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Episode 3 Recap – We’re Making Big Moves

The race continues…

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All Amazing Race writers will now write their recaps using the fast and easy Travelocity Mobile App… Episode 3 begins with all teams flying southeast from Bogotá to Manaus, Brazil.


Proceed to Manaus, Brazil

Teams are advised to proceed to Porto De Manaus Market. Once landed in Manaus, teams will receive their next clue.

All remaining nine teams will depart Bogotá on the same flight (despite Phil saying leg two leaders, Hung & Chee being the first team to leave Bogotá). Paraphrasing Hung at the start of the episode, all teams are on the same flight, so it’s a complete equalizer. Having finished the last two legs in first place, this will be a real test for Hung & Chee with this equalizer thrown into the mix to see if they can three-peat atop the leader board after episode three.

Toby’s Hung & Chee success theory: lack of luggage not slowing them down. Did I see this, right? Do they only have a single bag between the two of them? Shrewd move if so.

Unintentional comedy moment of the night: Eswar showing the least amount of emotion ever when saying he was “super excited” to be going to Brazil.

The claws are out! Race obsessives Will & James waste NO time stating their intention of using a potential U-Turn to derail Leo & Alana, since the latter helped sisters Kaylynn & Hayley last leg in hopes of getting one of the stronger teams eliminated. I don’t think this was the case; I just think Alana & Leo just like Kaylynn & Hayley.

Despite the intent, I believe this is a valid strategy if used correctly by Will & James. U-Turns are there to be used and used they are seldom, take advantage of them, Use the U-Turn, it’s game on. The incredibly edited sequence immediately after the above is perfect, showing Leo & Alana saying they don’t have any enemies in The Race…oh, Leo & Alana, you’re about to get Will & James’d!

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Quote of the night candidate:

Jerry: I’ll be running a little faster in the jungle as well.
Frank: Why? The humidity?
Jerry: No, because somebody be chasing me!

Awaiting their flight, U-Turn user hopefuls Will & James play fast and form an alliance by plotting with brothers Riley & Maddison. The brothers reciprocate the alliance strategy, with the two teams eyeing DeAngelo & Gary, Hung & Chee, and Eswar & Aparna as the three teams to round out an alliance of five. Like their U-Turn desires, I also think this is a sound strategy from the couple having other teams having your back.

I will say the ONLY thing is, I believe it’s better to be asked than to DO the alliance asking. The four teams omitted from the alliance might hold grudges towards Will & James more than the other alliance members since it was the couple who initiated the truce.

The teams touch down in Manaus and make their way via taxi to Porto De Manaus Market.

Quote of the night candidate: “Get that life insurance paid up”—Jerry referring to the Amazonian absurdity that’s about to ensue.

Quote of the night candidate: “It’s serious when I got my hair in a bun”—Michelle.

Siblings Eswar & Aparna are the first to arrive at the market, followed closely by:

  • Riley & Madison
  • DeAngelo & Gary
  • Will & James
  • Leo & Alana


Manaus Market Mayhem

Teams are instructed to buy eleven items, all of which are listed in Portuguese from a shopping list. Once successful, the teams will receive their next clue.

As teams begin their market mayhem, Victoria & Michelle and Jerry & Frank are creating their OWN mayhem and attempting to board a boat instead of entering the market.

Woah, Hung & Chee are in sixth!? This IS mayhem.

Sisters Kaylynn & Hayley are next to arrive at the market, while Michele & Victoria and Jerry & Frank are still heading towards the docks. Riley notes that this is the first real test of the alliance to see if they help one another and then proceeds to call his alliance a “loose agreement.”

Back at the dock, it’s Michelle, hair bun intact, who spots the market on land, as both dock-bound teams turn around and head back. All teams are equalized (as per Hung’s pre-leg assessment) again in the market.

Teams are now beginning to bring their eleven purchased items to the Dock Manager, who will approve or disapprove their findings. Will & James are the first team to get the approval and are given their next clue.

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Dessana Village

Teams must travel by boat to Dessana Village. Once there, teams will be greeted by the chief of the Dessana, who will give them their next clue.

