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Give Me Five! Episode 6

Welcome to Give Me Five! Each week, Brent Sullivan will look at the top five moments from the latest episode that could influence the rest of the season.


1. This is a two-part observation. Jay finding the Ikabula hidden immunity idol and Michaela catching him and Will with the idol. First of all, Kudos to Jay. Ever since he got swapped away from Figgy and Taylor, he has been playing a better game. It seems like he is still working with Will and now Jay has the idol. Since one of his alliance members just got voted out, that may prove more useful in the immediate future. The nice thing is that only he and Will know that he has it…

Except now Michaela knows as well. In a fantastic scene, she walked up on the two guys and caught them red-handed. Now, what will Michaela do with this information going forward? They may be forced to work with her for a bit now or choose to show off the idol on their own terms out of fear that she will tell.

2. Figgy being excited to see Michelle as they arrived at the reward challenge. I think that this was bad for both Figgy and Michelle. We saw that if made Figgy look bad and she ended up going home last week. This wasn’t the only reason why, but it sure didn’t help. I think that this is also bad for Michelle. The way that Zeke acted after that moment could make a huge impact on the game. He and Chris already have a relationship going, and he has no real reason to stay with Michelle now. Being this close to the merge or another swap, they can easily keep David and vote her out if they happen to lose again.

3. Figgy telling Jessica and Ken about her and Taylor. Numbers 2 and 3 could almost be under the same category – the downfall of Figgy. But, I will keep them separate for this purpose. This was another great scene. Figgy’s reaction when Jessica and Ken told her that they already knew was priceless. Did she really not see that they weren’t keeping it a very secret? Plus, having them constantly kiss and talk about it in front of Adam sure didn’t help. Adam was already on the fence, and that had to be one of the factors that pushed him over to the other side.

4. Hannah’s panic attack. This is a pretty simple one. Hannah was on the sidelines watching the challenge and had a panic attack. Not in the challenge, but watching. Hopefully this doesn’t impact her chances of staying in the game, but people could easily vote her out for being weak if they happen to go to tribal, especially since she doesn’t appear to be in any strong alliance, there is no one to go to bat for her.

5. The separation of the Figgy and Taylor power couple. Finally, it happened! Adam made the move that we all (personal opinion only here) wanted to see. This was a big move at an important part of the game. They broke up the power couple shortly before they got a chance to get back with their alliance mates. The immediate impact here is that Taylor is going to be out for blood. He and Adam are clearly not going to work together, at least not anytime soon and his days are numbered if Takali goes to tribal council again before a swap/merge happens. For Adam, this may help him make it further. He and Zeke were both on the bottom of the original Millennial tribe, and they are now both in a pretty good position moving forward.

There you go. What moments from this week do you think made an impact?

Written by

Brent Sullivan

Brent is a 39-year-old Survivor super fan from Muncie, IN. He is married with two kids and does IT work at a local non-profit organization. He has been running in-person and online Survivor contests since season 7.

5 responses to “Give Me Five! Episode 6”

  1. Hey Brent, I love this weekly! Have 2 things on my mind now in response.

    1) I think you should combine 2 & 3 into The Downfall of Figgy. Why? Because I think there’s another incident that deserves special mention: Michaela’s words at the Immunity Challenge! Not her berating Hannah then hugging her when they won. But the fact that she helped guide Zeke and Michelle to victory in order to preserve Millennial numbers, and acknowledged this openly! Then she made the comment about the 3 Mills. on Takali, stating “If you can’t figure it out, you ~deserve~ to go home!” I wonder if she’ll reiterate that at the next reward challenge when she sees Figgy gone. If there’s one she didn’t mind losing, it was probably her. Hopefully she’s not mad at Adam…you know, for not waiting to let Michaela take her down, too! 😛

    2) I kinda wonder if Taylor will be on the warpath, or if that’s only his grief process. Based on the preview synopsis, “two Millennials attempt to put the past behind them” could be referring to Adam and Taylor mending fences and willing to work together. If so, the preview video was a good misdirect. On a personal note, I hope Ika Bula loses next time. They have a lot of dead weight characters and they need to trim the fat.

    • Thanks for the comments.
      1. Some episodes have a lot more content to write about. That comment by Michaela was #6 on my list, but I saw that more as foreshadowing than anything else.
      2. I try not to read too much into the previews myself…

  2. Hey I was wondering why you guys don’t do Elimination Interviews? It seems like a lot of the other sites do so I was wondering why you guys don’t.

    • I think because we post cast and theme/location spoilers we probably wouldn’t be allowed to do exit interviews (not that we’ve requested to, but it’d make sense). However, in the off-season we will have a bunch of interviews with former castaways that have played with the upcoming S34 cast to get their thoughts on how they think the S34 players will do. 🙂

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