Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Player of the Week Episode 10 & 11

Each week here on Inside Survivor we will be running a fan poll to determine the Player of the Week. Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance. The poll will close on the following Wednesday.

Last week, readers voted Sunday Burquest the Player of the Week with 345 Votes (34.09%). Hannah Shapiro finished in second place with 200 votes (19.76%). Once again, the streak of a different winner each week continues. Will it happen again this week?


Week 1: Jessica Lewis
Week 2: Michelle Schubert
Week 3: Ken McNickle
Week 4: David Wright
Week 5: Michaela Bradshaw
Week 6: Adam Klein
Week 7: Jay Starrett
Week 8: Zeke Smith
Week 9: Sunday Burquest

Who is your Player of the Week?

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Martin Holmes

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16 responses to “Player of the Week Episode 10 & 11”

  1. Seriously?!
    Hannah and zeke at the top??
    Hannah’s terrible lie to zeke was the only reason Zeke’s alliance changed the vote and made David waste his idol on the wrong guy, and zeke, while behind smart about his move to go after David, crossed the line at tribal, when he and Bret personally attacked David.
    The real MVP this week was jay, who was smart enough not to use his idol, be quiet because he understood no one was targeting him and added a VERY impressive immunity win, all of that when he was supposed to be the easy next boot

  2. Why Hannah? Not able to keep a straight face with Zeke. Whispering at tribal. Not convincing David to play the idol on her. I like her but she didn’t really play well.

  3. How can it be anyone but Jay, and how are there so many Hannah sympathisers?!?!

    She turned what should have been a good blindside into a complete mess because she couldn’t hide it with Zeke! Dreadful!!

  4. Hannah! She got people to go to rocks for her and had a pretty good edit both episodes. Plus it keeps the pattern of someone different winning each week.

  5. Jay deserves it this time. Hannah did 90% of things right, but that 10% where she lost Zeke’s trust was the most important 10% of her game play.

  6. I honestly believe that people are just trying to keep the streak going. I actually believe Jessica got it because she was able to vote Chris out and was a swing vote at the last tribal. Even though she pulled the wrong rock doesn’t mean she played badly.

  7. Actually Adam did real good. Last week he was the #1 target and he somehow managed to go under the radar. And he’s still the only one with an idol nobody knows about. The advantage is a bad thing. I would’ve thrown it in the fire in front of everyone. No good can come from it. Can’t wait to see him mess this up .

  8. What a terrific comment. (I genuinely mean that, haha. I think that’s 100% dead-on.) Too bad “none of the above” isn’t an option. I mean, this doesn’t mean I don’t love this season. It just means what you said: this week, everyone had pros and cons.

  9. Come on, this is Jay in a landslide.

    The dude had the stones to hold onto his idol on the first vote, then dominated the 2nd immunity challenge. He had the wherewithal to lay low while all the others start infighting.

    He is sitting in the final 9, with an idol, and with such a strong civil war brewing, he isn’t even being looked at for several votes. Easily the best episode – and probably the only player without flaws this week.

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