Will, learning from the last leg, re-reads the previous clue, which states you must “Keep the items with you until you are directed to use them.” I am already stressed out; this will not end well for some teams. Teams are struggling to receive the Dock Manager’s approval, as many teams are not buying the correct quantity or even the right items and are being forced back to the market.

My aforementioned stress is bubbling as teams complete their shopping sprees but fail to bring their purchased items with them once boat bound. READ. YOUR. CLUES. Teams are seemingly struggling with the clue-reading, as all pairings (minus Kaylynn and Hayley, shout out) are misplacing their belongings or not buying enough items. Even the cerebral-minded and light-packing powerhouses Hung & Chee fail to bring their shopping to their boat. What is going ON in the Amazon?

Amid all the teams’ forgetfulness, it’s brothers Riley & Maddison who are the first to board their boat with all of their belongings and set sail (or turn the engine on), and make their way to Dessana Village. The Race adds a tender touch here, reminding the audience of how…amazing…The Race really is, showing Riley & Maddison and Will & James soaking in the Amazonian scenery, with both teams reflecting on how special this moment and opportunity is.

We’re given insight into the dynamic of DeAngelo & Gary, two alpha males who may butt heads from time to time. They have been relatively calm throughout the first two episodes so far, both beta-ing, but let’s see how this plays out. When they make their way to their boat, Gary notices that Victoria & Michelle don’t have their shopping. Gary asks DeAngelo if they should inform the sisters; however, DeAngelo chooses not to as the sisters are not part of the aligned five.

All teams are now en route to Dessana Village after completing their shopping sprees, with Riley & Maddison arriving at the village first and receive their next clue.

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Shelter from Trees OR Well Done, Please

In Shelter from Trees, teams must carry a bundle of leaves and vines to the Chief of Dessana’s house and then cover a section of his new roof.

In Well Done, Please, teams must use the items they purchased at the market and prepare a meal correctly for the chief.

The brothers opt for the roof-building, as they see Will & James arrive at the village, who decide to prepare a chief-worthy feast. In a metaphorical U-Turn of heart, Gary & DeAngelo see Michelle & Victoria’s boat fast approaching theirs and decide on shouting over to the shopping-less sisters that they need to head back with to retrieve their purchases. The sisters attempt to pay/shout it forward to Jerry & Frank, who are also en route and shopping-less to Dessana. However, the sisters’ cries go amiss as the father/son duo cannot decipher the sisters’ signal.

While Will & James and Riley & Maddison continue with their tasks, Eswar & Aparna, Kaylynn & Hayley, and Hung & Chee arrive at the detour. Eswar & Aparna opt for the roof-building, with Eswar saying, “this might be easier than I expected.” Will this quote be a kiss-of-death for the pair?

Michelle & Victoria make their way back to the Dock Manager to retrieve their shopping. At the same time, Jerry & Frank arrive at Dessana Village, finally aware of their potentially costly blunder, and are forced back to retrieve their shopping.

Quote of the night:

Gary: Can you jog with it, or no?
DeAngelo: I can’t even see! (when carrying a gigantic bundle of leaves and vines).

The above exchange is followed shortly by the pair bickering about the difference between a wall and a roof. Tensions are high in the NFLers’ camp. Luckily, their alliance with Riley & Maddison pays dividends here as the brothers help DeAngelo & Gary with their roof/wall building.

Will & James are the first team to complete their detour and receive their next clue.


The first of two U-Turns is next for the racers. Once at the U-Turn, teams must decide if it’s a worthy-decision to use a U-Turn at this stage.

At the roof-building, the three teams in Riley & Maddison, Eswar & Aparna, and DeAngelo & Gary are all admittedly struggling with the build’s demands. “Coding is very different from putting together a hut,” says Aparna, in reference to her and her brother’s engineering background, summing up their efforts.

Will & James arrive at the U-Turn and ultimately decide to hinder Tinder’s Leo & Alana, stating that they (W&J) are ready to make big moves and feel threatened by the other couple. Along with the U-Turn, the team receives their next clue.

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Proceed to Pit Stop

Teams are instructed to make their way to the season’s third Pit Stop, Barco Correa Filho, where the last team to arrive WILL be eliminated.

