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Episode 18 Recap – Small Veto, Huge Impact

Who won the Veto?

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Things are changing in the Big Brother house. The contestants have been on edge, and it’s all because of Da’Vonne Rogers. Her superpower to identify a problem in the game has always been plagued by her ability to execute it, but this week that changes. The Committee has no choice; this week, they must eliminate one of their own or a pawn.

Tuesday’s episode kicks off with David and Kevin being nominated by Dani. Everyone seems pretty content with the nominations, but Tyler knows he could be a huge backdoor target. Dani and Tyler have “secretly” tried going after each other for weeks now, only to not pull the trigger due to their alliance saying no. The Committee desperately wants the nominations to stay the same to ensure the group’s safety as well as Tyler’s.

As the Committee’s campaign grows, their plan is interrupted by an announcement. The Disruptor power has been played by David on himself, making him safe for the week. David tries acting like he doesn’t know who played it on him, but his skills in deception need some work. By continuously asking the other contestants what happened, he made himself look more suspicious.

Dani must immediately name a replacement nominee and is forced to choose Tyler, finally making the first strike against one of her rivals. She tells everyone, in front of fellow nominee Kevin, that she wants Tyler to stay, but we know she’s wanted him out for a while. Tyler knows this, too, and realizes that he could be the one evicted come Thursday if he doesn’t win the Veto.

The Power of Veto competition sees Tyler, Kevin, Dani, and three randomly selected players, Da’Vonne, Ian, and Enzo, play in a mini-game. Literally, they are “shrunk” down to miniature size and must stack tiny cans of beer to win the tiniest Veto in Big Brother history. It seems like everyone playing has a different agenda, but at one point, it looks like Tyler is going to win and save himself. However, he loses focus and ends up blowing out his own stack. This opens the door for Da’Vonne to win—her first competition win in three seasons of competing on the show.

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Da’Vonne knows what she needs to do and is immediately overwhelmed with her decision. She promised Dani earlier that she wouldn’t use the Veto if she won, but she knows she needs Kevin to stay to advance her own game. The Committee senses that Da’Vonne may use the Veto and tries to think of any way to convince her not to.

After telling Nicole that Ian would probably be the replacement nominee, Nicole gets irate at the idea that her “ally” (who she has continuously belittled in the game) would be eliminated. The houseguests get more and more upset that Da’Vonne may make a decision bettering herself and not the rest of the house. Fitting the theme of the season, it seems as though The Committee want Da’Vonne to play their game, not her own.

Da’Vonne can either use the Veto on Kevin, save her ally, and ensure her alliance (Kevin, David, and herself) stay in the game or not use it and remain in the house’s good graces. Truth be told, regardless of what she does, she’s going to be targeted next. We know this, and she knows this, and so she decides to save Kevin. Dani ultimately decides to nominate Ian in his place, leaving him and Tyler as the final nominees.

So who goes in Thursday’s eviction? If you had asked me earlier this week, I would have thought Tyler was being evicted in a 4-4 vote, with Dani breaking the tie to evict him. However, it seems as though the target has shifted onto Ian, with those in the Committee being scared of Nicole and Ian’s connection, plus Tyler being a competition asset. Ian will more than likely be the next person evicted from the Big Brother house and will become the first member of the jury.

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