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Episode 12 Recap – The Puppets Decide to Play

Who won the Veto?

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Last episode, Enzo decided to nominate Kaysar and Kevin, despite neither being in any major alliance in the Big Brother house. The target is clearly Kaysar, due to his association with previously evicted houseguest Janelle and his inability to connect with most of the cast this season. It is unlikely Kaysar stays in a final vote unless he is up against a bigger target, so he needed to win the Power of Veto competition in order to stay in the game.

We start off this episode with Kaysar and Ian wanting to talk game with Enzo, but Enzo trusts neither of them. He is agitated that they are trying to strategize with him, almost as though they are playing Big Brother. Enzo doesn’t trust Ian due to their lack of game relationship so far, and the fact that Ian is a previous winner. Cody and Enzo discuss that Ian could be a good replacement option for those reasons if the Veto is used. Enzo keeps saying how he wants to make a big move this round and isn’t afraid to do so.

Kaysar and Bayleigh discuss their positions in the house, with Kaysar trying to help Bayleigh see that she isn’t that high on the power structure as she believes. She refuses to listen, despite her main alliance being a decoy alliance and not actually the main power in control. Although I question Bayleigh’s annoyance with Kaysar, she is not as clueless as what is shown in this episode. On the live feed, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne recognize they are not in power and are trying to uproot that by going after players like Dani or Cody in the future.

The Veto competition is an endurance challenge, something you would normally see for an HOH comp. The players are spread like puppets, and whoever can stay hanging on their strings the longest will wins. Competing are Enzo, nominees Kaysar and Kevin, Tyler (who was randomly selected for the fourth time in a row!!!), Bayleigh, and David, who was picked by Kevin. There’s a lot of pressure on Kaysar to win as his game is on the line, but he’s eliminated first. Eventually, an emotional Kevin wins, meaning that a replacement nominee would have to go on the block for the first time this season.

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Enzo’s number one choice is Ian, but he is also presented with the idea to go after Dani. The former runner-up has been seen making some questionable decisions throughout the season, including making the “hinky vote” against Kaysar last week. This week, Dani talks about the “Slick Six” alliance to Tyler in front of Nicole, who is not in that alliance. Tyler immediately tells Enzo and pushes for him to backdoor Dani. While Enzo seems on board and ready to make a big move, he’s disarmed by Christmas, who offers herself up as a replacement nominee to prove her loyalty.

At the nomination ceremony, Kevin uses the Veto on himself, leaving Enzo to decide who gets nominated next to Kaysar. Unsurprisingly, Enzo does the opposite of making a big move and puts Christmas up, cementing Kaysar as the probable evictee come Thursday.

Once again, I hope for the next Head of Household to be less predictable than what we’ve had so far. There have been some rumblings of a possible house dynamic change, but that would require someone like Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, or Tyler to win the HOH this week. For the sake of this season, I sure hope that happens.

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