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Episode 3 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor-related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor 41.

Reward/Immunity Challenge – “Back in Slack”

  • Luvu hasn’t lost an immunity challenge so far this season.
  • This is the first challenge that Yase won this season.
    • This is also the first episode this season where Yase didn’t have to vote someone out.
    • Yase won their flint back, while Ua lost theirs.
  • Yase is the 4th tribe to lose the first two immunity challenges then win the third one in a 3-starting tribe season.
    • Saboga in All-Stars (Chapera lost the 3rd).
    • Luzon in Cagayan (Solana lost the 3rd).
    • To Tang in Kaoh Rong (Chan Loh lost the 3rd).
      • Matsing in Philippines is the only tribe in a 3-starting tribe season to lose the first three immunity challenges.
  • This challenge was previously used in David vs. Goliath.
    • It was used as a post-merge reward challenge.


  • Tiffany, Brad, and Sydney found a beware advantage.
    • It required them to sneak out of camp to be picked up by a boat to go to a separate location.
      • Brad got the steal a vote advantage.
  • Brad was the 4th person to have the steal a vote advantage. The others are as follows:
    • Stephen Fishbach in Cambodia.
    • Sarah Lacina in Game Changers and Winners at War.
    • Nick Wilson in David vs. Goliath.
      • Brad was the first person to be voted out while in possession of a vote steal advantage.
  • Brad found the three way shared idol that Xander found in episode 2.
    • Luvu is the only tribe that hasn’t found their three way shared idol.

Tribal Council

  • Brad was voted out 3-1.
    • He’s the 4th person to be voted out at a tribal council that he was unable to vote at.
      • Chris Noble in Ghost Island.
      • Jason Linden and Jamal Shipman in Island of the Idols.
  • Brad received votes at both tribal councils he attended.
  • He’s the third Brad to play Survivor.
    • Every Brad to play Survivor was voted out pre-merge.
      • Brad Virata – Cook Islands
      • Brad Culpepper – Blood vs. Water
      • Brad Reese – Survivor 41
      • Other players whose names start with “Brad” were also voted out pre-merge.
        • Brady Finta – Vanuatu
        • Bradley Kleihege – Ghost Island
    • Brad Virata is the only Brad to be on the jury.
      • Brad Culpepper made it to the merge in Game Changers but was in the final 3 so he wasn’t on the jury.
  • Brad is the second person to be voted out pre-merge and have a 100% vote record.
    • The first was Jason Linden in Island of the Idols.
      • This occurred because they both lost their vote at the tribal council in which they were voted out.
      • Coincidentally they both received votes against them at both tribal councils they attended.
      • They were also both the lowest placing man on their tribe.
  • Genie has voted incorrectly at both tribal councils she’s attended so far.
    • She voted for Ricard at the first and JD at the second.
      • Both times she’s voted, she’s been the sole vote for that person.
      • Genie is the only player with a 0% voting record who is still in the game.
  • Genie is the only Ua player to never vote for Brad.
    • Sara voted for him in episode 1.
    • JD, Ricard, and Shantel voted for him in episode 3.
  • Shantel and Genie are the only Ua players who haven’t received a vote against them so far.
  • Sara is the only woman to be voted out so far this season.
  • The oldest members of both the Ua and Yase tribe have been voted out.
    • Abraham was the oldest member of Yase.
    • Brad was the oldest member of Ua.
      • Heather is the only player left who is the oldest person on their tribe.


  • Brad had the most confessionals this episode with 10.
  • Danny, Erika, Heather, Evvie, and Xander had 0 confessionals this episode.
    • This was Evvie and Xander’s first 0 confessional episode.
    • Danny, Erika, and Heather haven’t had a confessional since the first episode.
  • Everyone on Ua had at least one confessional in this episode.
  • Evvie has the highest confessional count this season so far with 19.
  • Heather has the lowest confessional count with 1.


Episode Title

  • The episode title ”My Million Dollar Mistake” was said by Liana in a confessional about her missing out on finding the advantage that Tiffany found.

Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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  1. Brad’s 10 confessionals in this episode put him in an elite group of pre-merge players with that many confessionals in their boot episode. Only Joel Klug (season 1, Borneo) has had more, with 12. Vince Moua (season 39, Island of the Idols), like Brad, had 10 confessionals in his boot episode.

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