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Episode 28 Recap – The Easiest Path

Who was evicted?

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The final six has come and gone, and despite what Christmas may think, this is far from the best we have ever had. However, we’ve finally come to a point where former allies are turning on each other, and winning competitions will be crucial moving forward. Nowhere is this clearer than in the aftermath of the Veto ceremony, where Cody decided not to use the Veto. While Christmas may have been the initial target going into this week, it was Tyler that really needed to pull out the win.

Tyler knows he’s the best person for Cody to send home, but he’s not going to give up on campaigning to stay. On the other hand, Christmas knows that she’s probably going to stay, but still wants to put up a good fight to ensure this. She doesn’t do a very good job because Enzo, Cody, and Nicole all agree that Christmas is acting too happy for a week where she’s on the block. On a personal level, Enzo would much rather prefer getting rid of Christmas. Nicole agrees but points out that Tyler is still the better strategic choice. Enzo and Cody both agree, but are they really correct in this assumption?

There’s another concern about keeping Christmas, and it’s her friendship with Memphis. Memphis, as blunt as ever, straight up tells Tyler he’s probably voting him out. No one’s really surprised, since Memphis is known not to beat around the bush with his targets, but it’s also clear that he and Christmas are going to be a pair in the game, especially once Tyler leaves. Tyler attempts to use this to his advantage in his campaign to Cody, and Cody admits that it is a worry of his.

Memphis isn’t making things any better for himself or Christmas. He knows he wants Christmas to stay but doesn’t want to make it too obvious to everyone else. He even tells Cody that he wants to target Christmas next if he wins HOH, even though his real target is Nicole. The problem with this is that Enzo has already told Cody about Memphis’ separate Wise Guys alliance, so they both see right through the charade.

Jury House
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But enough about them, because we finally get to the segment we’ve been waiting for, the Jury House! Our first juror, Ian, admits that he should’ve played a better game in the beginning so he could’ve secured a safer position later on. He spends the first week by himself in solitude, just him and the turtles (I feel like it’s very important you all know that he named them after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Ian thinks it’s going to be David that is evicted next, and he’s saddened (as we all were) to see Da’Vonne come into the Jury House.

Now that another person is there, they begin to compare notes and share their alliances that weren’t as strong as they thought. Da’Vonne also tells Ian about Nicole’s lie and vote flip, which Ian already knew about from the goodbye messages. While Ian believes it’s a good game move for her, Da’Vonne is still personally hurt by what Nicole did at her expense. She says what we have all been thinking for weeks: Janelle was right. After the initial discussion, they’re both in agreement that Dani is playing the best game since she appears to have her hands in everyone else’s pockets.

Next up is the triple eviction that the jurors don’t yet know about. Neither is surprised that Kevin is the first one to arrive, but they are disappointed. Kevin tells them about Dr. Will moving into the Neighbor’s House and his hint about staying three steps ahead. He’s confident that this is a double eviction and that another person will be following him. Sure enough, David arrives soon after.

David is sad he’s out of the game but is proud of his placement, especially since he was a first boot last season. He reveals the news about the triple eviction (which again, production hilariously spilled to them prematurely), and a devastated Dani is the next player to come through. She doesn’t want to talk about her eviction right when she arrives, but she believes she’s there because she’s a stronger player than Nicole. The jury of five begin to watch the triple eviction week, and of course, they show David choosing to take the 10k. Everyone thinks David is dumb for his choice, except for Ian, who doesn’t blame him one bit (me too, Ian).

David is still mad that the house, particularly Enzo, voted to keep Nicole, a winner, over him. Dani points out that Nicole isn’t playing a winning game this season, which is surprising coming from someone she is apparently such good friends with. The Nicole bashing continues into Dani’s eviction, where Da’Vonne says that Nicole wants to be the last girl standing, and Dani agrees. I’m not sure if this is just Dani still being upset by the vote or if she truly doesn’t like Nicole’s game this season. It doesn’t matter at this point, because there’s no one Dani’s more disappointed in than herself.

Tyler and Christmas
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Sadly, there’s more to this episode, and we have to go back to the Big Brother house for the Eviction Ceremony. The nominees’ final pleas aren’t really pleas at all. Christmas wishes her son a Happy Birthday and callsthe remaining houseguests the best final six of all time (which they are absolutely not). Tyler gives a shoutout to Angela and tells the houseguests that voting him out would damage their games. Enzo, Nicole, and Memphis all vote to evict Tyler and he is evicted from the Big Brother House.

Before his interview, Julie admits that she really believed that this was going to be Tyler’s year and that a lot of viewers felt the same. When she asked for clarification on his speech, Tyler admits he was just messing with them, and the vague warning was just a final plea to stay in the house. He knows they were right to evict him because he definitely would’ve come for Cody and Memphis had he won the next HOH. They briefly touch upon him quitting, and he admits that he got lost in his head around that time, which definitely affected his game from that point onward.

In his goodbye messages, Memphis and Cody reveal other alliances that they set up without Tyler, hence why he had to go. Tyler is surprised by the outside deals but accepting, and now he’s on his way to the Jury House. He’ll have plenty to answer for there when he arrives, I’m sure. We don’t get to see the results of the HOH competition this week, where players need to carry pumpkins over a beam and place them into a basket. This HOH is crucial to determine who from the larger alliances come out on top and who will become the 7th juror. We’re almost near the end now, and every competition counts.

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