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Player of the Week (Episode 9)

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Each week here on Inside Survivor we will be running a fan poll to determine the Player of the Week. Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance. The poll will close on the following Wednesday.

In the ninth episode of Survivor 42, we saw the elimination of Rocksroy Bailey, the 44-year-old Stay-at-Home Dad from Las Vegas, NV, and Tori Meehan, the 25-year-old Therapist from Tulsa, OK. Last week’s Player of the Week was Drea Wheeler with 660 Votes (25.53%).

Weekly Results

Week 1: Maryanne
Week 2: Daniel
Week 3: Jonathan
Week 4: Tori
Week 5: Hai
Week 6: Omar
Week 7: Drea

Vote now for your Player of the Week.

Who was the Player of the Week?

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17 responses to “Player of the Week (Episode 9)”

  1. How the heck is Jonathan second all of a sudden? In what world do the people voting for him live that they think he played the best game this episode?

  2. The way these results are turning out is only proving every single point Drea and Maryanne were making…but hopefully Drea can still pull out a win on this vote here. This fanaticism for Jonathan feels deeply problematic

  3. I agree with you. Ppl voting for him are just in awe of the hunk but best game played was not him.

  4. First now. I agree with you. Other than rocks (who has 7 votes, so I don’t know how anyone can really take these results seriously), Jonathon had the worst week. An impressive immunity win, but it revealed that his social game is sunk.

  5. How are you voting for Jonathan? He has no social game and got completely destroyed by Lynze the moment he tried to make a strategic move. Dude might be a goat.

  6. My vote was simple, Jonathan, he won immunity, got into the strategic part of the game and stood up for what a lot of us were thinking at tribal council.

  7. I suspect another website is driving Jonathan fans to come vote here or something. It makes zero sense for him to be leading the votes. Aside from an immunity win he completely tanked his game this round

  8. “A lot of us”? You mean racists? Bigots? White people with fragile egos who want to pretend that this sort of stuff doesn’t exist and whenever it’s mentioned like to play the victim and pretend people are playing the race card?

    You just told on yourself, Adam. Your MAGAt hat is on too tight.

  9. Jonathan is a complete dumbass, couldn’t even figure out how to split votes between the two non-Take players that tribal. That’s your player of the week? Pathetic.

  10. The clownery of voting Jonathan player of the week despite making mistake after mistake. Just because he’s your favorite doesn’t mean he’s player of the week, y’all

  11. the point they made was black people get targetted almost on purpose? But this episode showed that it wasn’t because they were black. Rocksroy got targetted for bad gameplay and chanelle got targetted for being associated with daniel. Jonathan imo didn’t do anything wrong.

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