Survivor: Cambodia Fourth Place

Former Survivor: San Juan Del Sur contestant Kelley Wentworth has finished in fourth place in the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance season finale.

The 29-year-old marketing manager was eliminated after a 3-1 vote becoming the seventeenth boot of the season. She was unable to win the final immunity challenge. She received votes from Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha after being seen as the bigger threat to win. Wentworth voted for Spencer.

Kelley originally finished in fourteenth place (out of 18) in San Juan Del Sur, lasting only 13 days in the game. She improved hugely on her first season, making it to Day 38 and finishing just short of the final tribal council.



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One response to “Survivor: Cambodia Fourth Place”

  1. I was very upset that Kelley didn’t win that final immunity challenge because I was sure that was the only way she was going to make it to the final tribal council.

    I had picked her to win the game, and I am sure that if she made it to the finals she may have indeed won the game. I think she would have had almost sure votes from Kass, Cierra, Abi, and Kieth. It is also possible she could would have Kimmi and Fishbach’s vote if she isn’t sitting next to Jeremy. Joe would be another toss-up as well.

    With a final three of Kelley, Spencer, and Tasha . . . I think Kelley wins. If it is Kelley, Jeremy, and Tasha . . . I think we may at least get to see what a final council tie-breaker would be.

    Whether she would have ultimately won or not, she played an amazing game, and I am sorry she lost.

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