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Week 8 Stats

All the stats from the eighth week of All-Stars!

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Our resident stat man Rob Brodeur isn’t just a font of Survivor knowledge; he’s also a long-time Big Brother fan, which means each week he will be on hand with all the latest stats for this All-Stars season. 


  • This is the first season since BB18 where none of the pre-jury members won HOH or POV.
    • However, Victor, who was evicted pre-jury but won the Battle Back, did win three HOHs and one POV when he returned to the game.
  • None of the runners-up who are playing for their second time this season have been evicted yet (Cody, Memphis, & Tyler).
    • Dani is the only runner-up this season who has played more than twice, and she was evicted this week.
  • This is the first season since BB14 to not have a player return in a Battle Back competition.


HOH (Head of Household)

  • Cody won the “Going for the Green” HOH competition.
    • This is Cody’s second time winning HOH this season.
    • Similar versions of this competition have been seen in every season since BB11.
  • Dani and Tyler both won the prize portion of the challenge and split $10,000 between them.



  • Cody nominated David and Kevin for eviction.
    • This is their second time being nominated together after Dani originally nominated them in week 6.


POV (Power of Veto)

  • Cody won the “OTEV The Psychadelic Salamander” POV competition.
    • Every season since season 7 (with the exception of season 10) had an OTEV competition.
    • Nobody that has won OTEV has won the game.
      • Dan (who won season 10) won in season 14, but he didn’t win the game in season 14.
    • Dan is the only player from season 10 who has ever competed in an OTEV competition.
      • He competed in season 14.
      • Memphis was present for OTEV this season but he wasn’t chosen to play.



  • Kevin was evicted 6-0.
    • He was evicted unanimously in both BB11 (1-0) and BB22 (6-0).
    • He’s been on the jury both times he played Big Brother.
    • Kevin is the only player to be vetoed so far this season.
      • He vetoed himself in week 4, and Da’Vonne vetoed him in week 6.


Triple Eviction Trivia

  • This is the first triple eviction in BBUS.
    • Celebrity Big Brother 1 & 2 had triple evictions, but they were a different format than the one that happened this week.
      • In CBB, one player was evicted regularly, then the final HOH had the power to eliminate two players and bring one player to the finale with them.
    • Big Brother Canada has seen a triple eviction in their 3rd, 5th, and 6th seasons.
    • A man and woman were evicted in every triple eviction that appeared, with the exception of CBB2.
  • In both BBUS and BBCAN, the very first triple eviction (BBUS22, BBCAN3) had someone named Kevin evicted during the episode.
    • Kevin Campbell was evicted in BB22 and Kevin Martin was evicted in BBCAN3.


Triple Eviction (Part 1)

  • Memphis won the HOH competition “It’s All About Will”.
    • This is his third HOH win this season.
  • He nominated David and Nicole for eviction.
    • He nominated David and Nicole A in week 2.
    • This is Nicole F’s first time being nominated for eviction this season.
    • David was nominated against both Nicoles this season.
      • David and Nicole A were nominated in week 2.
    • Both times David was nominated with a Nicole, the player that was kept in the game received two votes against them.
    • The only time Memphis was HOH and David wasn’t nominated was week 7.
  • Christmas won the first POV competition “Ice in Your Veins”.
    • This is her second POV win this season.
    • Both times she won POV she didn’t use it.
  • David was evicted 3-2.
    • This is his first time being evicted during an eviction vote in Big Brother.
    • David is the only player to be evicted during the triple eviction who didn’t win an HOH or POV competition.
  • Other than Ian, all three men who have been evicted were nominated the round prior to them being evicted.
    • Kaysar: Nominated week 3, evicted week 4.
    • Kevin: Nominated week 7, evicted week 8.
    • David: Nominated Week 8, evicted during the first round of the triple eviction.


Triple Eviction (Part 2)

  • Tyler won the HOH competition “It’s All About You”.
    • This is his second HOH win this season.
  • He nominated Dani and Nicole for eviction.
    • Dani is the last woman to be nominated this season.
    • Both players nominated this round have the following in common:
      • They have played Big Brother three times.
      • They both were in showmances in their first two seasons and are still in a relationship with the person they met in their season prior to this.
        • Dani married Dom from BB13.
        • Nicole is engaged to Victor from BB18.
      • They both made it to the finals against a man.
      • They both made it to the jury phase in all three seasons they participated in.
      • They are both the last two women to be nominated this season.
      • They both voted to evict Kevin over Da’Vonne in week 2.
      • They were both previously evicted in a Double Eviction week.
        • Dani on day 55 in BB13.
        • Nicole on day 77 in BB16.
  • Tyler won the POV competition “Feet to the Fire”.
    • This is his second POV win this season.
    • Both times he won POV he didn’t use it.
      • 8/10 POVs have gone unused this season.
    • Tyler is the fourth player to win HOH and POV in the same week this season. The others are as follows:
      • Memphis: Week 2.
      • Christmas: Week 5.
      • Cody: Week 8.
        • Coincidentally, all three men to win HOH and POV in the same week were runners-up on their first season.
  • Dani was evicted 4-0.
    • Dani is the first player who won HOH to be evicted this season.
      • Dani is the first player to win HOH in three separate seasons.
    • Dani is the first former runner-up to be evicted this season.
  • Nicole is the only player left in the game who hasn’t won HOH or a POV.
    • Every player left in the game has won at least one HOH and POV.
  • Cody, Enzo, and Memphis are the only players left who haven’t been nominated this season.
  • Ian is the only replacement nominee to be evicted so far this season.
  • Dani is the second player to be evicted twice on a double/triple eviction.
    • Howie was the first, as he was evicted in a double eviction in both BB6 and BB7.
  • This was the first season Dani played where she didn’t win two HOHs.
    • She won HOH twice in both BB8 and BB13.
  • Nicole is the tenth player to be nominated during two parts of a double/triple eviction and not be evicted. The others are as follows:
    • Jameka Cameron (BB8), Jerry MacDonald (BB10), Spencer Clawson (BB15), Victoria Rafaeli (BB16), Michelle Meyer (BB18), Matthew Clines & Kevin Schlehuber (BB19), Sam Bledsoe (BB20), and Marissa Jaret Winokur (CBB1).
      • Nicole is the first and only player to be nominated during both parts of a triple eviction and not be evicted.
  • Cody and Memphis are the only players with perfect voting records this season up to this point.
  • Christmas is the only woman to win HOH and POV this season so far.
  • BB16 is the only season to still have two representatives in the game.
  • Nicole is the only player left in the game who is playing her 3rd+ time this season.


Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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