Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 8)

What went down in Week 8?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action from week eight and the latest eviction of the season!


HOH: Tera

Garrett: This HOH win from Tera injected a lot of energy into the house, being that she was on the outs from the trio of Beth/Jedson/Tychon (and I guess we’ll throw in Kiefer as a Sunsetter). Kiefer quickly buddied up to Breydon and Tera, forming an opposing trio to “The Sauce” as the show presents it.

Tera, as HOH, like the rest of the house this week, was all over the board with her plans. Putting Breydon on the block seemed like such an unnecessary risk. Although she was ultimately successful in getting Jedson out, at what cost? Obviously, we saw Tera leave the house in the “Fake Double Eviction” later on. Her mess caught up with her very quickly.

Noms: Jedson and Beth

Gia: With Tera now the most powerful person in the house, it seems that The Sunsetter’s luck has run out. Tera was never going to consider Kiefer to be nominated, so that left the trio of Tychon, Jedson, and Beth, aka “The Sauce.” Beth believed she put enough work in to protect herself from the block, but most of the house saw right through her schemes. Tera saw more value in keeping Tychon over the showmance, so Beth and Jedson were the initial nominees.

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Veto: Jedson wins and saves Beth, Breydon renom

Gia: To say anyone played “well” this week is a bit of a stretch, and the fallout from the Veto competition exemplifies this. Jedson won the Veto for an admittedly entertaining Expedia-themed competition. As the biggest threat in the house and current nominee, he was obviously going to take himself off the block.

Only that’s not what happened, and Jedson ended up saving his showmance Beth instead. Almost as baffling was that Tera decided to pick Breydon as the replacement nominee instead of Tychon, which would have ensured that a member of the Sauce went home on her HOH (if the Fake Double wasn’t a thing).

Bonus: Double Eviction Overview

HOH: Tychon, Noms: Tera and Beth, Veto: Breydon, Veto not used

Garrett: This fake double eviction was an interesting twist to the game, but we have yet to see exactly how it will shake out. Tera was the second one evicted of the night, a quick fall from HOH, but we don’t yet know who will be reentering the game.

Tychon winning his first HOH and Breydon winning his first competition was fun, but it was a letdown when we didn’t get a resolution over who was returning. Hopefully they can pull together something interesting about who returns, but it seems like most of the steam behind this twist has been let out.



Gia: Tera started this week on the highest of highs and ended on the lowest of lows. After losing her closest ally Tina, Tera came back and won a crucial HOH. She then nominated Jedson and Beth while trying to solidify bonds with the remaining houseguests. Then she made a strategic blunder by choosing Breydon as a renom over Tychon.

Finally, she was evicted in the Fake Double Eviction when Tychon won HOH and Breydon chose not to use the Veto. Now she has to face off against Jedson, the person she worked so hard to get out, to regain her own entry into the game.

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Garrett: Jedson’s game this week can best be described as the most dramatic rollercoaster ever. First, he found himself on the block with his showmance, with his strongest alliance member in a prime position to be the renomination. It seemed like either way, Jedson was going to be losing an ally.

His decision with the Veto may go down as one of the worst moves in the history of Big Brother. DON’T SAVE YOUR SHOWMANCE AT FINAL 6. It has been impressive that The Sauce managed to avoid the block for so long, but Jedson harpooned his own game here. If Jedson can beat Tera in the battle-back competition, he needs a serious reevaluation of his relationships in the game.


Gia: Tychon was not a perfect player this week, but he did a lot better than his original alliance members. While Beth and Jedson were making plans to “trick” Tera into keeping them safe, Tychon knew the writing was on the wall and went to work to save himself.

Tychon has been treating the game like a chess match, and it paid off. Tera, Breydon, and Kiefer all wanted to keep him safe over Jedson and Beth, and he’s still the only houseguest to never be nominated. My only fear is that he stands to lose the most with the Fake Double Eviction, but I’m hoping my first draft pick can bounce back no matter what.


The Sauce sees the Block

Garrett: This trio has been at the center of attention for nearly the entire season, and surprisingly they had managed to avoid the block until this week; that’s really impressive! Alas, their streak came to an end when Tera snagged an HOH. It has been a lot of fun to see them scramble, especially Beth, as they tasted the possibility of eviction. Additionally, the scrambling and shenanigans amongst the three that contributed to Jedson’s eviction were top tier.

Jedson wins Veto… and saves Beth

Garrett: What is going on in the house this season?! I touched on it above, but this was really such a horrible move on Jedson’s part. Marcellas in Big Brother 3 level bad… Erik Reichenbach in Survivor: Micronesia level bad. The fact that Jedson has an opportunity to make it back in the house seems to have slightly overshadowed how bad this move was. I think Jedson has the upper hand in coming back, and I am excited at the potential of the Beth and Jedson reunion.

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The Fake Double Eviction

Gia: Viewers have known all week that the Fake Double Eviction was coming, but no one was sure exactly how it would shape out. After Jedson was evicted, he exited the house only to be met by a woman with a sign telling him he was still in the game. He was then escorted to the HOH room to wait out the next round of comps.

After things had settled down, the remaining houseguests were told they were about to have another double eviction. Tychon won his first HOH of the season and nominated Tera and Beth. Breydon then won the Veto (his first comp win) and decided not to use it. As the only two votes, Breydon and Kiefer voted out Tera, most likely because she was a bigger threat.

Tera met the same fate as Jedson, and she tearfully apologized for her part in evicting him. We’ll have to wait to see who comes back in the game, but I’m sure there’ll be a lot of hard feelings involved.

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