Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Second Elimination

Millennials tribe member Mari Takahashi has become the second castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

The 31-year-old professional video game player from Los Angeles, California was eliminated after the Millennials lost a closely fought immunity challenge against the Gen X tribe. Initially, all eyes were on Figgy due to her out-in-the-open showmance with tribemate Taylor, and she seemed to be the obvious target. However, when Jay told his alliance mate Michelle of this news, Michelle set about changing the plan, bringing on board Will and telling Jay to get Figgy and Michaela to talk out their problems.

At tribal council, the focus was still on Figgy and Taylor and their showmance, while Michelle whispered to Hannah to vote for Mari. After much deliberation, Hannah eventually voted Mari with the majority and Mari was voted out 7-3.

Mari received votes from Figgy, Hannah, Jay, Michaela, Michelle, Taylor and Will. Figgy received three votes from Adam, Mari and Zeke.



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  • Skyler Elmore

    I am literally heartbroken and shocked! I’ve never been so “blindsided” then tonight.

  • Cole

    Mari was my winner pick. Now I’m rooting for Zeke and Adam.

    • Red

      I don’t think anyone had her going this early. I was surprised

  • Trillias

    If the rest of the season is like this episode, then I think Jeff is justified in hyping it so extremely.

    • Red

      I felt like the challenge result was anti-climactic. It was just “Gen X wins immunity”

  • Red

    One of the funniest Tribals

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  • Ishay

    Great gameplay by Michelle. Heartbroken for Mari, she had great potential and gave great confessionals

  • Chad

    Best trival council EVER!!!

    I am upset that they voted out Mari over Figgy though. I had high hopes for Mari.

    I blame it all on Zeke for opening his mouth to Jay. He had to have known that Jay was aligned with Figgy and Taylor. That was the single blunder that led the Mari’s downfall.

  • Trillias

    Who’s laugh is worse? Taylor’s or Trish’s?

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