Hung & Chee are next to complete the cooking portion of the detour. As they receive their next clue, they tell the other teams at the detour about the upcoming U-Turn, with Alana saying to camera that she and Leo have a minimal chance of getting U-Turned…

Will & James are the first to arrive at the mat, as Phil blurts, “Can anybody say ‘sweat?'”. That’s a normal thing to say.

  • Team Number 1: (Bali-bound, thanks to Travelocity) Will & James

Hung & Chee arrive at the U-Turn and decide to proceed straight to Phil rather than U-Turn anyone, while teams at the roof-building await inspection.

  • Team Number 2: Hung & Chee – Hung, with an uncharacteristic “OH MY GOD!” of excitement on finishing in second place

Meanwhile, upon retrieving their shopping, Jerry & Frank begin to make their way to Dessana Village, as the teams in front begin to widen the gap. Sibling duos Kaylynn & Hayley and Riley & Maddison complete their detours and make their ways to the U-Turn.

Upon U-Turn arrival, Kaylynn & Hayley see that their saviors from the last leg, Leo & Alana, have been U-Turned by Will & James, and don’t hesitate to U-Turn the team in last place, Jerry & Frank, to help assure their friends’ survival.

Back at the roof-building, DeAngelo & Gary have completed their roof/wall and make their way to the U-Turn, while Eswar & Aparna continue to battle the elements and each other.

  • Team Number 3: Kaylynn & Hayley – an impressive showing by the sisters this week

At the cooking portion, Michelle & Victoria are butting heads as they work towards the U-Turn, as Leo & Alana complete the task, only to be told by DeAngelo & Gary at the U-Turn they have been indeed…U-turned. Leo & Alana are aghast as to why they have been U-Turned, stating that the boys may see them as long-term threats OR they’re really dumb (ouch).

  • Team Number 4: Riley & Maddison
  • Team Number 5: DeAngelo & Gary

Michelle & Victoria are the next to complete their detour, as Jerry & Frank finally arrive again at the village, with an unbeknownst second detour to complete. However, upon arrival at the U-Turn, the sisters leave without a clue (literally) and walk around the village aimlessly looking for it (34 minutes to be precise). Meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna complete their leg of the detour and make their way to the U-Turn.

Alana & Leo are now believed to have remarkably finished the second of their two detours and await roof-inspection, only to be told they essentially have to dismantle their doings and start again! Crisis alert! Last place, Jerry & Frank are cooking away, as Michelle & Victoria finally find their clue and make their way to Phil.

  • Team Number 6: Eswar & Aparna
  • Team Number 7: Michelle & Victoria

Jerry & Frank complete their cooking task and make their way to the U-Turn, where they discover they have all-but-been eliminated from The Race, as Leo & Alana complete the roof-building portion of their two-part detour.

  • Team Number 8: Leo & Alana

As anti-climactic as the end of the episode was with Jerry & Frank being at the back of the pack, admittedly, I became misty when they were talking about their love and respect for each other at the roof-building task!

  • Team Number 9: Jerry & Frank

Who knew Alana helping out Kaylynn & Hayley last week would help lead to Jerry & Frank’s undoing this episode? Jerry & Frank ultimately were done in by the double U-Turn and the costly mistake of leaving their shopping items on another island, never giving the father/son duo any breathing room in the sweltering Amazonian heat.

Next week’s episode should be lively as tensions between Alana & Leo and Will & James will be at the forefront, while the alliance of 5 will again have their loyalties tested.

Power Rankings Based on Placement Average:

Hung & Chee (1, 1, 2) 1.3
Riley & Maddison (3, 3, 4) 3.33
Will & James (4, 6, 1) 3.66
Michelle & Victoria (2, 5, 7) 4.6
DeAngelo & Gary (10, 2, 5) 5.6
Eswar & Aparna (7, 4, 6) 5.6
Kaylynn & Hayley (8, 8, 3) 6.33
Alana & Leo (6, 7, 8) 7

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Toby's a London-based and Canadian-born writer who's been raised on television and cinema. He's an avid sport fan despite never supporting a winning team, along with being an avid film fan despite his favourite film being Hook.

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