Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 6 (Fan Poll)

In Episode 6 we saw the elimination of Woo Hwang, as well as Terry Deitz having to leave the game due to a family emergency. Like last week, we will be running the fan poll first before we give the Inside Survivor verdict on the player of the week for Episode 6 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. This way the poll is not influenced by our opinions.

Vote below on who you think was Player of the Week in Episode 6 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.



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8 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 6 (Fan Poll)”

    • Well, Ciera put the vote into motion and changed the direction of the vote. Prior to that Kass was happy to go along with Savage’s plan.

      • I know but I thought that it was Kass that controlled how people were voting (either for Woo or Spencer). Was it Ciera? If it was her then I would agree that she should be the player of the week.

    • The vote worked wonderfully for Ciera. It was a much more questionable result for Kass, and I think it is less good for her game. Ciera planned it, and then sat back, and won’t take any fall for it most likely.

    • i feel the same way. it was ciera’s idea to flip, but kass was the one who did all of the work. kass or jeremy should be the POTW

    • I considered voting for Kass at first, but you gotta realize that it was Ciera who proposed to Abi and Kass to blindsise Woo. So Kass’s merit of telling Spencer is not as big – he was gonna vote for Woo anyway to save himself, even if it was Abi/Ciera who told him.

  1. I voted fishbach for trying to go after Joe. But I don’t really think their was an MVP of the episode yea kassiera blindsided woo but is that really a big move? If it was savage it would have been but I don’t know of this really even helps kass or ciera not saying it was a bad move but it was nothing special

  2. Ciera made a petty move that will probably put her in the minority at the merge. Very bad strategic thinking – she should have kept that tribe unified and plotted against Savage/Woo long term. Patience is important in Survivor and I think she made this move because she feels entitled to the numbers / it’s completely off her radar that she might not get handed numbers at merge.

    Overall, I’d say player of the week is Kass for becoming the swing vote / making a strategic decision instead of a personal one (she knew that the tribe unity was already fractured and decided to make the move)

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