Survivor: Cambodia First Boot

Former Blood vs. Water contestant Vytas Baskauskas has become the first castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.

The Yoga Instructor was eliminated after the Ta Keo tribe lost the first immunity challenge of the season and headed immediately to Tribal Council. He received votes from Abi-Maria, Kelley Wentworth, Jeff, Peih-Gee, Shirin, and Spencer. Abi-Maria received four votes from Kelly Wiglesworth, Terry, Vytas, and Woo.

The result means he fared worse than his brother Aras, who placed 11th in his second season in 2013. It also means the Blood vs. Water representatives in Cambodia are now down to just one member – with Ciera Eastin still active on the Bayon tribe.

Vytas explained in his post-Tribal Council confessional that he would “rather not get voted in than be voted out first”. Unfortunately for Vytas, that nightmare became a reality.

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Martin Holmes

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10 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia First Boot”

  1. I’m at the point where I’ll be sad irregardless. They were voted back in and they’re so excited to play. I love everyone (yes, even Woo and Keith) that seeing them go is heartbreaking for me. It’s a great great cast.

    • I agree completely. I wish no luck to someone like Abi but nobody deserves to be the first voted out in a season like that so I would have been sad even for her.

  2. It said that we are down to just one Blood vs. Water contestant, Ciera. I believe that is incorrect as Kelley Wentworth, Jeremy Collins, Ciera Eastin, and Keith are all from Blood vs. Water.

    Or did I misunderstand their point?

    • Distinguished season!

      Season 27 • Survivor: Blood vs. Water
      Season 29 • Survivor: San Juan del Sur (Blood vs. Water 2)

    • There are two seasons with the Blood vs. Water theme. San Juan Del Sur had no returning players with their loved ones. This is the season with Kelley, Keith, and Jeremy.

  3. Got it! Though it is a bit confusing seeing as how San Juan Del Sur is subtitled Blood vs Water in that season’s title card. Either way, I now understand what they meant. Thanks.

  4. I’ll be sad no matter who gets voted out. This season just has such a great cast.

    Editing is everything. BvW made him seem suave. Cambodia made him seem creepy.

  5. I already have my favorite team picked; the green one. Sadly, they’re the ones who went to tribal council first. I’m just glad that Spencer, Peih Gee, Jeff and Kelly survived it.
    On a side note, Kelley really made an impression on me by looking the clue, finding it and then having the guts to pick it during the challenge. Fair play to her! I expected nothing from her originally but now she’s earned a lot of points in my esteem.

  6. Ta Keo rocks, and the alliance in control are for once the people I actually LIKE, so that’s a nice change from WA.

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