Suvivor Lowers Its Application Age Limit To 16 Years Old

Could we be getting Survivor: Students vs. Teachers?

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You might have missed it during the rushed conclusion to last night’s exciting Winners At War finale, but Survivor is now welcoming applications from 16 and 17-year-olds.

The announcement came from Jeff Probst moments after he crowned New Jersey police officer Tony Vlachos the champion of champions. Speaking from his makeshift Tribal Council set-up in his home garage, the host encouraged teenagers to apply for future seasons.

“You should apply, especially if you’re young,” said Probst. “I’m talking teenagers… 16, 17, 18, 19. Do it! Cool parents and a cool school, who knows? It could happen.”

Survivor previously lowered its age limit from 21 to 18 back in 2008, though they had made an exception for 20-year-old Michael “Frosti” Zernow in Survivor: China before then. Spencer Duhm was the first 18-year-old to play Survivor in Tocantins, followed by Julia Sokolowski in Kaoh Rong, high-schooler Will Wahl in Millennials vs. Gen-X, and Michael Yerger in Ghost Island.

It’s unclear at this point whether the show is looking to build a theme around teenagers (students vs. teachers?) or if they simply want more younger people in the casting pool.

Probst also addressed the situation with Season 41, filming of which was postponed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. While Probst didn’t provide a date, he did say they are committed to filming and airing Season 41 this Fall. Production was originally pushed back to May 19 but was indefinitely suspended in April as the pandemic worsened around the world.

As the season is yet to be filmed, it meant no sneak preview, and also no clue as to the theme. “We have some fun ideas,” said Probst. “We’re always trying to explore and evolve the show, take chances, and we’re going to do that and we’re committed to being on in the Fall.”

Inside Survivor can confirm that casting for Seasons 41 and 42 was completed in March; all current applications are for Season 43 and beyond, as stated on the official CBS Survivor casting website.


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  1. You need to realize that after this amount of time they aren’t interested in your story. Also you’re acting like everyone who applies should get on, but so many people apply that such a small percentage gets on the show. So many people apply that they might not even call you back (which is specified in the application). Also just realize that this could be a big thing for many people who have loved the show for their whole lives and now don’t have to wait till they’re 18. So next time just be a bit more considerate of others next time.

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