Survivor: Cambodia Episode 2 Press Photos

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance premiered this past Wednesday, September 23 on CBS and is already off to a roaring start. Click on the gallery below to view the official Survivor Second Chance Episode 2 press photos. Warning – photos may contain mild spoilers.

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Episode 2


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  • Cole

    Well, all we can tell from this is that Joe keeps being awesome, Stephen is still depressed, the Ta Keo “new school” seems to be together, Jeremy probably got Joe into his alliance, and Tak Keo had a minor early lead in the challenge.

    What is Terry and Woo holding? It looks like a suitcase.

    • Al Presser

      Looks like a water container

      And am I the who think their setting fishbach up for an underdog role/ a flip

      I mean why else give him screentimee