Survivor: Cambodia Sixth Place

Former Survivor: The Australian Outback contestant Kimmi Kappenberg has finished in sixth place in the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance season finale.

 The 43-year-old mother of two was eliminated in an unprecedented vote. The original vote was three votes for Kelley Wentworth and three votes for Jeremy, however, both Jeremy and Wentworth played idols and negated all votes. This now made Jeremy and Wentworth immune along with Spencer who had individual immunity. The tribe then had to revote with only Keith, Kimmi and Tasha eligible to be eliminated. The vote was again deadlocked with three votes for Kimmi (from Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha) and three votes for Tasha (from Keith, Kimmi, and Wentworth). It was then up to Keith, Jeremy, Spencer and Wentworth to decide who should be eliminated out of Kimmi and Tasha. If a decision couldn’t be reached then Keith would be eliminated by default. The four eventually decided to vote out Kimmi. 

Kimmi originally finished in twelfth place (out of 16) in The Australian Outback, lasting only 15 days in the game. She more than doubled her numbers of days in Cambodia and continued the tradition of a former Season 2 castaway making it to the finale episode in a returnee season.



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3 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Sixth Place”

  1. Hi all,

    Can someone explain me logic at tribal council? Why would Keith be voted out if tie? I guess that rocks should have been thrown.

    • Basically, the tie was between Tasha and Kimmi, so if Spencer, Jeremy, Kelley and Keith couldn’t come to a consensus, then that would mean Tasha and Kimmi become safe and everyone else would have to draw rocks. That is what would normally happen. But because Spencer, Jeremy and Kelley all had immunity, it meant Keith was the only one eligible to picks rocks, so he’d automatically be eliminated.

    • Shortly – when coming to rocks, both people with immunity and the ones tied don’t participate, so that would mean only Keith would be drawing rocks.

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