Survivor 42 Tribe Divisions

Check out the tribe breakdown for Survivor 42.

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The forty-second edition of Survivor will land on our screens in early 2022 and with it comes 18 brand new castaways who will battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. The new season, which will simply be titled Survivor 42, is expected to premiere on CBS next February/March.

As previously reported by Inside Survivor, the upcoming season will follow a similar format to Survivor 41, with a shortened 26 days and castaways divided into three tribes of six. Today, we can reveal a first look at the tribe divisions.

Check out the tribes below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Vati tribe, which will wear green, is made up of Recruiter Chanelle Howell, Designer Jenny Kim, Actor Lydia Meredith, Law Clerk Daniel Strunk, Analytics Director Hai Giang, and Retired Firefighter Mike Turner.

The Taku tribe, which will wear orange, is made up of Jackson Fox, Beach Rental Business Owner Jonathan Young, Exotic Animal Veterinarian Omar Zaheer, Dietitian Lindsey Dolashewich, Educational Consultant Marya Sherron, and Integrated Science Student Maryanne Oketch.

The Ika tribe, which will wear blue, is made up of Fitness Trainer Drea Wheeler, Student Swati Goel, Grad Student Tori Meehan, Environmental Scientist Rocksroy Bailey, TV Producer Romeo Escobar, and Communications & Media Student Zach Wurtenberger.

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14 responses to “Survivor 42 Tribe Divisions”

  1. These colors are way much better than 41’s colors. I just hope the green has a dark shape and for merge they use brown or dark purple like chaboga mogo.

  2. Looks like 3tribes FULL of some serious Drama Queens that will either whine or want the world to still revolve around them. This is going to be a train wreck season of bickering and fighting! Who cries first and who blows up first.

  3. Do we know if they are being divided by any type of grouping (i.e. ‘collars’ ‘bvbvb’ etc.)?

  4. Oh, that’s so nice of them to name a tribe after a reality TV legend. Definitely didn’t expect to see that.

  5. I am surprised no one has commented yet. Both the canadians (Omar and maryanne) are on the same tribe Taku. Go canadian alliance!

    • Has there ever been a Survivor contestant that has gone this long without anyone finding a photo of them as Rocksroy Bailey? Does this person really exist?

  6. IKA – Rocksroy (if he exists) and Romeo are going to be on the outside looking in at the kiddies alliance following Drea, but they won’t be able to expand their alliance at merger.
    TAKU – will dominate pre-merger with Jonathan the most dominant physical player in the game, Omar perhaps the smartest, Lindsay, and Marya – winning all the pre-merger challenges is about the only hope for Jackson and Maryanne.
    VATI – will see the men plus Chanelle join up – they’ll be checking the spelling of “Jenny” and “Lydia” by the end of the 1st day.

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