Survivor Winner Tries Out For The Bachelor

According to Us Weekly, recent Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald is looking to trade in her torch for a rose, as she tries out for the new season of The Bachelor.

Dirty clothes and starvation aren’t ideal for romantic escapades, which is why we’ve only seen a small handful of Survivor romances blossom over the last 16 years (Romber 4eva). But televised love might still be on the cards for one former Survivor contestant in a much more luxurious setting than the bug infested and desolate beaches of Survivor.

Michele Fitzgerald on the red carpet following the Survivor: Kaoh Rong live reunion show.
Michele Fitzgerald on the red carpet following the Survivor: Kaoh Rong live reunion show.

Us Weekly claims that 25-year-old Michele Fitzgerald from New Jersey, who was crowned the winner of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng back in May, recently attended a casting event in New York City for the 21st season of The Bachelor. Michele, a former bartender and travel agent, was a member of the Beauty tribe on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and was able to maneuver her way through the game with a stellar social game and clutch challenge wins. The ABC series has cast former reality stars in the past, but this would mark the first time a Survivor contestant has appeared on the dating show.

The Bachelor presents a single “Bachelor” with a pool of potential love interests, after many alcohol-fueled parties and not-at-all-staged dates, he breaks their hearts one-by-one, eliminating them from the competition. The last woman remaining is declared his one true love and usually ends with a marriage proposal. The show has come under criticism for sexism and producer manipulation, parodied in the hit Lifetime drama UnREAL, but it remains one of ABC’s most popular series.

It remains to be seen whether the rumour is true or not, but it does provide us with the opportunity to fantasy cast an all Survivor season of The Bachelor – surely everyone wants to see Billy Garcia find his one and only after his love went unrequited on Survivor: Cook Islands?

UPDATE 07/29/16: Inside Survivor has learned that this rumor is not true.

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  1. Can’t watch Bachelor, but the parody show Burning Love is hilarious. Three seasons if I remember correctly.

  2. I figured it couldn’t be true. That would give Michele and unfair advantage. Not only might the bachelor have seen her on TV and know something about her, but he would also know she has $1 million which could help her out a lot if he wants the money.

  3. I don’t usually post, but I just thought this article was really funny with the mentioning of Billy Garcia!

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