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Episode 13 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

Tribal Council #1

  • Jeremy was voted out 3-2-0.
    • Michele played the 50/50 coin and flipped “safe,” negating two votes against her.
  • Jeremy was voted out on day 31, which coincidentally is the same number as Cambodia, the season he won.
  • Tony is now the only player this season who hasn’t received any votes as Ben received his first votes this episode.
  • Ben received the same amount of votes this episode as the counted votes that he received in Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.
    • He got two votes this episode, and he got two votes that counted against him in Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers.
  • Everybody on Sele has been voted for this season.
  • Denise is the only Sele member that didn’t get voted for at this tribal council.
    • Ben, Jeremy, and Michele all received votes.
    • Since Michele played her 50/50 coin and was safe, only male Sele members had votes that counted at this tribal council.

Tribal Council #2

  • Nick was voted out 4-2.
    • The last 4-2 vote on Survivor was during David vs. Goliath when Davie was voted out.
      • Nick was on the wrong side of both of these votes, being one of the two players to vote for the person who didn’t go home.
  • Michele voted incorrectly at both tribal councils in this episode.
    • She voted for Ben at the first tribal council and Denise at the second one.
    • She’s voted incorrectly at 6/12 of the tribal councils she attended.
      • She’s only voted correctly at 3/7 post-merge tribal councils.
  • Out of everyone left in the final 7, Tony and Sarah are the only players who didn’t receive any votes in this episode.
    • Ben, Jeremy, and Michele got votes at the first tribal council.
    • Denise and Nick got votes at the second tribal council.
  • Denise is the only player left who has more than two votes against her (that have counted).
  • With Nick being voted out, Michele is now the only remaining post-swap Sele member.
  • Of the five players left, two are from New Jersey (Tony & Michele), two are from Iowa (Denise & Sarah), and Ben is from Idaho.
  • The final 3 of Kaoh Rong (Aubry, Tai, Michele) also made it to the finale of their second season.
    • Aubry and Tai made it to the finale in Game Changers.
    • Michele made it to the finale in Winners at War.
      • If you count Aubry as still being eligible to win during the finale of Edge of Extinction (before the outcome of the re-entry challenge), then the Kaoh Rong finalists have made it to the finale in all seasons they’ve competed in.

Hidden Immunity Idol/Advantage

  • Michele has successfully used two advantages that were new to the season she competed in.
    • In Kaoh Rong, she won the advantage to remove a jury member.
    • In Winners at War, she got the 50/50 coin flip advantage and negated two votes against her.
  • Everyone on the merged tribe has been in possession of a hidden immunity idol or game advantage except for Wendell and Adam.
    • Tyson: Idol purchased for him by Natalie on Edge of Extinction.
    • Sophie: Hidden Immunity Idol.
    • Kim: Hidden Immunity Idol.
    • Jeremy: Safety without Power advantage.
    • Nick: Challenge Disadvantage (sold to him by Natalie).
    • Ben: Hidden Immunity Idol.
    • Denise: 2 Hidden Immunity Idols.
    • Michele: 50/50 Coin.
    • Sarah: Steal a Vote.
    • Tony: Hidden Immunity Idol.
      • Amber, Danni, Ethan, Yul, Wendell, and Adam are the only players who haven’t had an idol or game advantage this season.

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Running Down a Dream”

  • The challenge name is based on a song of the same name by Tom Petty.
  • Nick won the immunity challenge.
    • He’s the first player to win immunity who wasn’t on post-swap Dakal.
  • A variation of this challenge was previously used in Millennials vs. Gen X, David vs. Goliath, and Edge of Extinction.
    • It’s only been used in seasons set in Fiji.
    • It’s been used on both seasons to feature the Edge of Extinction.
      • It’s also been used in the penultimate episode of both seasons.
  • Nick is the only person to compete in this challenge twice, and he won both times he competed in it.
  • This was the first time Tony hasn’t been immune in three episodes.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “High Step Back”

  • Michele won the immunity challenge.
    • This is her third individual immunity across two seasons.
  • A variation of this challenge was used in Gabon, Redemption Island, Blood vs. Water, Kaôh Rōng, and Game Changers.
    • Michele and Sarah have competed in this challenge before.
    • Michele won this season, while Sarah lost both times.
    • This challenge was also used in Australian Survivor 2017 and was also won by a castaway named Michelle.
  • Everyone that’s won individual immunity this season has won at least three times (combining this season and their previous seasons).
  • Only post-swap Sele members won immunity this episode.
    • Nobody from post swap Yara has won immunity yet.
  • There has only been one post-merge reward challenge this season.
    • There was also an unaired reward challenge that would have been used in episode 11.

Edge of Extinction/Fire Tokens

  • Jeremy gave his 2 fire tokens to Michele after being voted out.
  • Nick is the second person after Tyson to be voted out without fire tokens.
    • Coincidentally, the first time Tyson was voted out, he gave his fire token to Nick.
  • Natalie found the challenge disadvantage and sold it to Nick for 8 fire tokens.
    • This is the highest-priced advantage that’s been sold this season.
    • Natalie has found 5/7 advantages on Edge of Extinction.
      • The only other players to find and sell one are Tyson and Parvati.


  • Tony had the most confessionals again with 11.
    • Michele had the second most confessionals with 10.
  • Going into the finale, Tony has the most confessionals with 60, while Adam, who has the second most, has 36.
  • Every player still in the game had at least 4 confessionals.
  • Sophie and Adam had 0 confessionals this episode, while everyone else on the edge of Extinction had at least one.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “The Penultimate Step of the War” was said by Jeremy during a confessional.

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