Survivor Rumors Q&A – Fiji Situation, In-Person Casting, Chances of Another Fan Vote

Answering fan questions.

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If Survivor were to leave Fiji due to the new political situation there, what locations would be on a shortlist?

Firstly, my gut feeling is that they will sort things out with Fiji and probably end up staying there. But, if not, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went back to another previous location like Samoa.

In terms of somewhere new, I know during the pandemic, they did look into places like Mexico and the Dominican Republic (several international versions film here), so I suppose those could still be possible options. But, like I said, I think they’ll end up figuring things out with Fiji.

Will Survivor eventually do a STREAMING SPECIFICALLY celebrity season or cross-over like The Challenge USA or Global Championship?

Could it happen at some point? Sure, there’s always a possibility. But it’s not something I’ve ever heard. (But with the current writers’ strike, it certainly makes it more possible than in the past).

Can’t remember if you answered this before, but what really happened with Jared Fields? Wasn’t he on location to shoot DvG, and then Davie subbed in as his alt?

Jared was on location for David vs. Goliath, yes. But he dropped out, and that’s when Davie was called and brought over as a last-minute replacement. It’s not my place to say why Jared dropped out; that’s his personal matter.

In your own personal opinion… how long do you think Survivor will truly go for until we’re off the air? You think 50 is the end?

A few years ago, I thought that Season 50 could be the end. But at this point, I don’t see it ending any time soon. It still pulls in good ratings for CBS and is cheap to make in comparison to scripted shows. I think the bigger question would be whether Probst decides to retire as host or not after Season 50.

There is a rumor for George Mladenov will be competing for the celebrity version of The Amazing Race Australia. And he’s partnered with his sister.

Yes, George is on the current season of TAR Australia with his sister.

Any word on if they’re changing some of the puzzles (finally) in 45/46 after the negative response from the general public to so many puzzles being reused?

It’s not something I’ve heard. In fact, I believe Probst likes reusing the same puzzles and players practicing them at home.

Have in-person casting finals resumed?

Yes, I do believe there was a small round of in-person finals for 45/46. Most of the process still took place virtually, but those who made it far in the process did attend some form of in-person casting.

How do you find out who’s on each cast?

I obviously can’t reveal that, haha.

How much of a voice/say in casting does Jeff actually have these days?

Probst has a HUGE say in casting. Jesse Tannenbaum is head of casting, and he works with other casting associates. But all of those have to pitch potential applicants to Probst (and fellow producer Matt Van Wagenen) for approval to move forward in the process.

Those applicants that move forward will then have an interview with Probst. So, yeah, he has a massive role in who makes it on the show. He’s very hands-on.

I remember, at one point in the mid-30s seasons, Probst said that CBS wanted them to do another fan vote season. What do you think has stopped them from doing this so far, and do you think we’ll ever get another one?

I wish I knew the answer to this. But yeah, soon after Second Chance, CBS was very high on doing another fan-voted season. They wanted to do it for S34, but Probst felt it was too soon. I’m shocked they haven’t done it again, to be honest, and I’m not sure the reason why they haven’t. And with Probst currently on a newbies kick, I’m not sure when, if ever, we’ll get another fan-voted cast.

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One response to “Survivor Rumors Q&A – Fiji Situation, In-Person Casting, Chances of Another Fan Vote”

  1. The return of the fan vote would be amazing however this time they have to factor in the diversity quota but it’s still doable, there will just be way more POC players in the mix. I would love it so much.

    I really wish Jesse Tannenbaum would step up his game. His casts have been very lackluster compared to when Lynn Spillman found so many amazing casts. I think there are some exceptions in Shan, Cody, Yam Yam and Carolyn but remember when one season had Rupert, Sandra, Fairplay, Lil and Savage? or Ozzy, Parvati, Candace, Yul and Jonathan Penner?

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