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Episode 25 Recap – Three Moves Ahead

Who was evicted?

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For the first time in Big Brother history, three people were sent to the jury house in one night. That’s right, the much-anticipated Triple Eviction has finally happened and… I am completely underwhelmed. We were hoping for a night of call outs, backstabbing, and blindsides. Basically, we wanted the Committee to turn on each other. Instead, the Triple Eviction followed the trend of the rest of the season; a predictable boot order and plenty of holier-than-thou attitudes to go around. 

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Cody didn’t use the Veto, leaving Kevin and David as the final nominees (shocker). Cody believes this is best for his game because he just wants to preserve the Committee. While David is assured that Kevin’s the target, he is a little worried that choosing to take the 10k could come back to bite him. Because Cody can’t help being so condescending, he makes sure to let David know that he didn’t like David’s choice either. 

But no one’s more worried than Kevin, who is on the block for the fifth time this season. While he hasn’t felt safe for most of the game, he’s more nervous now than he was in any of his previous nominations. He campaigns to Cody in an effort to stay and even offers to be a number for him moving forward. Cody likes what he’s hearing but doesn’t confirm that it’s enough to actually sway him. 

In the midst of this back and forth, we finally see Dr. Will again, who had a special message to the houseguests from the Neighbor’s House. He tells them that the reason he was so successful in the game is because he always thought not one, not two, but three steps ahead. This shakes up the house a little bit, and people start speculating what it could mean. Most people are expecting a double eviction, but we see a few of them, such as David and Tyler, bring up the idea of a triple. 

Christmas and Cody
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A few other houseguests discuss possibilities that don’t involve nominating Kevin or David, which was probably one of the most surprising things about the night. Enzo tells Cody about how Memphis pulled in Christmas to make a separate Wise Guys alliance, and they both agree that either Tyler or Christmas needs to go soon. Tyler and Dani both pretend that they aren’t going to gun for each other, but even they don’t believe that. Tyler says that all hell is about to break loose, and I only wish that was actually what happened. 

In the first eviction of the night, Kevin and David make similar final pleas to the houseguests. Kevin continues using his time to speak on the need for racial equality and the Black Lives Matter movement, while also mentioning that he’s resilient and can help people advance in the game. David talks about how he wants to make history and be a part of all the Big Brother experiences he missed out on last season. 

When it comes time to vote, there’s no surprise that Enzo, Dani, Tyler, Christmas, Nicole, and Memphis all vote to evict Kevin. He refuses to hug any of them as he is about to leave, telling Julie that it would be a fake notion from them. He also admits to Julie that he wasn’t surprised at his eviction because he knew it was his time to go. He’s been struggle-bussing all season, what with being nominated five times. He also stands by telling Cody that he wasn’t getting his jury vote. On a sweeter note, Julie lets him know that they aired his discussions about his biracial identity, something that meant a lot to me as a biracial person myself. Now he’s heading to the jury house, and he can’t wait to see Da’Vonne (and honestly, us too).

After Kevin’s exit, Julie says they are keeping the houseguests in the dark about the triple eviction, so for now, they are just filling them in on the double. She announces to the houseguests that they will be playing a full week of Big Brother again. This starts with a True or False HOH competition, with the questions pertaining to all of Dr. Will’s messages from the Neighbor’s House. In what is absolutely the worst-case scenario, Memphis wins his third HOH of the season. 

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To stick with tradition, Memphis names David as his first nominee. Because he’s out of outsiders (meaning all the Black contestants, let’s be honest), he names Nicole as his second choice. The Veto competition starts, and it’s a puzzle that players have to use a balance beam to get to. Memphis, Nicole, David, Christmas, Tyler, and Dani race to make their “ice veto” into a “fire veto,” with Christmas coming out as the winner. Nicole tries to make a last-minute pitch to Christmas, ensuring her that she’s her number one, but it doesn’t make a difference. Christmas decides not to use the Veto, leaving David and Nicole as the final second set of nominees.

In what is quite possibly the most unintentionally hilarious part of the night, the houseguests have the triple eviction confirmed to them early. The one who spilled it to them? Why, production of course, who left the Triple Eviction banner up on the screen as Julie talked to the houseguests. Nicole and David make their final pleas, alluding to what they now know is about to happen. Nicole says she can benefit people’s games,and she’s loyal to her core group. David says the same and reminds everyone that Nicole is a former winner. Oh David, when has logic ever worked with this group?

When it’s time to vote again, we almost get something unexpected to happen—Cody votes to evict David, but both Christmas and Tyler vote to evict Nicole. Then Enzo shatters all of our hopes and votes to evict David too, and Dani follows right after. So, David is officially evicted in a 3-2 vote. Just like Kevin, David leaves without giving them goodbye hugs (good for him). 

In his interview with Julie, David admits that he came to play Big Brother again for multiple reasons. He wanted to make history, he wanted to improve from his last time playing, and he wanted to prove himself. Overall, he’s proud of the game he’s played, especially winning the BB Basement challenge, which was similar to the one that lost him the game last season. He knew his eviction was coming and it was difficult to find his place as a newbie while everyone else has played and placed high, but he’s happy with his game nonetheless. 

I just need to take a moment to say that while David’s game was far from perfect, he came in hoping to make a difference for Black contestants, and he wanted to fix the mistakes he made during his brief stay last season. He was chaotic in his choices, funny, and was one of the few players not afraid to go against the grain of the house. I hope he realizes once the game is done, he has many people backing him up, regardless of what the Committee members think of him. He should be proud, mistakes and all. 

Dani and Nicole
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Now that the second eviction is done, Julie finally confirms what they already know, it’s triple eviction time. The third HOH is the same as the second one, a True or False quiz, but this time it’s about the events that happened in the season. Tyler wins, and after the worst bout of fake crying I’ve ever seen, nominates Dani and Nicole. 

The Veto competition is also the same as last time, only it’s a different puzzle. Tyler wins the Veto too, and both Nicole and Dani are unsurprised that he decides not to use it. Before the votes are cast, we get a glimpse of Dani and Nicole saying their final goodbyes to each other, with Dani instructing Nicole to go for Christmas and Tyler, with Christmas as the first target. Dani then drives this point home to everyone in her final speech, where she calls out Tyler and Christmas for having a final two deal. She makes sure to let all the houseguests know that if she stays, they will be her targets. 

Finally, it’s the last vote of the night, and Cody, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo all vote to evict Dani. Christmas can’t help but get in a snide remark about making things personal before Dani leaves, and Dani lets Julie know that she never liked Christmas very much anyway. Julie brings up the Committee alliance, and Dani says that her loyalties were always with the Core Four, which was comprised of herself, Cody, Nicole, and Enzo. She also adds that while she respects Tyler in some ways, she will never respect someone as a gameplayer who wanted to quit and go home to his girlfriend. It sounds like if Tyler does end up in the final two, he will have plenty to answer for in this regard. 

So, the triple eviction has come and gone, and it was exactly like the rest of the season… infuriating at its worst and underwhelming at best. This is the boot order that many predicted because everything about this season has been so predictable. We don’t know what the next HOH competition looks like, so we’ll have to wait until Monday (the new weeknight for nominations) to know the specifics. At this point, the game will really come down to who can win what and who houseguests want to sit next to on finale night. 

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