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Episode 33 Recap – Cody Reinvents The Wheel

Who won the Veto?

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There’s only one week left until we crown the winner of Big Brother All-Stars 2. A season that was supposed to be filled with drama, amazing gameplay, and our favorite past houseguests has turned into one of the most predictable seasons of all time.

Previously, Enzo, this week’s Head of Household, nominated Christmas and Nicole for eviction, with the target being Nicole due to her lack of trust in him. Cody doesn’t seem to care who goes as long as it’s not him. I’ve noted in the past how this is Cody’s season to lose, and this week’s Power of Veto episode is no exception. The season that was all about Cody is about to come down to whether or not he wins the Veto this week.

We start the episode with Christmas being emotional. This is a regular occurrence, but she really is in touch with her inner saboteur in this episode. She feels completely blindsided by Enzo nominating her, even though it wasn’t a personal decision against her. In this stage of the game, being nominated is irrelevant since you will automatically be a nominee if you don’t win the Veto unless you’re the Head of Household. Regardless, Christmas feels that she is now completely alone in the game.

The most exciting thing to happen is getting to watch the houseguests compete in a luxury competition, “Clash of the BB Comics”! I use the word “compete” loosely since the houseguests don’t really do anything. The previously evicted players are transformed into Big Brother superheroes and compete against each other in a “Mortal Kombat”-esque battle. The current houseguests draft these superheroes onto their team, and whichever player drafted the winner will win $10,000.

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This ridiculously long segment results in the “Mem-fist” winning the battle and Nicole winning the 10K. Once again, Christmas is in shambles because she feels like she betrayed Memphis by not picking his fake superhero to win the competition.

To prepare for the upcoming Veto comp, Enzo and Cody pamper themselves by getting their eyebrows done. This is the state of crisis we are under in the Big Brother house. There really isn’t much to show strategically, so we have to settle for Cody hyping himself up in the HOH bedroom, Christmas sulking, and Enzo becoming the new Big Brother narrator. While these moments are somewhat funny, it’s disappointing to see the lack of gameplay at this point in the season.

It’s finally time for the Veto comp, where the houseguests spin on a hamster wheel in order to lock in a day in the Big Brother house. If they are the last houseguest to lock in on the correct day or get the day wrong entirely, they will be given a strike. Three strikes, you’re out. Enzo gets knocked out almost right away, followed by Christmas. Nicole tries her best, but ultimately, Cody once again wins the Veto and solidifies his spot in the Final 3. Everything has gone Cody’s way, and he is two competitions away from winning this season of Big Brother.

Cody winning the Veto means Christmas and Nicole are the final nominees, and Cody will be casting the sole vote to evict in Thursday’s live eviction. Cody is rightfully scared of Nicole and sees her as a huge threat to win this game, but Christmas has been targeting Cody for quite awhile. So who goes? Cody has a final two deal with both Nicole and Enzo, so even if Nicole is a bigger threat, Cody will more than likely be evicting Christmas in Thursday’s eviction, leaving him, Nicole, and Enzo as the final three.

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