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Week 10 Stats

All the stats from the tenth week of All-Stars!

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Our resident stat man Rob Brodeur isn’t just a font of Survivor knowledge; he’s also a long-time Big Brother fan, which means each week he will be on hand with all the latest stats for this All-Stars season. 

HOH (Head of Household)

  • Nicole won the “Stashing Pumpkins” HOH competition.
    • This is her first HOH win and first competition win this season.
  • This competition was previously used in BB16 (twice due to the rewind week) and BB20.
    • Cody played this competition in BB16 but sat out due to being HOH this season.
    • Nicole was already evicted when this competition was played in BB16, but she played and won this season.



  • Nicole nominated Christmas and Memphis for eviction.
    • This is Memphis’ first time being nominated this season.
      • He was nominated four times in BB10.
  • Enzo and Cody are the only players who haven’t yet been nominated this season.
  • Every time Christmas was nominated for eviction, she was nominated against a man.
    • She hasn’t received an eviction vote yet despite being nominated three times.


POV (Power of Veto)

  • Nicole won the “BB Comics” POV competition.
    • This is her first POV win this season.
    • Nicole has won this competition previously, in BB18.
      • She also competed in it in BB16.
        • Every time she had a comic, it showed her in one of her punishment costumes.
          • BB16: Oktober-Fist.
          • BB18: Super Safety Girl.
          • BB22: Cereal Killer.
    • Nicole is the only person to play in this competition three times.
      • Paul is the only person to play this competition twice.
      • Both of them placed second in their first time playing it and won the second time they played it.
      • Nicole is the only player to win this competition twice.
        • Christine is the only person to ever beat Nicole in this competition, in BB16.
      • Christmas and Cody were present during this competition in their original season but Cody wasn’t picked to play in the POV, and Christmas couldn’t compete in it because of her foot injury.
    • Da’Vonne and Nicole are the only houseguests to have been portrayed in three different comics.
    • This is Enzo and Memphis’ first season they were in with a BB Comics competition.
    • This was Keesha, Janelle, Kaysar, Ian, Kevin, Dani, Memphis, and Enzo’s first time being portrayed in the BB comics competition.
  • Megan in BB19 is the only player to be a houseguest during a season with BB Comics to never have a comic made for her.
    • This is due to her self-evicting in week 1.
  • Everyone in the final 6 (except for Enzo) has won HOH and POV in the same week.
  • Ian is still the only replacement nominee to be evicted this season.
  • 10/12 POVs have not been used this season.
    • Kevin is still the only player to be vetoed this season.



  • Memphis was evicted 2-0.
  • This is the first time Memphis has been evicted from Big Brother.
    • The three most recent evictees were previous runners-up.
      • Cody is the only former runner-up left in the game.
  • In both seasons he played, Memphis voted with the majority every time he voted to evict.
  • Everyone in the final 7 of BB22 made it to finale night in at least one of their previous seasons.
    • Dani: Runner-up in BB8
    • Tyler: Runner-up in BB20
    • Memphis: Runner-up in BB10
    • Christmas: 3rd place in BB19
    • Cody: Runner-up in BB16
    • Enzo: 3rd place in BB12
    • Nicole: Winner of BB18

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Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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