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Episode 12 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

Tribal Council

  • Kim was voted out 5-3.
    • All the men (plus Sarah) voted for Kim this episode, while all the remaining women voted for Jeremy.
  • Everybody post-merge that was voted out for their first time this season is a two-time player who hasn’t been voted out before.
    • Wendell, Adam, Sophie, and Kim have never been voted out of Survivor before.
    • Tyson, who was already voted out once this season pre-merge, has also been voted out of Survivor before.
  • Tony is the only player to successfully vote out every player post-merge so far.
  • Ben and Tony have 0 votes against them.
    • Every woman has at least one vote against them this season.
    • Ben is the only Sele player who hasn’t received any votes.
    • Tony is the only Dakal player who hasn’t received any votes.
  • Kim is the first post-swap Dakal to be voted out post-merge.
  • This is the first time this season where original Sele members outnumber original Dakal members.
  • Jeremy is the only remaining player from the “poker alliance.”
    • Rob (and Amber), Tyson, and Kim have all been voted out.
  • Of the remaining players, the first four people alphabetically by first name were on original Sele, while the last three people alphabetically by first name were on original Dakal.
    • Sele: Ben, Denise, Jeremy, and Michele.
    • Dakal: Nick, Sarah, Tony.

Hidden Immunity Idol/Advantage

  • Ben is the fourth player to find more than 3 idols.
    • Russell Hantz found 3 in Samoa and 2 in Heroes vs. Villains
    • Tai Trang found 1 in Kaoh Rong and 3 in Game Changers
    • Tony found 3 in Cagayan and 1 in Winners at War
    • Ben found 3 in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and 1 in Winners at War
  • The two players who are currently in possession of a hidden immunity idol (Ben and Tony) found 3 idols in their winning season.
    • They’re also currently the only players this season who haven’t received any votes yet.
  • Nick is the only player left who hasn’t had an advantage or idol this season.

Immunity Challenge – “When it Rains, it Pours”

  • After winning 0 individual immunity challenges in his winning season, Tony has won 3 challenges in a row this season.
  • Tony is the 19th player to win at least 3 individual immunity challenges in a row. The others are as follows:
    • Kelly Wiglesworth in Borneo
    • Colby Donaldson in The Australian Outback
    • Brian Heidik in Thailand
    • Darrah Johnson in Pearl Islands
    • Tom Westman in Palau
    • Terry Deitz in Panama
    • Ozzy Lusth in Cook Islands
    • Erik Reichenbach in Micronesia
    • Bob Crowley in Gabon
    • JT Thomas in Tocantins
    • Brett Clouser in Samoa
    • Fabio Birza in Nicaragua
    • Tasha Fox in Cagayan
    • Mike Holloway in Worlds Apart
    • Joe Anglim in Cambodia
    • Brad Culpepper in Game Changers
    • Chrissy Hofbeck in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
    • Nick Wilson in David vs. Goliath
  • This was the first time this season where Denise was immune and Jeremy wasn’t.
    • This could have been different if Jeremy successfully used Michele’s 50/50 coin.
  • Every time Denise has won individual immunity, it’s been during a challenge where a man and a woman would win.
    • She won one with Carter in Philippines.
    • She won one with Jeremy and one with Tony in Winners at War.
  • This challenge was previously used in Africa, All-Stars, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, One World, and Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Tony is the second man to win this challenge after Will in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Kim has lost this challenge both times she competed in it.
    • Kim is the only player who’s previously competed in this challenge individually.
      • Ethan, Amber, Rob, Sandra, Parvati, and Adam (who have already been voted out) have competed in this challenge before.
      • Parvati is the only player to win this challenge twice.
  • In the four most recent times this challenge was used for individual immunity, the merge tribe was black.
    • Heroes vs. Villains: Yin Yang.
    • One World: Tikiano.
    • Millennials vs. Gen X: Vinaka.
    • Winners at War: Koru.
  • A variation of this challenge was also used in David vs. Goliath as a team reward challenge.
    • Nick has lost this challenge both times he competed in it.
  • This was the first time where two individual immunities were offered during this particular challenge.
  • There still haven’t been any immunity winners from post swap Yara or Sele.
    • Everyone that’s won individual immunity has been from post swap Dakal.
  • Kim is the first player who has won individual immunity this season that has been voted out.
  • Everyone that’s won individual immunity this season has won at least three times (combining this season and their previous seasons).

Edge of Extinction/Fire Tokens

  • Ben and Jeremy are the only in-game players this episode who didn’t earn or give away fire tokens.
    • Denise won 2 for the immunity challenge and got one from Kim when she was voted out.
    • Kim gave away her 3 fire tokens when she was voted out.
    • Michele got one from Kim when she was voted out.
    • Nick was given one by Tony for stepping down from the immunity challenge.
    • Sarah got one from Kim when she was voted out.
    • Tony won 2 for the immunity challenge but gave one to Nick.
  • Natalie, Parvati, Yul, Wendell, Tyson, and Sophie earned 2 fire tokens for completing the coconut carrying task.


  • Tony had the most confessionals again with 8.
  • Everyone (including people on the Edge of Extinction) had at least 1 confessional this episode.
  • Denise had the least amount of confessionals with 1.
    • Sophie, Adam, Wendell, Yul, Amber, and Natalie also had 1 confessional.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “Friendly Fire” was said by both Nick and Jeremy at different times during the episode.

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