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Episode 3 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Winners At War.


  • Parvati has passed Cirie for in-game days played on Survivor with 123.
    • Cirie has played 121 days.
    • Both of them have achieved this feat across four seasons.
    • They also both played in Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Rob still holds the record with 126 in-game days played.
    • Ozzy holds the record of most total days lasted (including Redemption Island) with 128.

Tribal Council

  • Ethan was voted out 4-3-1.
    • Both times Ethan was voted out, he received four votes against him.
    • Rob was voted out 4-3-1 in Heroes vs. Villains.
    • The very first vote in Survivor history was a 4-3-1 vote, which sent Sonja home in Borneo.
  • Ethan is the first 3-time player to be voted out of Sele.
  • This is Ethan’s second time being voted out pre-merge.
  • Ethan is the first male since Aaron on Island of the Idols to be voted out.
    • There were nine women voted out between Aaron and Ethan.
      • Dan was ejected, Dean and Tommy made it to Final Tribal Council.
  • Every returning player from Africa has been voted out twice.
    • Ethan was voted out in All-Stars and Winners at War.
    • Tom was voted out in Africa and All-Stars.
    • Lex was voted out in Africa and All-Stars.
  • The three most recent players who have been voted out are the three players who have the longest time between Winners at War and the last season they played.
    • Amber and Ethan played in All-Stars, which was 16 years ago.
    • Danni played in Guatemala, which was 15 years ago.
  • Ben and Denise are the only players who have gone to more than one Tribal Council and have a perfect voting record.
  • Ben is the only man on Sele to not cast a vote against Adam.
    • Jeremy voted for him in episode 1.
    • Ethan, Parvati, and Rob voted for him in episode 3.
  • Denise has gone to Tribal Council in every Survivor episode she’s been on.
    • She went to Tribal in every episode of Philippines.
    • Her tribe won immunity for the Amber boot but it was part of a double episode in which she already went to Tribal.
  • Rob is the only All-Stars player left in the game.
    • Amber and Ethan have been voted out.
  • Cirie is the only woman to be the fourth voted out/eliminated from an all-returning player season (Heroes vs. Villains).
    • All-Stars – Rob Cesternino.
    • Cambodia – Jeff Varner.
    • Game Changers – Malcolm Freberg.
    • Winners at War – Ethan Zohn.
  • 3 out of 4 players voted out have been on The Amazing Race.
    • Danni is the only player who has been voted out that was never on The Amazing Race.
    • Rob is the only player left in the game that was on The Amazing Race.
  • Natalie is the only player voted out so far who played after Guatemala.
    • Amber, Ethan, and Danni played their seasons between The Australian Outback and Guatemala.
  • This is the first time Parvati received votes at more than one pre-merge Tribal.
  • Michele is still the only woman on Sele to not have a vote against her.

Reward/Immunity Challenge – “Along the Watchtower”

  • The challenge name is based on a song by Bob Dylan and later covered by Jimi Hendrix.
  • This challenge was previously used in Cagayan, San Juan del Sur, Ghost Island, and Island of the Idols.
    • Jeremy, Tony, and Wendell have competed in this challenge twice.
    • None of them have won the challenge twice.
      • Tony and Wendell lost the first time and won this time.
      • Jeremy won the first time and lost this time.
  • The tree puzzle was previously used in One World and Worlds Apart, although the layout/pieces of the puzzle are different.
    • Kim has competed in a challenge that ended with this puzzle twice before.
      • She wasn’t on the puzzle either time.
      • Her tribe won both times.
  • Dakal has won all three of the combined immunity/reward challenges, while Sele has only won an immunity challenge.


  • Natalie found an advantage and sold it to Sarah for one fire token.
    • This is the second time that Sarah has been in possession of a vote steal advantage.
      • She successfully used it in Game Changers to vote out Michaela.
    • This is the first time this season where buying the “advantage” wasn’t a guarantee, as Sarah had to complete a task in order to receive the advantage.
  • In episode 3 of both Island of the Idols and Winners at War, a player (Vince & Sarah, respectively) needed to sneak into the other tribe’s camp in order to gain an advantage.

Edge of Extinction/Fire Tokens

  • Only Sele members have been willed fire tokens.
    • Natalie sent hers to Jeremy, Amber sent hers to Rob, Danni sent hers to Denise, Ethan sent his to Parvati.
  • Natalie has the most fire tokens with 3.
    • Natalie is the only player on the Edge of Extinction to have any fire tokens.
    • She’s successfully sold three advantages she found on the Edge of Extinction.
  • Sandra, Sarah, Danni, Ethan, and Amber have the least fire tokens with 0.
    • Sarah and Sandra are the only players left in the game without fire tokens.
    • Everyone on Sele who is still in the game has at least 1 fire token.
  • Adam, Ben, and Michele are the only players on Sele that are still in the game that haven’t been willed any fire tokens.


  • Adam had the most confessionals this episode with 4.
    • He has the most of anyone left in the game with 13.
  • Kim, Sophie, and Wendell had the least confessionals with 0.
  • Natalie has the most confessionals of everyone with 15.
  • Nick and Wendell have the least confessionals with 2.


Episode Title

  • Michele said the episode title “Out for Blood” while talking with Ben and Adam about Parvati.
  • This episode aired on Ash Wednesday, a Christian holy day, in which ashes are spread on one’s forehead in repentance marking the first day of Lent. Before Sarah’s mission to sneak into the Sele tribe camp, Tony spread ashes from the fire on her forehead as camouflage.

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