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Episode 15 Recap – The Wake-Up Call

Who won the Veto?

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Big Brother is a complex game. There are many layers that we, as viewers, cannot fully understand. The decisions people make, the conversations they have, and how they execute them are sometimes representations of what we see in real life. This episode of Big Brother is no different.

The backlash from Christmas’ nominations was strong. Bayleigh was hurt that Christmas would nominate her since she thought they were closer than that. We’ve seen on the live feed that Bayleigh has tried to get Christmas to work with Da’Vonne and herself, but Christmas is just not budging. Instead of Bayleigh being the one upset, Christmas starts crying when approached, which confuses Bayleigh. I was also left confused, Christmas is the HOH, yet is the one crying? She’s not the victim in this situation.

Da’Vonne handles the nominations differently. While still upset, she goes to Dani and Nicole and tells them that it was Tyler who has been pitting them all against each other. Da’Vonne also believes Tyler lied about Dani wanting to go after Bayleigh and her. Dani did say this but is understandably mad at Tyler for throwing her under the bus like that. Dani now wants to get Tyler out this week because he has proven he is not loyal to her, a juxtaposition from last week when Tyler tried to get Dani backdoored.

The Power of Veto competition is similar to the one Christmas won on one leg in Season 19. The players will sprint to the end of the track once they see a correct equation pop up on their TV screen. Christmas, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Nicole, and Dani are competing, with Ian sitting out due to illness. Nicole and Dani do not want to win the comp, as it would force them to make a decision on which side they want to be on, and they’d rather have Da’Vonne just win the Veto on her own. However, that plan doesn’t go so well for them, as Da’Vonne ends up losing the first round, followed by Bayleigh.

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Eventually, Christmas wins the Veto, while the other contestants win other prizes and punishments based on when they were eliminated in the comp. Da’Vonne wins $5,000, Bayleigh has to do 500 laps in the backyard on a tricycle, Dani wins a home gym and a “have-not” pass, and Nicole has to wear a unitard named after slop. It was a fun competition seeing all five ladies compete, but knowing this may be the end of the road for Da’Vonne and Bayleigh was sad.

Things almost do change, though. Tyler has been saying for weeks that he has not felt comfortable playing the game and misses his BB showmance, Angela. He claims that he feels guilty about having Bayleigh and Da’Vonne on the nomination block (even though he could have saved them) and wants to change their fate in a different way.

Tyler says he wants Bayleigh and Da’Vonne to stay and him to be the replacement nominee this week, saying that there is a greater purpose of them being in the Big Brother house. One can assume that he is talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and how Bayleigh & Da’Vonne can have genuine conversations about racism in the game. I believe Tyler was telling the truth that he thought of them in this way, but I am not sure if he really wanted to get evicted this week. If he was that homesick, he could have just self-evicted.

After this, Tyler approaches Christmas and tells her that he wants to be the replacement nominee, but Christmas is not interested in putting up someone she trusts. We see on the live feed that she initially agrees and tells Bayleigh and Da’Vonne she is potentially going to backdoor Tyler this week. They are obviously thrilled but are skeptical that this is all just for show. Why would Tyler want to get out this week, and why would he sacrifice his game so that they can stay?

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne
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At the Veto ceremony, Christmas decides not to use the Veto, leaving Bayleigh and Da’Vonne on the nomination block. Huh? After all of that, Christmas ultimately decides she does not want to nominate Tyler and feels that Bayleigh was too much of an emotional player.

It’s a confusing sequence without context, but on the live feed, Tyler heavily implied that he could not volunteer to be the replacement nominee and could not ask to be evicted. The producers had to step in, causing Tyler to betray Bayleigh and Da’Vonne once again, while Christmas seems completely unapologetic for her actions. She is happy one of Bayleigh or Da’Vonne is leaving this week, calling them “each other’s untouchables.”

So who goes? Bayleigh is probably leaving in Thursday’s eviction, but the episode will show the fall out to the Veto ceremony. This episode was just a preview to what will be a chaotic episode, where we will see huge fights break out, Bayleigh more than likely being evicted, and a new Head of Household crowned. Stay tuned to see if anyone can try to change up the same power dynamic that has been controlling the game since Day 1!

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