Title

  • The episode titled “Sword of Damocles” was said by Drew at tribal council.
    • It is a reference to an ancient Greek parable and is said by someone when they feel like something bad could happen to them at any minute.

Survivor Birthdays

  • This week’s episode aired on Sash Lenahan (Nicaragua) & Colton Cumbie’s (One World & Blood vs Water) birthday.

Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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